A/N: Yes...I re-edited...just a little bit. Once again, this story goes along with 'Young Hormone-Crazy Teenagers'. Though, you don't need to read it to understand this. Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto - 17. Neji - 18. Kakashi - Guess.

By: EvilSithGirl

Chapter 1: Ramen, Ramen…A New Mission?!

The sun shone down brightly on the Hidden Village of the Leaf. This was a perfect day, the temperature wasn't too hot and the breeze was just right. On the old team seven meeting bridge, three team-mates quietly waited for a certain late individual.

Uchiha Sasuke stood still, eyes closed and arms crossed, back leaning against the railing. Next to him, Haruno Sakura had her arms on top of the railing, absentmindedly looking down at the water below. Sasuke opened an eye and stared at her from the corner of it. Sakura, feeling his gaze, turned to him and smiled. His eyes softened and he moved closer, wrapping his arms around her small waist. It's been two weeks since he had confessed his feelings to her in Sand, and they've been together since then. He smirked, remembering what had happened on the couch in that hotel room. Ah…good times.

A loud snore interrupted their moment and they turned to look across the bridge. Across from the two, the last member of their famously powerful team, was Uzumaki Naruto, sitting in straddle position with his head against the railing, dozing off. Their ex-sensei was late as usual, but they have so far only waited for forty-two minutes and eighteen seconds, not very long compared to all the other times.

A sudden loud 'poof' was heard. Sasuke and Sakura turned once again, to see their former sensei walk over to the sleeping Naruto. He poked his arm. Nothing. He poked him again, and again...and again. He then jabbed him continuously, like poking jello. Naruto didn't budge at all. So…Sasuke joined in waking him.

"Wake up, dobe. Kakashi's here."

He kicked the blonde's stomach, arms crossed once again. Naruto caught the foot, still asleep, muttered something inaudible, and hugged the foot like a teddy bear.

"What the hell…? Let go, you baka! Dammit!"

Sasuke muttered some curses while trying, violently, to free his poor foot. But Naruto, who was surprisingly stronger in his sleep, just wouldn't let go. Sakura and Kakashi just held back their laughter, doing nothing to help. It was a quite a sight to see. A few snorts and giggles escaped them, resulting in a scary glare from the Uchiha.

"Wake. Him. Up." he growled.

"Wait, don't move!"


Sakura took out a camera. Sasuke's glare increased tenfold.

"Sakura! Don't you dare!"


The camera flashed. On its digital screen, a sleeping Naruto could be seen hugging the foot of a very pissed off Uchiha with deadly flaming red eyes. And no, the red eyes weren't caused by the camera…Quite a sight to see indeed.

"Could I have a copy?" Kakashi had an evil glint in his visible eye. Sakura just snapped her hand back, smacking Kakashi with the back of it. Naruto muttered something else and reached higher so he hugged Sasuke's ankle as well.

"GAH! LET GO OF MY FOOT, YOU FUCKING IDIOT! KUSO! KUSO! KUSO!" He brutally shook his foot, but the stubborn sleeping blonde just held on tighter. Kakashi made a 'tsk tsk' sound as Sakura leaned down to Naruto's ear.


At this, Naruto jerked up and shook his head vigorously.

"Ramen? Ramen? Ramen! Where is the ram---EYAAAAHHH!"

He was suddenly thrown up in the air by a certain foot he was still holding, unfortunately landeding back down on the railing on one foot. He flailed his arms dynamically to keep his balance from falling off into the water. Just as he regained his balance, Sasuke's famous foot came into contact with his bum and pushed him headfirst into the waters below.

"What d'you do that for you stupid teme?" The now soaked Naruto floated to the surface.

"Hn. You deserved it dobe."

"I didn't do anything, teme!"

"Yes you did, dobe."

"No I didn't, and stop calling me dobe, teme!"

"Yes you did, and stop calling me teme, dobe."

The dobe and teme glared the most horrifying glares they could muster, thus turning the insult contest into a glaring one. A vein was twitching on Sakura's trademark-large forehead as she clenched her fists, jaws, and eyes.

All this bickering really was giving her a headache. Had they forgotten about getting their mission details from Kakashi? She looked over at Kakashi and sighed as she saw him reading his perverted book. She sighed again as she looked back at the two glaring children-in-teenage-forms. Sasuke was on the bridge and Naruto was up on the railing like he was a frog or something.

Sasuke put a finger on Naruto's forehead and pushed, causing the blue-eyed blonde to fall back into the water with a loud curse. Sakura decided she had had enough. She stomped over to an unsuspecting Sasuke and used all her might to push-punch him into the water.

Naruto was just getting back up. His eyes widened immensely and his mouth slightly gaped in fear as he saw the Uchiha fly down…about to drop and land...ON HIM! SPLASH!

And he did land on him. Pretty hard too.

"Ahhh! Get off me, bastard!"

Sasuke punched him as he got up and glared at Sakura.

"Sakura! What the--"

"Oh be quiet! Making fun of Naruto just makes you a hypocrite! BOTH of you guys act like immature five-year-olds! It's really annoying!"

Sakura was clearly pissed, while Kakashi just watched from the sidelines, no longer reading his book. He was obviously enjoying this.

"Haha! She told you off Sas-ke-teme!"


Sasuke climbed back onto the bridge. Naruto followed suit, but as he was stepping over the railing, he was met with another push from the other 'immature brat'.

"Dammit! Damn you bastard!"

Sasuke smirked as Naruto fell down for the fourthtime that morning, third being when he landed on him. He quit his victorious smirking as Sakura gave him a glare that matched his own.

'So that's what my glare looks like? Scary. Cool.'

Naruto finally landed on the bridge and shut his about-to-open mouth as Sakura also send him a warning glare. Kakashi walked up to them as he cleared his throat.

"So…now that you're all done with your little entertainment…you guys have a mission."

Naruto's eyes suddenly lit up. Kakashi said 'you guys'…meaning their whole Anbu team…it had to be a hard and dangerous mission! Yay!

"Before you ask Naruto, yes, it's a tough mission. In fact, the Hyuuga prodigy is coming with you, along with Hyuuga Hinata, and Aburame Shino."

Sasuke was not happy. Why? Because he was mad of course!

'Damn Hyuuga. I hate this already...'

Sakura, on the other hand, was her normal cheery self.

'Cool, Hinata-chan's coming! I'll have some female company."

And Naruto? Well…

'Great. Our team gets a creepy bug-freak and another stupid teme…Hinata-chan's nice…Hmm…I'm really hungry! I wonder if I'll have time to get some ramen…'

"Ahem." Kakashi cleared his throat again.

"Anyways, you're going to have to travel far from Konoha for this mission. Expect to do a lot of spying and be prepared to fight for your life."

That got Naruto happy.

"What are we going to be fighting? Other ninja? Sumos? Demons? Bears? Evil ponies that will stop at nothing to bring destruction to this world?"

They all looked at him. Weirdly.

"What? It could happen..."

"Um...no. I'll tell you all together with the others. We will all meet here on this bridge once again at sunset. Ok then, see ya!"

Kakashi disappeared in another 'poof' of smoke. Naruto was jumping up and down from excitement. Sasuke looked at him with his emo-look. Sakura sweat-dropped.

"Stop jumping like that or you'll piss yourself, dobe."

For once Naruto ignored him and turned to Sakura.

"What do you think the mission's about Sakura-chan?"

"I don't know Naruto. We'll just have to wait until sunset."

"Ahhh…I can't wait that long! What are we supposed to do until then?"

"I'm gonna go train. You should too." Sasuke started to walk towards the small clearing in the forest where they usually trained.

"Nah…I think I'll go eat some ramen. Wanna come Sakura-chan?"

"Sure. Hey Sasuke-kun! We're going to go to Ichiraku! Wanna come?" Sakura ran to catch up with the said person as Naruto followed behind.

"No. I'm going to train."

"Aw…please! Come on!" Sakura gave him her puppy-dog pout. He tried to resist but alas, even the Uchiha prodigy couldn't resist Sakura's cute pouting face and large innocent eyes. Then Naruto's face showed up next to her, trying and failing miserably to look cute. Sasuke's eyebrow twitched. He punched Naruto in the face and walked away.

"Fine. Let's just go..."


At Ichiraku, Sasuke and Sakura watched with expressions of revulsion and disbelief as Naruto ate his fifth bowl of ramen. Sakura was the disbelieving one.

"It's still amazing just how much ramen he can take in…"

"Tch. More like nauseating.

"I heard that, teme!"

"Good. I wanted you to hear it."

"You're lucky there's ramen here so I'm not gonna hurt you!"

"Dobe. You couldn't hurt me even if there wasn't any ramen."


Sakura decided to step in before things got too out of hand.

"Stop this you guys. Naruto, finish your ramen and stop bickering."

"But he started it!"

"Who cares? Just ignore him!"

Naruto 'hmphed' and went back to his precious ramen while muttering something along the lines of 'stupid tomato-loving bastard!'

Sasuke glared at him, growling.

"You say something, dobe?"

Naruto gulped and laughed nervously, remembering the last time he dissed tomatoes.

"Ah...no! I didn't say anything!"

He quickly began to devour his ramen in an inhumane speed. His two teammates looked at Naruto with an annoyed expression, then looked at each other and nodded. They got up and walked away, leaving him to consume his ramen alone.

It took a while for Naruto to notice. He was on his sixthth bowl when he noted that his friends had left him. At first, he didn't really mind. But he soon remembered his forgotten wallet was left at home. That's when he started to panic. Someone passing by noticed him and blushed as she summoned her courage to talk to him.

"Na-na-naru-Naruto-k-kun? A-are y-you a-all-r-right?"

Naruto's head snapped up to the new voice. The shy Hyuuga Hinata was standing in front of him with a worried look and her usual blush.

"Hinata-chan! What are you doing here?"

"Oh…I-I…w-was j-j-j-just p-pa-passing by…but…um…wha-what's wr-wrong?"

The blonde sweatdropped at her stuttering , but answered anyways.

"I forgot my wallet at home, and my friends abandoned me! I can't pay for all this ramen!"

"Oh…w-well…um…I-I-I c-c-could…um…ah…p-pay for y-you…"

Naruto's face brightened and he grinned his huge trademark grin.

"Thank you! I'll pay you back! Promise!"

"I-It's n-no pro-problem n-na-Naruto-k--!"

She was cut off by the happy Naruto's grateful hug. She turned tomato-red and immediately fainted. When Naruto let go, she fell to the ground unconscious.

"Hinata-chan? Wake up! Hinata-cchhyyyannnn!!"

No movement. He sighed.

"Great. Could this day be any suckier?"

He picked Hinata up on his back and quickly ran away, hoping to god the owner of Ichiraku didn't notice him not paying. Which is most likely not going to happen considering the vast amount he consumed. And the fact that he heard an angry 'NAAAARRUUUUUTTTTOOOO!!!' as he was gaining distance. But hey, a guy can hope, can't he?

So he went back to the bridge and gently laid the unconscious Hyuuga Heiress down. Alarmingly, all the hairs on his nape stood up, as he sensed a dangerous aura behind him. He turned around...to face a pale figure with glowing white eyes.



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