Hey everyone! So I'm really excited to get started on this story, since so many of you wanted a sequel. I mean, it does have quite a bit of Chad and Taylor, but I just love writing about Troy and Gabriella.

Summary: Troy and Gabriella have been dating for a few years now and he wants to propose to her but just can't find a way where he's not nervous. Will he ever get the nerve to plan a romantic night?

"Troy, how does it look?" Gabriella rushed into their bedroom from the bathroom. She had on a long, ivory dress with sequins that shimmered in the light. Her hair was tussled up in curls and she had on diamond earrings.

"You look great, baby," Troy came up to her and kissed her.

"Stop it!" She giggled. "You're going to mess up my makeup!"

"Sorry, sorry," he smiled, loosening his tie.

She walked back in the bathroom. "This is going to be so much fun. I mean, Chad and Taylor are perfect for each other and now they're getting married!"

"Yep. It's pretty exciting," Troy thought of how much he wanted to get married to Gabriella, his girlfriend. They have been dating for five years after meeting each other again on a dating site. She moved in with him about three years after being together. Troy loved Gabriella more than anything in the world. She was the perfect girl for him. They way she walked, talked, and looked at him.

"Are you ready? We're going to be late," she walked out of the bathroom and grabbed her purse.

"Yeah. Let's go," Troy grabbed his coat. "Make sure to get the present!"

"Okay," she grabbed the gift, her jacket, and purse and they walked out of the apartment.

Troy started up the car. "So how does it feel to be the maid of honor?"

"I feel... important," she laughed. "It's good. I had to help out and distress Taylor all the time, but other than that, it's good. What's it like being the best man?"

"Great. If I wasn't the best man, Chad and I would have to have a little 'friend talk!'"

They laughed and before they knew it, they pulled up. It was an out door wedding, by a pool. It had petals on the floor, caterers walking around, and many people dressed up.

Troy took the keys out of the ignition and started to get out.

"Wait," Gabriella pulled him back. He sat back down and faced her. She fixed his tie and kissed him on the lips. "Alright. Let's go."

She got out of the car and Troy came around the car and put his arm around her waist. They smiled at passing people, trying to find some familiar faces.

"Troy, Gabriella!" A voice called. They turned around and saw Jason with his arms open and Kelsi beside him, with a glass of water.

"Jason!" Troy walked up and hugged him. "Haven't seen you in a while, man."

"Yeah, how are you. You and Gabriella still together, I see," Jason winked as Gabriella and Kelsi started hugging, laughing, and chatting.

"Yeah. We're doing better than ever. You know, happy as can be. What about you and Kels?"

"We're good. Dude, don't tell anyone, but she's pregnant."

"What? No way."

"Yeah, she told me not to tell anybody because were not married yet. She's only like one month, though."

"That is so cool. Man, I'm happy for you," Troy smiled, still amazed at how Kelsi is having a baby.

"Troy, my best man!" Troy knew it was Chad.

"Listen, Jason, let's keep in touch. Great seeing you," Troy waved and went up to Chad and hugged him.

"Man, you're getting married!"

"I know. Isn't it hard to believe?"

"Totally. Never pictured you here right now," Troy laughed.

"I did. But only with Tiff."

"Shut up! Don't talk about her. This is you and Taylor's day! Your guys' wedding."

"Yeah, and I'm so excited to get it started. Where's Gabriella?"

"She's over there, talking to Kelsi. You know what?"

"What?" Chad asked waving and saying 'hi' to passing people he knew.

"I think I'm going to propose to her soon."

"What? Are you jealous of me and Tay?"

"What? No. I love Gabi. Like more than anyone. I really do want to spend my life with her," he said, looking over at her laughing with Kelsi.

"That's nice. You know, I can help you if you want. If you're nervous," Chad took a sip from his wine.

"Really? Dude, thanks."

"No problem. Let's talk a little more after the wedding. Like maybe after my honeymoon."

"What? I can't wait that long! How about... I call you soon," Troy suggested.

"Okay. Sounds good," Chad said as his parents came up to him and started kissing and crying.

Troy tried to keep his laughter to himself and made his way back to Gabriella.

"Alright, bye." Gabriella hugged Kelsi and was startled by Troy directly behind her.

"Troy! Geeze, I almost spilled the wine." She laughed.

"Sorry. Hey, did I mention how beautiful you look tonight."

"Thank you. You look very handsome yourself. I love seeing you dressed up," she smiled, kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Maybe I should dress up more often."

"Maybe," Gabriella smiled then left to go to the food buffet. Troy followed her and grabbed a plate.

"Hey, you guys," Troy felt a pat on his back and turned around to find Zeke, Sharpay, Ryan, Ariella, Zeke and Sharpay's daughter, behind them. Ariella's two years old and Sharpay was holding her.

"Hey," Troy and Gabriella said in unison. Gabriella hugged Sharpay and started playing with Ariella. Troy hugged all three of them and the five started chatting as Gabriella held Ariella and played with her.

"How are you two?" Sharpay asked.

"Great. We're doing good, so... what about you guys?"

"Were good. Ariella has been a handful but we love her. Gosh, I hope this wedding won't top ours," Sharpay put a hand to her mouth.

"Don't worry, Shar. It won't top yours," Ryan reassured her.

"Okay, good," she whispered.

"Gabi, let's go sit down," Troy held her around the waist and they took their seats in the second row, behind their families. Of course, Troy and Gabriella were part of the wedding, so they only sat down prior to it.

When the ceremony started, everyone sat down. Chad walked down the aisle. He stood by the alter, with Troy by his side. Then came, the flower girls, brides maids, ring boy, and the maid of honor. Soon after, Taylor, accompanied by her father, walked down the aisle with the music playing. Taylor was smiling and had tears of joy in her eyes. When she reached the alter, they both stood facing the priest.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to witness a blessed joining of Chad Danforth and Taylor McKessie. Everyone smiled as he continued his speech.

"Chad, do you take this woman as your wife, to honor and to hold, till' death do you part?"

"I do," Chad answered with a smile on his face.

"Taylor, do you take this man as your husband, to honor and to hold, till' death do you part?"

"I do."

"With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," the priest nodded to Chad. He pulled Taylor in to a long, passionate kiss. Troy and Gabriella looked at each other and smiled.

Then the night followed dancing, singing, eating, crying, and good byes.

"Thanks for coming, you guys!" Chad hugged Troy and Gabriella.

"Yeah, it's been so much fun. Thanks for coming," Taylor hugged them each too.

"No problem. It's the least we could do for our best friends," Troy laughed.

"Yeah, it was great. Have fun on your honeymoon!" Gabriella waved as they got into their car and drove off.

When Troy and Gabriella got home, they got ready to go to bed.

"Oh, that was fun wasn't it?" Gabriella said, as she crawled into bed and rested her head on Troy's chest.

He put his arm around her side. "It really was. A perfect wedding, for a perfect couple."

"I know. They really are a perfect couple. You know, that match site really does perform miracles," she smiled and kissed him.

"Yes it does..."

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