Child of a Hokage

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Now I'll introduce you to my OC…or at least his bio.

Name: Uzamaki Shiisin

Age: 5 (at the beginning that is. I will update his age or at least try to remember to before each chapter.)

Birthday: September 20th

Blood type: B

Appearance: Crystal sea green eyes with the messy blonde hair

Wears: White shirt with orange Uzamaki crest with fishnet under it and orange jean shorts

Personality: Momma's boy, he loves his mom (I mean major), shy, kind of afraid of everything

Family: Uzamaki Arashi, Uzamaki Kyoko, and soon Uzamaki Naruto

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. I wish I did, but don't we all! Oh well, let the story BEGIN!


Chapter 1

It had been five hours since a small boy had been forced to leave his mother's side. The boy had cried the entire time away from her no matter what the nurses of the ninja hospital said or did. All you could see of the boy was his messy blonde hair and his bare legs as he was huddled in a chair. The boy's name was Uzamaki Shiisin. The nursing staff was about to lose all hope of comforting Shii-chan when they saw a young man with a masked face came in. The only visible part of his face was his right eye. He had messy gray hair and a laid back demeanor. The man walked up to the boy and sat down next to him.

"Hello, Shii-chan," the man said. "Are things really that bad?"

The boy looked up surprise on his face. "Kakashi-san," Shiisin said between sobs. His eyes shined with relief at seeing someone he at least knew. "What are you doing here?"

"Arashi-sensei sent me to stay with you. He'll be here as soon as his Hokage duties are done. Until then I'll be here."

"Couldn't Sandaime-sama take over for him?" whined Shii. He for once he had wanted his daddy since the nurses wouldn't let him be with mommy. (A/N: I love having him be a little kid!)

"Unfortunately no. Sandaime-sama is out of the village today," answered Kakashi as he pulled out an orange book.

The boy didn't seem to understand how or why he could be out of the village when he needed to be here now, but he didn't ask again. Instead he just sat back and looked at the door standing between him and this mother.


An hour or so latter a man with messy blonde hair came running in followed by three nurses. "Hokage-sama, please calm down so we can finish telling you the news," one of the nurses said gasping for breathes. The man slowed to a fast walk.

He kept walking towards the door Shiisin had been staring at. He would've still been staring if he hadn't jumped at the word hokage. "Daddy!" the boy yelled. He then noticed how desperate his father looked and asked, "What's going on?"

It was those three words that made the man stop. He turned from the door towards his son. He looked at the boy with sad desperate eyes not knowing what to say.

After two minutes of awkward silence, a nurse finally caught up with the Yondaime. "Your wife's death wasn't the only news we have for you, Yondaime-sama," the nurse said. "She was able to give birth to a healthy baby boy before she died."

"Arashi-sensei, I'm sor…" Kakashi started but was stopped by a nod from Arashi.

Arashi then put a hand on Shii's shoulder to lead the boy to the side so he could tell the boy in words he could understand. After a long sad silence, it was broken by the cries of the boy, "Nooooooooo!" The boy pushed passed his father and ran through the doors.

Arashi turned around with a sigh and followed his elder son. He found him crying over a body that even though it had a blanket pulled over her head it was without a doubt his wife. He walked over to the boy and with as little force as possible, turned his son away from his mother into a warm embrace. The boy's body shakes from the force of his sobs into his father's chest. With each sob, Arashi wraps his arms tighter around his son trying to some how comfort the boy.


They stayed that way on the floor of the hospital room for hours until Arashi noticed that it was no longer his son's sobs that shook his body but his own. He looked down at his son in his lap to notice that he had cried himself to sleep. He gently picked up his son careful not to disturb him and stood up to find Kakashi behind him.

Arashi then gently gave the boy to Kakashi saying, "Kakashi-kun, can you please take Shii-chan home for me and stay with him until my return. I have some things to take care of here."

Kakashi took the boy with a nod. He then said, "I'm really sorry. Is there anything else I can do, sensei?"

"No. But thank you, Kakashi-kun."

Kakashi hesitantly left the hospital; while a nurse led Arashi to the hospital's nursery. There he was introduced to a sleeping baby boy with a few strands of messy blonde hair.

One of the supervisors of the nursery walked over to the father. "Your wife died before she could name him," the supervisor said. "I know it might not be the right time to ask this of you in your time of grieving, but the birth certificate must be filled out as soon as possible, Yondaime-sama."

"It is no problem," Arashi answered. "Naruto. His name is Uzamaki Naruto."


After Naruto spent the appropriate amount of time in the hospital, (A/N: I don't know that amount of time, I'm the youngest and spent a longer time in there then usual.) Arashi was finally bringing Naruto home. Naruto would finally be able to meet his brother who hadn't wanted to go back to the hospital to meet his baby brother.

"Shii-chan! I'm home!" Arashi said walking through the door with a blue bundle in his arms. "Come meet your baby brother, Naruto-chan." Shii hesitantly walked towards his father who was getting down as carefully as he could to a kneeling position.

Shii's POV

I walked closer still to the one person I was dreading to meet. I look into Daddy's arms, and see that the blue bundle is actually a small sleeping baby boy wrapped in a blue blanket. The only noticeable feature of the boy was his messy blonde hair.

"Shii-chan, this is your baby brother, Naruto-chan," my daddy says.

I keep looking at him. He isn't a brother. He's mom's murderer. He killed Mommy. I will hate him forever for taking Mommy away from me.


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