Like most of my stories I've been going back and fixing them, and adding some deleted scenes to get a better look at the story.

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Ulrich was laying in bed, looking up at his ceiling. School was going to start soon and he was trying to get some last minute relaxation before it did. Suddenly he saw something slide under his door. Standing up he walked across the room and opened his door.

" Hello?" He asked, seeing no one. Looking around the saw nothing so picked up the item that was slid under the door. Opening the envelope he pulled out a letter and read it too himself.

" Who the hell?" Ulrich asked, noticing the handwriting wasn't Yumi's. After thinking of who would steep so low to try to trick him, one name popped in his mind. ' Sissi.'

Folding the note and placing it into his pocket he made for the vending machines where everyone was waiting for him. Yumi was there, no looking any bit nervous or like she had recently done something. Walking past everyone he got his coffee and leaned against the machine as the four began to talk with each other. Jeremie talking about him materializing Aelita the entire time. The bell rang as everyone began to leave.

" Yumi," Ulrich said to her, making her stop and look back.

" Yeah," she asked him.

" Come here," he said walking toward the inclosed space that protected the vending machines from the elements. " Check this out." He handed her the note that was slipped under his door. Yumi opened the note, read it twice then looked at him.

" Ulrich, I didn't write this," She said as if she thought he thought she had.

" I know you didn't. Your penmanship is better," Ulrich said, clearing up the fact he knew it wasn't her. Yumi let out a sigh of relief. One less awkward moment to deal with.

" Wait, so who did?" Yumi asked, wanting to know the perpetrator.

" Yumi, who else do we know who is bored enough, asinine enough, and not to mention stupid enough to think I'd fall for this. Thinking I'd go rushing to you and spill my heart, publically humiliating myself and you in the process?"

" Sounds like Sissi's handy work."

" My thoughts exactly."

" So what do we do, tell her to stop bsing us?" Yumi asked him. Ulrich leaned against the machine and thought.

" I have a better idea. We'll play along."

" What do you mean." Ulrich stepped next to her and whispered what he meant in her ear. " I'm game."

" This is going to fun," Ulrich said with a smile, " I'm going to like today."

Spoken a bit too soon, Ulrich was running away from a swarm of possessed bees an hour later. Running, through the courtyard, desperately seeking shelter he was about to get hit before someone tackled him to the side. They're bodies flung in the building, his savior kicking the door the shut to prevent the bees entrance. Looking up, he saw Yumi on top of him, breathing hard from what had just happened. Realizing how awkward the position was she decided it best to get up quick.

" Push off with the other leg, because your knee's on my crotch." Yumi smiled, then got off Ulrich without injuring his delicate parts. Helping him up they looked at the bees outside that swarmed away a second later.

" Thanks," Ulrich said simply.

" No problem. You'd do the same for me," Yumi said to him. Ulrich nodded knowing he would. " So what are we doing again, to recap our plan." Ulrich smiled then told her, her part in getting Sissi back. " This is going to fun."

" Oh yeah."

At the third fourth hour passing period Ulrich stepped out of science and saw Yumi walking toward him. Going over the plan in his mind he nodded to Yumi who nodded back. Sissi was in view, time to start the show.

They stopped in front of each other and Yumi said, " Hey Ulrich." Like she always did this passing hour.

" Yumi, I wanna say something, about that note you gave me." Sissi's ears perked up curiously. ' A note?' she asked her self. " I just wanna say, I feel the same way about you." Yumi put on her best acting like Ulrich was doing and smiled.

" Oh Ulrich, I was hoping you'd say yes," She said as she wrapped her arms around him. " I love you too." ' WHAT!?' Sissi screamed in her mind. Odd saw that and smiled.

" Yes," he said to himself. Sissi ran over and looked at Ulrich.

" What note?" She asked him. Ulrich and Yumi laughed and handed her the note.

" Nice try Sissi," Yumi said shaking her head.

" What do you mean nice try? I didn't write this," Sissi said giving it back. Ulrich and Yumi stopped laughing.

" What?" The both asked at the same time. Sissi rolled her eyes and walked away. Ulrich looked at the note then back at Yumi.

" You," Yumi said to Ulrich angry, before she slapped him.

" What?" Ulrich asked her.

" I know you like me, but this was childish. You wrote this," Yumi said taking the note. At this point thinking the only reason he'd tell her about the note was to steal a kiss.

" No I..." She crumpled it into a ball and threw it at his face.

" Don't even start Ulrich." She said before walking away.