Based on somewhat real events. Only... I don't really have Yukia nd Kyo in my class...aww... how sad.

Somehow, neither Sohma child was sure how it happened, their class was making Zodiac shaped cookies.

It was just too much, and far too ironic. Frankly, they both were sure it was Tohru's idea, though neither would ever voice that thought. As it was, Yuki was struggling to create a somewhat rat shaped cookie as Kyo wrestled with the cat- for it was the zodiac legend, which did include the cat after all.

From across the room Uo-chan held up a dragon shaped cookie. "A-ha!" she declared. "Finally!"

"It's should be a seahorse, idiot!" Kyo snapped before Yuki karate-chopped his head.

"Stupid," Yuki muttered.

"HEY!" Kyo jumped up but stopped abruptly when he heard someone giggling.

"The rat should be riding the dog!" a shril voice laughed. Slowly, Yuki's eye started to twitch and Kyo froze in utmost horror.

"Or the cat! That would be so cute!" another voice tittered.

"Didn't the rat ride the ox in the original legend anyway?"

"The rat just rides everyone!"

Yuki looked over at Kyo, who was sharing his look of horror and disgust. Slowly they both sank down into their chairs and tried to block the words out.

It didn't work well, and they spent the rest of the week avoiding both Shigure, Haru, and eachother.

Shigure, however, would have none of that, as Tohru has told them about the cookies, and how the dog was the biggest cookie of all.

So they two were forced to listen to Shigure singing, "I'm the biggest cookie!" for a week.

Now, take the whole rat riding ox/dog/ cat wrongly would ya (if you haven't already) and it makes more sense. See? Think wrongly now, i know you have it in you... yeah, I actually made these cookies with my friend, and her brother was like, "The rat should be riding the dog!" and yeah... So I wrote this... and Shigure WAS the biggest cookie. He tasted really good too...