Girl U Want by King Cheetah

Chapter Nine - Shaken, But Not Stirred To Action

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Rated PG-13, Beast Boy/Jinx and Robin/Raven (and lots of it). Enjoy!


As Starfire settled herself at the table, Raven, Tim and Gar just stared at her. Opening a menu more out of habit than anything, she smiled to Jenny, "Did you receive a telephone call from Russell?"

"Uh-uh," she said as she took another sip of her apple juice, "What about?"

"Ooh Momma, might I please get a toasted scrambled egg sandwich and links of sausage?" she asked the matronly Czech, then turning to Jenny, "There was a scheduling change at the convention center down town. A large medical device show has moved in and Russell expects that we will be very busy for the next few days."

"Oh, I see," Jenny nodded, "Well, that's not going to effect me all that much I don't think. Did he mention extra hours or some shift changes?"

Raven, Tim and Gar just stared at her.

"Not specifically, but it occurred to me..." she said, taking her first sip of coffee, "...that you might ask him to let you fill in on the wait staff at lunch. Not only would you earn extra tips, but you could suggest to your customers to come see you dance in the evening. Does this seem fisable?"

"Ming, that's brilliant!" grinned Jenny, but was interrupted by Momma bringing Starfire her lunch.

"Ach, a good lunch for pretty Ming. But Vhy are you dressed for vork zo early?" the old woman clucked. She looked very professional in a crisp, white shirt, dark slacks and vest and a red bow tie.

"We have a convention in town, Momma. I need to go in a little early to prepare for the lunch rush." she smiled sweetly.

Raven, Tim and Gar just stared at her.

"Yeah, you seem to do that a lot. You and Tommy, that is." said Jenny slyly.

"Vas is this?" ask Momma, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, Momma," Jenny said matter of factly, "It seems that Ming and Tommy are a very hard working team. Very organized, very efficient."

"Um, that is all right Jenny, you-" began Starfire nervously.

"They never run out of supplies, because you know they're always in back checking on the stock levels. In fact, every time I go over to check on her in the slow periods, it seems that those two are in the back checking stock." she said, feigning bewilderment as Momma gave Starfire the fisheye.

"Miiiiiiinnnng. This Tommy is a nice boy, is he? I should meet this Tommy boy, eh?" she said firmly, hands on hips.

"O-oh no, M-Momma, it is not like that at all." Starfire whimpered, "H-he is merely a young gentleman that I-"

"You will bring this young gentleman Tommy boy here for a meal. I will look to see if he is worthy of a treasure zuch as you." she commanded, and with a turning flip of her apron, she was off.

"Y-yes Momma" she said softly, then turning to Jenny, gave her an incendiary look, "I shall make you pay for this."

Raven, Tim and Gar just stared at her.

"Grinning, Jenny said, "Consider it payback for pointing out to Momma that I wasn't pregnant yet."

Suddenly, Starfire matched her grin, "Hmmmm... yes, it was worth it."



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