Lifeline Chapter 21

"How is he?" Cuddy looked up from the stack of paperwork she was working on when she saw whom it was that had entered her office.

"Tired, in pain. He was throwing up last night but refused to allow me to give him any medication. I'm going to see how he is later and then see if I can't take him home early."

"How did he take the news?" Cuddy looked at Wilson her eyes furrowing slightly. Wilson raked a tired hand over his face before answering.

"I think he was in shock at first. He asked if it did any good and when I told him it did he practically ran to his room," Wilson smiled, "or at least what passes for running with him. He locked the door and was throwing up by the time I got there. Took me at least an hour to convince him to open it up."

Cuddy smiled slightly at Wilson's attempt to make a joke. Despite the light tone Wilson was attempting to make Cuddy could see the strain the latest news was taking on her friend. The lines in his forehead had grown more prominent and dark circles threatened to sign a lease for the long term residency they had taken up under his eyes.

"He said to keep the money." Wilson stated it so matter of fact he might as well have been giving Cuddy the day's weather forecast. Despite this, Cuddy was fairly certain her jaw bounced when it hit the table.

"He said we could keep it? Cuddy was incredulous not believing both her good fortune and the amazing ability of Greg House, to even after all he had been through, to surprise her.

"He said if it helps one little girl then it was all worth it."

Cuddy was fairly certain she knew all the ways her heart could break. She was wrong. Wilson stood up, straightened his tie, and made for the door.

"I'm going to go see him. It's lunchtime. Maybe I can convince him to eat something."

Wilson knocked lightly on the oak door to House's inner office and stood waiting. In spite of his desire to open the door and check on his friend he tried to offer House every opportunity to assert some control over the situation. It was the reason he hadn't taken the spare door key down and opened House's bedroom door the night before.

So he waits. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a minute he heard House's grizzled voice call, "Come in."

The reason for the wait is immediately obvious. Files from the team's case were spread haphazardly across the floor aftereffects of where they had fallen when House had fallen asleep. House made no effort to collect the wayward papers instead scrubbed a tired hand across his face.

"What do you want?" Wilson ignored the gruff tone.

"It's lunchtime. I want to know what you want and before you say nothing I'm telling you now I'm not taking that as an answer. You choose or I'm bring up a glucose bag and hooking you up to it."

A single blue eye held Wilson in its gaze. House leaned back in his seat and nodded ceding the younger doctor's point.

"A Reuben, extra dressing, and fries."

Wilson grins and exists the room. His smile fades as he takes assessment of hos friend's appearance. He hurries to get the medication all the while calculating how to sneak extra sleep medication to House that evening.

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