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Rating: Teenagers+

Story Status: Takeya's son, who is born a 'DearS', happens to meet a lovely lady from Ren's world claiming to be his slave! Koharo thinks he's hallucinating and isn't taking it so well, and that means things will get out of control…

Chapter Two: Second Queen

Takeya sighed as he lifted his cup of coffee so his darling wife Ren could fill it up with the hot liquid substance. He took a sip, decided it needed more sugar, and added it. Taking another long sip, he then focused his attention to the two sitting across from him. One being his son Koharo, the other being a mysterious DearS claiming to be Koharo's future wife. She was indeed beautiful, with her long flowing silver hair and silver eyes. Takeya hated to admit it, but she was even more beautiful than Ren. Her aura alone could turn heads because it gave off a sense of calmness and healing. She was silent and wouldn't talk because she was not ordered to. Unfortunately, only Koharo could confirm commands and he was in no mood to hear her speak. He took another long sip before staring down at his son.

"So….I take it you know this woman" Takeya said a bit intrigued.

Kaharo grumpily crossed his arms "No."

"Okay well first things first, you said you met in front of the house, and that she wants you to be her master. To add to that she's from the future I take it…?"

Ren bent over by Takeya and added another sugar cube into his coffee also placing a gentle kiss upon her husband's forehead. She took a glance at the mysterious DearS woman, but didn't smile at her. Koharo wondered if his mother was telepathic because she got into a staring competition with the silver hair DearS that lasted an uncomfortable minute or two. With that, his father began to question the woman.

"I know you'd only prefer to hold a conversation with my son, but what is your purpose other than serving as a slave? Are you under orders from a barker? What's your name?"

"My name is Zeizeiochichi but you may call me Azechi the second queen of Qanobin. I will enlighten your son's view of this world, and perhaps live with him until my job here is done. That job that you ask of by the way… is to serve your son until the day I die upon the planet's soil." With that she gave a smile and excused herself from the table, her long hair flowing behind her. Takeya gulped when Ren noticed him staring. She didn't get jealous, that he knew. But she did get nervous when Takeya took interest in something. Azechi somehow drew him in, but he wasn't at all into her 'that' way. He loved Ren a-lot. What bothered him was that the world of DearS were very into the slave and master thing and he didn't like his son having that option being born DearS.

Koharo looked behind him to make sure that the silver haired DearS was not following him. He was going to meet his friends and go to the beach today, but for some reason he just felt uncomfortable.

"Yo man what's up" Hoharo's friend said while also looking distracted behind him.

Koharo turned around to see Azechi behind him wearing a skimpy red bathing suit.

"Master, lets have fun today!"