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A couple of hours later, after they had given their statements, Sam, Mickey, and Dean were being checked out at the hospital. Mickey had a few bruised ribs, but would be able to return to work in no time. Dean was slightly better off than Mickey, but made more of a fuss when the doctor tried to look him over.

"Dude, I told you, I'm fine. Leave me alone," he snapped.

"Sir, I have to---" the doctor began to explain.

"Dr. Renolds, why don't you just leave the nice man alone?" Mickey interrupted.

"But, I---" Dr. Renolds attempted to say.

"He's fine. He's walking. Leave it at that," Mickey interrupted again. The man gave up and left. Mickey, Sam, and Dean began to leave when one of the officers stopped them.

"We need to ask you a question about Hollinger," she said.

"What now?" Sam wondered with an irritated sigh. Yeah, he understood that they had a job to do, but he just wanted to put this all behind him.

"We read Hollinger's jacket. We know he was discharged from Fitch's Home For Kids for physical and sexual abuse," the officer stated. Dean froze. Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no! Not Sammy! Not Sammy! his mind screamed.

"Yeah. So?" Mickey wondered.

"Did he touch any of you when he was holding you?" she queried.

"No. Thank God," Mickey answered. "Now, if you'll excuse us..."

"Just one more thing. Whoever own the Impala should know that the damage was fairly minimal and was fixed by the local garage no charge," the officer told them.

"Huh. Nice people," Dean muttered.

"Yeah," Sam agreed.

"You guys don't have a freaky lookin' scarecrow, do ya?" Dean questioned.

"What?" Mick asked.

"Never mind," Sam responded. With that, they signed themselves out and then went to the garage where Dean was reunited with his beloved car.

"Hey, girl. I missed ya," he said to the automobile.

"Oh, brother," Sam muttered. Mickey laughed. Then, "Listen man, if you're ever out this way again, look me up. Don't be a stranger."

"Yeah. You got it," Sam promised. He walked to the car and got in. Dean started the engine and drove off, a Motorhead tape playing at a normal decibel level.

"Sammy, I gotta know somethin'," Dean said presently.

"Yes, Dean. Your music choice stinks," Sam stated.

"Ohhh. College Boy thinks he's funny," Dean mocked. "That cop...she said Hollinger was charged for physical and sexual abuse. Now, I know what you told me, but, did he...ever..." the older man seemed to have trouble finding the words. However, his brother immediately knew what was being asked.

"No, Dean. He never touched me like that," was the answer. Dean let out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "Mickey, uh...he slept in front of me, pushed me outta the way so Hollinger couldn't reach me. Took it for me. I always felt bad about it," he admitted softly.

"Don't. Hollinger was messed up. And Mickey did an incredibly brave thing by protecting you. For that I'm grateful," was the reply. Sam fell silent as Dean turned up the volume and the boys let the rock music envelope them.



If you or someone you know has been physically abused, call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (2-24453).