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A Cold Night


There are certain things that are bound to happen when a team consists of one female and three males.

The chance of such a situation increases when this dynamic is often split up into

two subgroups wherein one contains a guy and a girl.

Thus we have the following scenario:

one small room of a cabin, one futon, and two team mates of the opposite sex.


Normally this wouldn't be a problem, as neither one of these two are usually ones to be unprepared in such a situation.

Either Tenten or Neji would have brought an extra futon just in case.

Or, one would have slept in the corner while the other took the futon.

Unfortuately, the extra futon was lost in the battle that had taken place prior to this.

And it was a very cold night.


Their mission was to seek out a group of bandits, and find the location of their secret hideout.

Somehow though, their purpose was known by the bandits beforehand

and they had already prepared an ambush.

The battle was fierce as there were many bandits,

but neither he nor she would be what anybody could consider "weak" shinobi.

The only difficulty they had, and it was slight, was with the bandit leader.

He was taken out last, with some brilliant show of team work between the two.

Just before the bandit leader died however, he sent a kunai sailing unexpectedly at Tenten.

She managed to duck just enough so that it did not cut her,

but the strap attached to her back was cut clean through and as such

it fell off into the deep ravine behind her.


The location of the bandit hideout was a long way from Konoha. However,

they didn't expect it to take more than a day to reach the Hidden Village,

because both were usually able to maintain a decent speed while traveling.

Neither of them expected a freak storm that not even Neji's Byakugan could see coming.


On the way back, they spotted a small cabin

which would suffice to serve as a refuge from the storm that was fiercely picking up.

Both were soaked, sported cuts and bruises, and dead tired.

And oh yes, it was a very cold night.


They stared at the single futon in the middle of the room, both wondering what to do.


'Ai, ai, wait a minute. This is Hyuuga Neji here. It's cold, we're both tired, and slightly soaked.

Besides, it's not like he'll ever be interested in me in that manner. So why not?'


And thus it was Tenten who suggested that they shared the futon.

After applying a bit of light first aid here and there, taking off all garments that were too throughly soaked,

and some 'just in case' traps set courtesy of Tenten, they both settled down for the night.


It was only when Neji first felt his female team mate snuggle up against him unconsciously on that not-nearly-big-enough futon,

that he realized something he had not considered prior to agreeing to this.

He was male And on top of that he was a teenager.


Hyuuga Neji was one who prided himself on his own self-control, and calm facade in the face of all life had to throw at him.

He did not give in to any reaction he might have otherwise had

when he felt a hand casually brush against his bare back.

He also did not react when her face tilted downwards and the corner of her lips touched his right shoulder lightly.

His only reaction to the slow in-take and out-taking breaths he could feel up and down his spine

was the faint blush hidden by the darkness of the night,

and the slightly quicker pace at which his heart was beating.

But only he himself knew that.


Just because he doesn't react, doesn't mean he doesn't feel.

For one white-eyed prodigy,

it was a very, very long night.



Yeah...very short, but something that I could easily imagine happening. My first attempt at a TentenxNeji fic.