100 word drabble. Spoilers for the end of the game, implied death. Anybody who's read my other Spoils fics knows what's coming.


Take One


Ari tries not to panic, and comes close to succeeding. It's difficult, when he can see Stan and Rosalyn attacking each other with lethal intent—Stan's claws miss her throat by millimeters, and her rapier slashes, rips his coat, this close to piercing skin. Ari forces himself to stay calm, to focus on finding a way to stop them. His hands only shake a little as he digs the voice recorder from his pack, pushing buttons rapidly and randomly. The machine activates then, relief flooding through Ari as it projects two distinct voices.

Hearing the recording, Rosalyn hesitates.

Stan does not.


(la fin)

(je pensais que tu me connais.)