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Summary: Namine never noticed or met her neighbor. He was hardly ever at home and Namine was always out with her best friend Kairi. Her neighbor doesn't even go to her school, and she didn't know his name. But when Namine's neighbor and his cousin move to her school, will Namine and Kairi discover new love? Roxas x Namine, Sora x Kairi

Last time on My Neighbor Roxas, Chapter 3 ; Meeting the Stranger :

"Hey." Sora said and smiled.

"Hi..." Kairi replied and also smiled.

The Stranger's parents and Namine's parents were confused as to why the boys gave weird looks to the girls. The Stranger's mother just put their strawberry ice-cream cake next to the chocolate ice-cream cake on the glass table in the living room, which was in front of the couches. Namine and the Stranger looked at the cakes together and looked at him again.

"Namine?" The Stranger exclaimed.


Chapter 4: Of Explanations and Cake

'No way...Roxas lives here?' Namine thought as she saw Roxas in front of her.

'What the...Mom told me this was for her co-workers! Why is Namine here?' Roxas thought as he saw Namine in front of her. 'I bet Mom did lie to me...but I guess it was worth being here for...'

Namine's parents and Roxas's parents looked at each other and looked back at the kids. "Do you two know each other?" Namine's mother asked.

Roxas and Namine looked at her and nodded. "Yeah...we met at the store." Namine explained. He accidentally ran into me and we found out that we both needed something to bring here and we chose ice-cream cakes."

"Mom, you told me that this was for your co-workers!" Roxas exclaimed, remembering what he thought. "If you said that some other visitors were coming, you wouldn't have to force us to stay here..."

Roxas' mother just laughed a bit, feeling embarrassed. "Sorry honey. It's just that, you and Sora are always out, and if I told you that the neighbors were coming, you'd probably still go somewhere..."

Sora and Roxas widened their eyes. "They're our neighbors!" Roxas exclaimed and Namine just smiled slightly. Sora, whose eyes were still widened, looked at Kairi, who just gave him a confused look as to why he looked at her like that.

"You live next door?" Sora asked Kairi, and she shook her head.

"Nope. I'm just Namine's best friend. I wanted to meet Namine's neighbors, since I come to her house a lot and don't see you guys outside very often." Kairi explained.

Sora just smiled slightly and turned his attention back to Namine and the others. "We're sorry we lied to you." Roxas' dad replied. "It was either that or grounding you for no reason."

"Dad!" Roxas exclaimed and his father laughed.

"Anyways, if anyone is hungry, just eat some cake that both Namine and Roxas brought!" Roxas' mother exclaimed. "Roxas, why don't you have Namine and Kairi go up to your room while us adults continue talking?"

"Okay." Roxas said. "Sora, take Namine and Kairi up to my room. I'm just going to get a slice of cake."

Sora nodded as Roxas walked to the kitchen to get a plate. He turned to Namine and Kairi. "Ladies first."

Kairi smiled as Namine ran upstairs and into Roxas' room. She looked around to see that Roxas had cleaned his room, and the same posters were on the wall. The same scent was in the room, the scent that smelled of good colognes. A skateboard was leaning on the wall, and it was the same skateboard from before. Namine smiled and sat down on the bed. The same pictures were there, except for the picture with Roxas and the girl with black hair with brown highlights. It was as if he threw it away, or he probably put it somewhere else. Namine saw that in the corner of the room, the TV which was playing the video game was paused. Two controllers were on the ground, and it looked like they were playing a fighting game. Namine sighed and sat down on Roxas' bed as Kairi and Sora entered the room.

"Wow, it seems as if you've been in Roxas' room before," Sora exclaimed as Kairi sat down next to Namine. "Well, anyways, I guess I need to introduce myself. I'm Sora and I'm Roxas' cousin."

"I'm Namine." Namine replied and smiled at Sora. "And this is Kairi, but..."

Namine looked up to see that Sora and Kairi were just smiling at each other. "...I guess you two have already met..." Namine just smiled.

Downstairs, Roxas had just finished getting his cake slices and began running upstairs to his room. The parents looked at each other with a confused look on their faces.

"Okay that was awkward." Namine's mother said and Roxas' parents nodded.

"You said it." Roxas' dad replied.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Roxas entered the room with a plate of 6 GIANT cake slices, three strawberry ice-cream cake slices, and three chocolate ice-cream cake slices. As he walked towards Sora, he had a confused look on his face as to why Sora and Kairi were smiling at each other. Roxas laughed a bit as he saw Sora's cheesy smile on his face, causing Sora and Kairi to snap out of their smiling.

Roxas just shook his head, unimpressed, and sat down on the floor where one of the controllers were. He faced the bed and gestured Sora to sit down and sighed. "Man...I just can't believe this is happening!" Roxas mumbled out loud and Namine nodded. "This is too weird."

"I know!" Namine replied. "I never knew you were my neighbor! Especially when we met last night! This really is weird."

"We never see you guys around here," Kairi said. "Well, when we're at Namine's house."

"Oh, I guess it's because we always go to the Skate Park with some of our friends." Sora said. "Roxas really wants to be a professional skater when he grows up, so all of us want to help him out and skate as we do it. It's either there or we go hang out at the mall or somewhere else. But when we get grounded or something, we just stay here and play video games."

'Wow...I can't believe I'm in Cakeboy's house...not only that but the Stranger's house! Cakeboy...' It seemed that Kairi's nicknames for Roxas had sunk into Namine's head. It was like she couldn't say his name in her head but call him Cakeboy. Not to mention that he was holding cake. So right now, he kind of was Cakeboy. 'But Seifer...no. You're not supposed to think of him, Namine! Cakeboy...'

Namine did not notice that she was staring at Roxas and blushing and smiling as she stared. Kairi just began to giggle as Roxas crawled up to where Namine sat on his bed. Just like what happened at the store, he began waving his hand in front of her eyes, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Uh Namine?" Roxas asked.

"Yeah Cakeboy?" Namine replied but gasped. "Oops, I mean Roxas! I'm sorry! Anyways, what is it?"

Kairi and Sora began laughing and Roxas just chuckled. "You blacked out again! You okay?"

Namine nodded. "Oh, yeah I'm okay, and thanks for asking! This is too weird, it's like deja vu. Like everything from last night is happening all over again!"

"Well, except for the whole falling thing," Roxas said and Namine and Roxas smiled. They looked at Kairi and Sora, who were also talking to each other. Namine could hear what they were talking about.

"So, what school do you go to?" Kairi asked.

"Well, me and Roxas go to a private school." Sora replied. "But I keep overhearing about the private school closing down in a few weeks."

"Then there's a chance that you'll go to Destiny High right!" Kairi asked, smiling.

"Sure why not?" Sora replied and smiled.

Kairi's stomach grumbled and put her hands around it. "Heh...I guess I'm hungry now huh? Hey Roxas, can I have a slice?"

"Oh yeah." Roxas said and began to get the fork that was on the plate.

"Actually, let me do it." Namine replied and took the fork from his hand and began to pick up a slice. Namine thought she wasn't going to drop it but... SPLAT. Pieces of the cake fall on Roxas' face.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" Namine exclaimed. But Roxas just smiled and started laughing. He picked up a small piece of the cake from his head and threw it at Namine, landing on her cheek.

"IT'S COLD!" Namine exclaimed and got the piece and began to throw it back at Roxas, but he had leaned back, and the piece was thrown at Kairi.

Namine and Roxas began to laugh as Kairi felt the cake on her face. "Hey Roxas, can I have another piece?" Kairi asked and once Roxas gave it to her, she threw a piece at Namine, landing on her hair, and a smaller piece at Roxas, which landed in his hair.

Before you know it, an ice-cream cake fight began. Roxas kept on getting hit by Namine, and began throwing it at her.

"Woah! Namine hits Kairi and she hits back! Oh no! Roxas is hit by Namine in the face!" Sora exclaimed, acting as if he was the host of the fight. "And OOOOH! Namine gets the cake in her dress! Good job Roxas!"

Kairi noticed that Sora was not getting hit by any cake at all, so she got ready and grabbed a piece of the cake. Sora just looked at Kairi, and before he knew it, Kairi flung her piece of cake at Sora's face.

"Aww that's cold!" Sora exclaimed and began throwing the cake at Kairi.

Meanwhile, Namine, who was still on the bed, was about to throw a piece but slipped, and fell right on Roxas. Sora and Kairi didn't notice anything and continued throwing their ammo. Namine opened her eyes and saw Roxas' closed eyes. He was moving a little, but for some reason, Namine didn't want to get off. Roxas just mumbled something and opened his eyes to see Namine's blue eyes in front of him. And just like Namine, he didn't want to get off. A few seconds later, the two began to blush and Namine quickly got up.

"I'm sorry!" Namine exclaimed. As Roxas got up, he stepped on some ice-cream cake and slipped, falling on Namine. They looked at each other's blue orbs, and for some reason, began to laugh. Sora looked up as he got hit by some cake, and Kairi smiled at Namine. Sora smiled and looked at Kairi. Kairi felt him looking at her and turned her attention to him. The two just smiled and blushed.

"Aww...that is so cute!" Kairi exclaimed to Sora. Sora looked at Kairi and made a girly squeal and laughed, which made Kairi laugh. Of course, Sora was just joking around.

"Namine! Kairi!" Namine's dad shouted from downstairs.

"Man! You're leaving?" Sora asked and Kairi nodded sadly.

Roxas, who was still on Namine, noticed his position and Namine did too. "Oh I'm sorry!" Roxas exclaimed and quickly got off of Namine, and she got up afterwards.

"Now it's like what happened yesterday!" Namine exclaimed and Roxas and Namine smiled.

"Namine! Kairi!" Namine's mom shouted from downstairs.

Namine sighed. "I guess we have to go."

"Don't worry. You live next door remember?" Roxas replied. "And I think I can see your room from my window, so I can see you more often."

Namine smiled and nodded. The group walked downstairs, in their ice-cream fight looks. Namine's parents laughed at Namine and Kairi, who were covered with ice-cream cake pieces. Roxas' parents laughed the most at Roxas and Sora, who had more ice-cream cake pieces on them.

"Man we should've had a ice-cream cake fight too!" Roxas' father exclaimed, and this showed that he still had the kid in him.

"Too bad honey, we finished the cake." Roxas' mother replied. "But next time...be prepared everyone!"

"We will!" Namine's mother exclaimed and the parents laughed. Roxas' father and Namine's father did a little handshake and smiled. "Okay girls, let's go." Namine's mother said and walked out of the house. Before the door closed, Namine and Kairi looked back at Roxas and Sora, and waved and smiled, and they did the same.

"We should go to their house every time." Kairi exclaimed and Namine laughed.

"At least it was more than I thought it would be!" Namine replied.

Meanwhile, Roxas and Sora were watching Namine and Kairi walk back to Namine's house from Roxas' room. "Hey Roxas, you think we'll see them again like today?" Sora asked.

Roxas watched the four enter the house. "After what happened today, I really think we will."


A/n: Aww! Will they meet together again? And what did Sora mean by the private school being closed down? Find out in the next chapter on My Neighbor Roxas!

Next chapter : Welcome to Destiny High

Roxas: Man! There's cake all over my room!
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Namine and Kairi: (Glares at Roxas and Sora)
Roxas: Uh-oh...
Sora: AHHH! Help me!

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