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A.I. Need You

Chapter 1: Wish I May…

A German boy sighed as he roughly closed the taxi door, handing the driver the money through the passenger window. The driver, after counting the money to make sure it was the correct amount, popped the taxi trunk and the teenager lazily dragged his suitcase out from the back.

After closing the trunk, the taxi driver sped away and he heaved his suitcase onto the school grounds. His chocolate orbs laid upon it for a moment and he released another sigh, his heart jumping into his throat.

The thought of boarding school was still new to him and he wasn't very excited to say the least.

He half dragged half carried his suitcase across the soccer field, and reached the front door. At least they have soccer here.

Soccer was the only thing he was really good at. Some called him good looking with chestnut hair, chocolate eyes and a deceiving smile, but he really did think highly of his looks. His grades were just good enough to get by and he really didn't enjoy sports. Except soccer. That's why his parents sent him to Kadic Boarding School, hoping it would be a good way to help him raise his grades.

He gulped and shaking, opened the door and looked around. The office was right in front of him, so he didn't have to go searching for it. He let himself in and walked to the front counter.

The secretary, a woman about in her middle thirties with short, bobbed, dark brunette hair and green eyes looked up at him for a moment before turning back to the computer.

"Um…hi. I'm a new student here."

She blew a bubble with her bubble gum and sighed. "Name and grade?"

"Ulrich Stern, ninth."

She smacked her gum nosily and typed his name on the computer, printing out his schedule and room assignment.

"Welcome to Kadic Academy Ulrich Stern," she said in a monotone voice. "Your room assignment is 212, on the second floor. You are to stay away from the third floor; those are the girls' dorms. Your roommate will answer your questions and explain the rules."

She turned back to the computer and her game of Bejeweled and he gulped again, picking up his suitcase and leaving the office.


Ulrich was on the second floor, but the unusual numbering threw him off. He had been walking around for at least twenty minutes and had been all over the floor at least three times, still unable to find his room.

He stopped a boy in the hall who was walking past him.

"Excuse me…can you tell me how to get to room 212?"

The boy fixed his glasses and stared at the card. "You're new? Well, welcome to Kadic."

He walked a little in front of him then turned around. "Yeah, follow me…for some odd reason 212 is really far away from all the other dorms."

Ulrich smiled and muttered a quiet 'thank you' before following the blonde boy. The boy led him down the hall and around the floor until he came to a room on a small hallway to the side.

"Here you go."

"Thank you. I'm Ulrich."

The boy shook Ulrich's extended hand. "I'm Jeremie. I guess I'll see you around."

Ulrich nodded. "Yeah, see ya."

He watched Jeremie walk down the small hall before turning back to the door. His shaking had laid upon the doorknob and it took him a few seconds to finally turn it. Once open he looked around. A boy with spiky blonde hair was lying on one of the beds on his stomach, singing loudly to music on his headphones. He didn't even notice the brunette boy walk in.

Ulrich put his suitcase down by the other bed, his right arm feeling like Jell-O. He walked over to the other bed and stood by it, hoping to get the other boy's attention.

The singing guy finally looked his way and jumped when he saw him. He pulled off his earphones and looked him over.

"Hi…I'm…I'm Ulrich, you're roommate."

The other teenager turned off the music and smiled a little. "I'm Odd."

Odd sat up on his bed and Ulrich looked closer at his hair. It was…odd. It was spiked up like someone from Dragon Ball Z, and had a big, purple blotch in the middle. He extended his hand.

"Lemme see your schedule."

Ulrich handed the paper over and Odd looked at it. "Well, we have all the same classes…"

Ulrich only slightly smiled at that and took the paper back, looking it over as well. He sighed and set it on his bedside table before collapsing on his bed.

"So," asked Odd, staring at the ceiling. "What got you in here?"

Ulrich sighed. "My dad is a slave driver… He wanted to improve my sucky grades."

Odd nodded. "Same here…just to let you know, it doesn't work. At least, not for me."


The next morning Ulrich walked down to the cafeteria, schedule folded up in his pocket. He grabbed a tray and got some foul looking (and smelling) food before turning around to find a place to sit.

Every table had someone already sitting there so he walked over to the table Odd was sitting at. He stood next to Odd until everyone looked up at him.

"Hey Odd…mind if I sit down?"

A girl, whose long blonde hair shone as she put down the mirror she was looking in to fix her make-up, looked up at him disgusted.

"This is the popular table…go find somewhere else!"

Although Odd sent the girl a mean look, he didn't say anything against her.

Another girl, with long ebony locks stared dreamily at him though. He's hot.

Ulrich sighed and turned away, but she got up and ran after him, grabbing his arm. He turned around and looked at her.

"Don't mind her, come sit with us!"

Ulrich shook his head. "That's okay, I'll find somewhere else."

He walked away and a very pissed off popular girl stood there staring after him with angry eyes. No one says no to Sissi Delmas!

She stormed back to her table and sat down as Ulrich found a table with only one person sitting at it. At a closer glance, he noticed it was Jeremie.

"Hey Jeremie. Mind if I sit here?"

He nodded and Ulrich sat down. "What's up?" he asked, obviously referring to the fact that the blonde genius was working on the computer. He looked up quickly.

"Uh-it's nothing." He said, closing his laptop quickly. The bell rang and Jeremie hastily stood up.

"I guess I'll see ya later." He said, again hurriedly, and walked out of the cafeteria.


"So…if one angle of a triangle is 60 degrees and the second is 80 degrees, what is the degree of the third angle Mr. Della-Robia?" asked Mrs. Shelly, the ninth grade math teacher. She was interrupted as a brunette boy rushed into the classroom.

"Can I help you?" she asked, turning her attention to Ulrich.

"Um yeah…I'm a new student. Sorry I'm late."

She sighed and took his schedule. "Well, welcome Mr. Stern. Take a seat next to Mr. Belpois," she said, pointing to Jeremie. Ulrich nodded and sat down.

Of course, Odd, by this time, had managed to discover the answer to the question by asking the smart girl that sat next to him. So, when Mrs. Shelly looked back at him he smiled and replied: "Forty degrees."


The rest of Ulrich's day went on the same way, and so did the next week. He was happy when the seventh period bell rang the following Tuesday. He rushed from the class and down to the second floor, looking around for his dorm. He was still getting used to everything around the school.

He went to turn the doorknob and noticed a rubber band wrapped around it. He shrugged and opened the door.

When he looked at Odd's bed, he saw him making out with the blonde girl from breakfast. When he heard the door open, Odd stopped and looked back at Ulrich.

"Did you not see the rubber band? Can I have some privacy?" His statement was almost a snap, but Ulrich didn't take it personally.

He just nodded and left the room hurriedly. He walked down the hall, hands in his pockets, trying to find somewhere to go.

He noticed Jeremie walking down the hall and walked over to him.

"Hey Ulrich. What's up?" Jeremie and Ulrich had clicked and now hung out all the time.

"Hey…I kinda got kicked out of my dorm, can I hang out with you for awhile?"

Jeremie nodded and they walked into his dorm.

"Hello Jeremie," a female voice said as soon as the door opened. A gasp by the same person followed when she noticed he wasn't alone.

Ulrich looked around for the source of the voice. "Uh…?" was the only thing he could say.

Jeremie cursed under his breath and sighed. "No use hiding it now. You can come back Aelita."

A pop-up came up on his computer and Ulrich saw a pretty, pink haired girl staring back at him.

"Jeremie, who's your friend?"

"Woah! Did she just talk?" Ulrich asked, walking closer to the computer.

"What's going on Jeremie?" Ulrich turned his attention to a stuttering Jeremie.

-- Thirty Minutes Later --

"Wow…I mean, I've heard of A.I.s, but I never knew they really existed…" Ulrich muttered, looking back at the almost life-like girl on the computer screen.

Jeremie's story still shocked him. Apparently, this Aelita was an A.I. created by Jeremie. It astounded him.

"You must be a genius!"

Jeremie shook his head. "I like computers."

"Oh come on Jeremie," Aelita said. "Don't be so modest. You're very smart!"

He blushed and looked away.

"You think you could make one for me?"

Ulrich's sudden question made Jeremie freeze. "I-I don't know…"

He was weary but the pink haired A.I. smiled. "Come on, please Jeremie. It'd be nice to have a brother or sister!"

Jeremie blushed slightly again and nodded. "Okay."

He sat down at the chair at his computer desk and typed away on a program. Finally a screen came up with different fields:




Intelligence Capability:



Ulrich looked on in wonder and the genius turned his attention to his friend.

"Okay…just fill out the fields."

Ulrich looked them over. He thought about it for awhile and recalled his favorite name. It was Japanese and meant beautiful.


Jeremie nodded and typed it in and he moved on to the next one. He already knew the answer to this; it was what he pictured the perfect girl.

"Asian…5'5", short black hair and dark brown eyes."

He looked at the next field.


Jeremie all the while typed, entering side notes and numbers which Ulrich couldn't understand.

"What's the next one mean?"

Jeremie looked at it and turned to Ulrich. "I'll fill that out." He typed more and Ulrich moved on.

"Uh…" he blushed at the next one and asked Jeremie to fill it out as well. Since Jeremie also didn't know, Aelita told them the numbers instead.

"Ok…she should be sweet, kind, smart, beautiful, but not a pushover. Willing to have fun…exciting…"

Jeremie typed this out then turned to look at Ulrich and adjusted his glasses. "You've been thinking about this for awhile huh?"

Ulrich didn't say anything and instead found interest in the wall. Jeremie sighed and finished typing it up.

"Okay…it will take awhile to make her and complete the folder as well as a few hours for me to upload the information into her."


That night, Ulrich lied in bed staring at the ceiling. His heart raced and he sighed. "I can't wait to meet her…if only she wasn't an A.I…I wish she were real."

Sleep consumed him and it was full of dreams of Yumi, who was real in his dreams, and him, having fun.

He woke up the next morning to his cell phone ringing. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, staring at the clock. It was just past four.

"Hello?" he said groggily and grumpily.

"Ulrich…we have an emergency. Get to my dorm now!"

Ulrich sighed and agreed, hanging up his cell phone and sneaking from his room. He knew of Jim, who stayed up all night watching the halls, so he quietly ran down the hallway until he reached his friends room.

When he opened the door he nearly fainted.


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