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Magic Carnation,

By Winterwing3000

"You wanted to see me, Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin said, closing the large door of the library behind her.

"Sit." He said monotonously, never lifting his eyes off the scrolls on his table. Rin sat down on the floor in front of him, eyes on the ground and hands folded on her lap.

Silence ensued and all that was sounded was her steady breathing. Soon, she started fidgeting as her legs started to get numb. She tried to remain still, but her usual restless nature started to invoke her body.

Rin started humming a small tune from her past in her head, trying her best not to disturb her lord. Her fingers started drumming against her thighs and her caramel eyes closed shut. She was in her own dreamland now.

Sesshomaru's golden eyes looked across the papers to his still-childlike ward. "Rin, come here."

Her eyes snapped open and she smiled appreciating at the chance to finally stretch her legs. "Thank you Sesshomaru-sama!" she plopped down next to him and sat with her legs out in front of her.

No longer was the formality there, once he allowed her to sit by him, it meant that she put aside all the manners she was taught by Jaken-sama and talk freely with her lord.

"Today was really boring because Jaken-sama kept on telling Rin that Rin should be studying her handwriting but it is so boring because Rin doesn't like Jaken-sama's handwriting. And Rin caught a butterfly today, but it was so lonely so Rin set it free… and Rin made a flower crown and found really pretty flowers." She narrated and reached into the inside folds of her yukata.

Within it, she drew out a colorful flower. Around the edges of the petals of the flower were dark red but the rest of the petal would be purely white. It was in the way to blooming, but it lacked water to grow. The stem was short with thin leaves on every notch.

"For Sesshomaru-sama!" she declared, handing the flower to him with her happy-go-lucky smile.

The dog demon lord stared at the carnation before taking it into his clawed hand and placed it on its side on the table in front of him. He felt the human child lean into his warmth, where his fur stole was, making herself familiar with him.

The silence between them was peaceful and enjoyable. Until Rin decided to let him into a small secret. "Sesshomaru-sama…? Can Rin ask you a question?"

"Hmm…" he made a throaty sound and she took it as a sign to continue. "Did Sesshomaru-sama ever heard of the magic flower? Rin's mama used to tell Rin that there was a pretty flower, like that one, and if Sesshomaru-sama makes a wish on it, it'll come true! Because the flower has magic! Does Sesshomaru-sama have a wish?" she asked curiously.

He looked over to her, his face impassive. Her eyes were blinking owlishly at him, patiently waiting for his reply. His mind toyed with the idea of his wish. In life, he needed nothing. After all, he has everything he needs. He does not need that half-breed's sword anymore. He does not need that so-called heirloom from his pathetic brother. Because… he has everything with him.

"No Rin, this Sesshomaru does not require anything from this flower. Nor does he wish for anything." He answered her truthfully, leaning back onto the wall.

"Ohhh… hm, okay! Rin made a wish for Sesshomaru-sama, Rin and… even yucky Jaken-sama." she made a sour face, but immediately brightened. "Rin wishes to stay with Sesshomaru-sama forever and ever and ever! And Rin knows that Sesshomaru-sama would never leave Rin, right Sesshomaru-sama?"

He closed his golden eyes. "Aa…" he decided to indulge his ward… just for tonight.

AN: Err… did that make sense? It was meant to be a short (in this case… really short) fic for Sesshy and Rin! Not to mention that it was awfully random. 0.0 Review?