a/n - I own nothing having to do with Harry Potter. I leave that all to J.K. Rowling

One Last Look

I watched her standing there and the world seemed to stop.

She was so beautiful in the sunset.

The last rays touched her hair and she was illuminated with gold.

How I wished that I could reach out to her.

Touch her.

Hold her.

But I can't.

But I'm too far away.

I'm too far down in this mess to crawl out again.

It was my own fault I'm like this.

I followed in his footsteps; I wanted to be like him.

She taught me that there was more to life that what he had taught me.

She gave me hope, and then in one second took it away.

I know that I should have told her how I felt, that I secretly loved her.

But she was so wonderfully innocent, so oblivious.

In the hallway,

All I got were disgusted looks and insults.

I know that it wasn't her fault.

After all, look what I had done to her family, to her world.

In one fatal swoop she took away my hope for a better life.

In one fatal swoop, she got the one thing that she wanted most.

It was then that I turned to his way.

She now sits alone,

The sun has gone down,

Leaving her silhouetted in moonlight.

I give her one last glance.

One last look before I fulfill my destiny.

The destiny set upon me since birth.

The destiny that until now,

I was ready to rebel against.

But she is happy with her life.

She has her family,

her perfect Potter

She doesn't need me.

So i take one last look

Then, I'm gone.