Deleted scenes for the story Backfire. This story could have gone a lot of ways. Let's get started on things that differ from the original ideas. There was really no alternate ending, just alternate events from the original concepts.

Original Concept Changes...

1. The story was originally supposed to be a one shot. Sissi wrote the note and they played along, really pissing her off. Sissi's back fire was the original title.

2. After the idea was changed to story from one shot was changed the story idea didn't have a small Jeremie/Yumi romance.

3. The way Yumi knocked Ulrich into the void was different. She went into the scanner and confronted Ulrich were they physically fought as Ulrich was telling her he didn't write the note. During the fight Yumi sent him into the void.

4. In the original it was Tamiya who Ulrich exploded on, so the hole thing with Odd and Tamiya was switched to Milly.

5. In spirit of my love of the Odd/Aelita pairing, in the original after Odd taught her how to dance, Aelita's feelings shifted to Odd, and it ended that way. But I decided to let her feelings remain the same and end it with Aelita/Jeremie instead. A first.

6. No sequel planned.


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That's the deleted scenes of Backfire.