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Anyway, here's the summary: Namine never noticed or met her neighbor. He was hardly ever at home and Namine was always out with her best friend Kairi. Her neighbor doesn't even go to her school, and she didn't know his name. But when Namine's neighbor and his cousin move to her school, will Namine and Kairi discover new love? Roxas x Namine, Sora x Kairi

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Chapter 1: The Stranger Next Door Prologue


Everyday I look out my bedroom window and wait for my neighbor's son to come out of the house, or come home. I never met him, or seen him, so he was like a total stranger to me. My family and I have met his parents at their house next door, and I've seen pictures of him when he was in elementary. He had blonde spiky hair, and was kind of cute for an elementary kid, and I wanted to know what he looked like now. He had lots of pictures of his friends, so I guess he was kind of popular, and I didn't see any pictures of his siblings, so I thought that he was an only chid like me.

His parents were really nice. They offered us food and drinks and were really nice and polite, and I knew that my parents and I automatically began to like them. They looked like they were in their mid-thirties and weren't ugly or fat at all. They were a cute looking couple who had a 15 year old son. His mother had medium length brown hair that looked healthy and beautiful, and had pretty blue eyes. His father was tall, had green eyes, and had blonde hair. It was short and spiky, but I knew that their son got his hair from his father, and got his eyes from his mother.

"He goes to a different school than yours, Namine," His mother said to me. "He's a tenth grader like you, but we don't always know what's happening to him. He doesn't tell us much about what he does at school, and he's always out of the house with his friends."

"I think he told us he went to the Skate Park with his cousin and his other friends," His father said. "There's a rare chance you'll see him here."

It's true; he wasn't home when we were there. I was so anxious to meet him, just looking at his pictures got me excited. So I planned that while his parents were talking to my parents, I would sneak into his room. Yeah, I know, it's not like me to do something like that, but I really wanted to know! If my best friend, Kairi were here, she would say something like, "Ooh Namine, what are you doing? You don't even know the guy and you're planning on sneaking into his room?" I just ignored the thought of what she would say.

"Um, excuse me, but may I use your bathroom?" I asked politely. His mother just smiled at me.

"Of course, it's just upstairs at the end of the hallway." She said and I walked up the stairs. After I heard my parents start talking to them again, I began looking through the rooms and eventually found his room.

His room was kind of messy, but I couldn't see any rotten things or objects I thought were nasty. Lots of posters were on the wall, and I could tell he was a skater by the kinds of posters he had. His room wasn't the kind of room some guy would have, like those guys who have that rotten egg smell that made you throw up and smelled as if a stink bomb exploded. His room smelled like those really good expensive colognes.

I saw more pictures of his friends next to his unfixed bed, and they were also from elementary. But there was one picture I thought surprised me. It was a picture of him and a girl that had black hair and brown highlights. He was smiling slightly while the girl hugged him with a very happy smile on her face. I couldn't tell if I was jealous or not. It isn't like me to like someone who I didn't really know.

Just then, I heard my mother tell his mother how long I took in the bathroom. I quickly left the room and snuck into the bathroom, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I came back to the living room to see my parents look up at me.

"Time to go Namine." My father said and got up from the sofa.

"It was very nice meeting you." My mother told them, smiling.

"Why don't you come next month?" His mother asked. "We'll have our son stay home and you and Namine will get to meet him!"

"That would be great." My father replied and shook hands with his father.

We all said goodbye and walked back to our house.


"...And that's that." Namine said, ending her story. She looked at Kairi, whose mouth was open and smiling.

"And that's all true?" Kairi asked. Namine nodded. "Wow. You were so right. I would have told you 'Ooh Namine, what are you doing? You don't even know the guy and you're planning on sneaking into his room.' So have you seen him yet?"

She shook her head in disappointment. "Nope. It's weird. It's like when I'm here, he's somewhere else, and when I'm not here, he's at his house."

"Not to mention that you don't even know his name!" Kairi exclaimed. "Why didn't you ask his parents what his name was?"

"I don't know!" Namine replied. "I just wanted to see him."

Kairi smiled. "Looks like you like someone, Namine! And that someone is your neighbor!"

She blushed but shook her head. "No way! Don't you remember what I said? It isn't like me to like someone who I didn't really know. Haven't you ever noticed that I only like someone after I get to know them?"

"Yeah, ever since elementary." Kairi replied. "But it's okay to like someone you don't know. Besides, you can still like them and then get to know them! Well, you already know lots of stuff about him anyways."

Namine looked at her with a raised brow. "Like what?"

"Well we know that he's our age," Kairi said, counting her fingers. "We know that he goes to high school, he's your next door neighbor, he's a skater, he has lots of friends, he doesn't fix his room, he uses cologne, his parents are young, he got his hair from his father, he had a girlfriend...and look! That's already ten things!"

"But I'm not sure about some of them!" Namine replied and sighed. She jumped onto her bed, landing face first on her pillow. Kairi sat on her bed next to her.

"Well, at least you're going to meet him tomorrow." Kairi said. "So that's a reason why you're not coming to my house tomorrow. You should've told me about him when you went to his house!"

"Sorry...it's just that...I remembered about Seifer." Namine said, shrugging. "And I was kind of busy..."

"I bet you sketched what he would look like huh?" Kairi exclaimed, with her hands on her waist, and Namine nodded. Kairi held her hand out. "Give me your sketchbook! I wanna see what you think he looks like!"

She got off her bed and took her sketchbook from under the bed. She handed it to Kairi, who immediately opened it and started skimming through the pages.

Namine was an excellent artist who loved to draw and sketch. She remembered things very well and when she drew it, the drawing seemed as if it was an exact replica of what she remembered. Kairi found the drawing and looked at it closely.

"If he had a cousin or a brother who looked a little like him, I would like him," Kairi said. "If this really does look like your neighbor, you two would look so good together!"

"But still...what about Seifer?" Namine asked. "He's still my boyfriend and I don't know what to do."

"You should've dumped him a long time ago." Kairi suggested. "I told you that before! He's stupid and isn't good for you."

"I know..." She replied. "I will soon. I can't stand how he continues to flirt with other girls around me."

"Well that's settled." Kairi said and got off the bed. "Do you know what you're going to wear tomorrow?"

"Nope." Namine replied and got off the bed and to the closet.

"Okay then! Let's just take out the good clothes and pick one." Kairi said and took lots of clothes out of the closet and onto the bed. At the end, Kairi and Namine chose a white dress. It was beautiful on her and would make a good impression.

"The stranger next door will be revealed." Kairi said and Namine smiled.

'Hopefully nothing will go wrong tomorrow.' Namine thought.


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