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Episode 23

"Would you look at these slashes across the chests. Remarkable! And those puncture wounds! Amazing! It looks like the killer must have used a sword to kill them. Wahaha, beautifully brutal, astonishingly archaic!" Kilcrazy laughs, examining the dead bodies.

"Uhh..." Jimmy worries at the pure passion in Kilcrazy's voice.

"Or perhaps not a sword. It could be claws. An animal would likely be more savage than your average human. What a fearsome beast! KILL!" Kilcrazy's excited grows and grows.

"Err..." Amy starts, slightly afraid to interrupt the Sergeant's investigation. Or his admiration. She wasn't entirely sure what he was doing. Kilcrazy turns his head to look at her.

"Am I still needed here?" she asks. Kilcrazy turns all the way around and points a finger at her.

"No! You get out! I don't need your clumsiness ruining the beauty of this murder scene! I don't want you destroying any of the art. Evidence! Kill! I mean evidence!" Kilcrazy cries out.

"Thank goodness," Amy breathes in relief, then retreats as fast as possible. As she leaves Nurse Jill pokes her head into the storage department.

"Hey there! Do you guys need a medic at all?" she asks.

"No, I don't think so," Jimmy answers. "Not unless you can revive the dead."

"No, I can't do that," Jill sighs regretfully.

"Then I think we're fine here. Thanks anyway."

"Darn... I'm just so bored!" Jill sulks and walks away with her shoulders slumped.

Captain Dirk kneels down next to one of the bodies, looking at the wounds. He then looks to Sergeant Kilcrazy. "So you think this was an animal attack?"

"Yes, but it doesn't make sense. There's no animals on board this ship," Kilcrazy says, scratching his head in confusion.

"Actually, there is one..." Jimmy mentions. Kilcrazy and Captain Dirk look at him.

"No, you can't mean... But that's Daniel's little pet!" Captain Dirk cries out.

"It's the only lead we have at this stage," Jimmy points out.

"But it can't be true! Meewai loves Daniel so much! Can't you see that," Captain Dirk pleads.

"Enough!" Kilcrazy shouts, "Soldier, you are right! That rodent is our best lead. We will hunt it down and, KILL, investigate if this creature was the KILLER! AHAHA! FEARSOME BEAST WE WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU!"

"Yes Jimmy, I have to admit you are right. I have to put my personal feelings aside. The least we can do is investigate," Captain Dirk concedes. "Speaking of Daniel, where is our bestest buddy anyway?"

"He's not my buddy, but..." Jimmy starts.

"I really don't think this is the time for jokes Jimmy," says Captain Dirk.

"...but, knowing him, he's probably off hunting for Meewai," finishes Jimmy.

"See, you can't fool me Jimmy. You know him so well. You are definitely buddies. I'm even a little jealous of how close the two of you are!" Jimmy sighs in response to Captain Dirk.

"Captain, if your soldier is looking for this creature he may be in danger. Glorious danger of getting killed!" Kilcrazy says.

"Right you are Sergeant. We have to find Daniel, in case he does need our help. Let's go find our buddy!"


The recreation lounge of the starship Admire is a busy place, always full of soldiers and pilots enjoying a bit of down time. It is a place of fun games, exercises and other recreational activities for the vessels extremely tired workers. It is a very happy place, where you can't help but be in good cheer. The higher ups deny the use of small quantities of happy gas in the room's ventilations system.

"I am very happy here," a pilot informs her co-pilot.

"I am as well," the co-pilot responds. As he walks in, the mood of the room infects Dr. Nario. Or perhaps it was just the joy of so many people to kill. Either way, a song grows inside Dr. Nario, and there's nothing he can do to hold back.

"It's a very ancient saying," he announces, speaking in a deep baritone, "but a true and honest thought!"

"What the...?" the pilot mutters, turning to face the door.

"That if you become a doctor," continues Dr. Nario, still speaking "Well, your patients will be distraught!" Dr. Nario takes a deep breath, before finally launching fully into the song.

"As a doctor, I've been learning – oh how I do love to boast," he sings deeply, pulling out his syringes, "And now I've become an expert, on the poison I like most!"

He grins wickedly, looks around the room and growls, "Getting to stab you!"

He slams a syringe into the closest soldier and sings, "Getting to stab you, getting to stab all over you!" He throws two more syringes, each one going through the neck of another soldier.

"Getting to kill you, loving I get to kill you!" he sings and skips around the room, pushing syringes into everyone he sees.

"Getting to stab you, putting it in deep, and tightly, and so precisely," Dr. Nario stabs another soldier, "I inject you!"

"Madman is stabbing!" the still living soldiers cry out together, yelling for help, "Madman is stabbing all of us! Madman is killing! Madman is killing us all!"

"Getting to stab you," Dr. Nario repeats as he drives a syringe the co-pilot, "putting it in deep, and tightly, and so precisely!"

"Oh, agony," she cries in time with the song before dying.

"Getting to stab you," Dr. Nario continues, "killing you is fun and games! When I'm not stabbing, my life is just dull and lame!"

"Haven't you noticed, suddenly you are all alone?" Dr. Nario sings as he grabs the pilot, spinning the terrified woman around in a dance, "Because of all the stabbing I did, all of your friends have died. One. By. One."

"You are a madman! You are a total madman!" the pilot cries out, "Someone will catch you, you can't get away with this!"

"Haven't you noticed, how much I do not care?" Dr. Nario laughs as he sings, pushing the pilot away as he pulls out a scalpel. He then slowly advances toward her. "I am going to cut you up now, and I'll learn all about you, bit... by... bit..."


Journal of ?


After much observation, and disappointingly little button pressing, I think I've determined the identity of the commanders of this strange species. As I write this I'm standing just outside the door to their command room. And even better news! The door has a button I can press to open it. Glee!

"My, this is a fine tea you've brewed Admiral Johnson, my good man," Admiral Duran von Leigelweiner compliments.

"Thank you Admiral. It's my own special blend," says Admiral Johnson.

"You must tell me what you use. I simply must know!"

"Oh you're embarrassing me sir! It's not that good a tea," Admiral Johnson blushes bright red.

"Rubbish! This tea is wonderful!" claims von Leigelweiner. He frowns slightly as the red blush of embarrassment on Johnson's face becomes a dark, red glow of anger.

"Here we go..." Admiral Stephanie rolls her eyes, also noticing the change of expression on Johnson's face.

"Why do you mock me!" Johnson exclaims angrily. "You say my tea is great in one breath, then call it rubbish and awful in the next! What nerve!"

"Can we focus please," Grievousbodilyharm clears his throat to catch the other admiral's attention, stopping the situation before it escalates. "We have something we need to discuss."

"Oh? What?" asks the Grand Admiral.

"Admiral Lucy. We really do need someone to fill the role. There's already been reports of medics wondering around aimlessly, trying to heal inanimate objects, or thinking they can use their skills to repair some of our vehicles," says Admiral Grievousbodilyharm.

"That would explain the dropship in my hangar with the giant bandaid on it," Admiral Stephanie says, nodding her head.

"They'd better stay away from my tanks! Gung ho..." mutters Admiral G.

"As you can see," continues Grievousbodilyharm, "The medics do need guidance. We don't need to raise a new Admiral though, if you ask me. I think one of us could take the extra responsibility."

"How about the Grand Admiral? He doesn't have much to do," suggests Stephanie.

"What?" stutters von Leigelweiner, spraying his tea.

"What does he do anyway?" asks Admiral Johnson.

"You dare!" cries out the Grand Admiral.

"I think his role is to manage us," Admiral G adds, "though he doesn't do it very gung ho."

"188 DAYS!" shrieks Duran von Leigelweiner.

"Exactly," says Admiral G, "We functioned just fine without him for 188 days. Let's give him some more responsibility."

"You can't do this! Mutiny! 188 DAYS!"

"And another thing, enough with the 188 days!" adds Stephanie, "It's been a week already since you got out. We're sorry! Get over it!"


"No. It's over. You've overdone it. Overkill. Now, instead of complaining about such a trivial matter..."

"TRIVIAL!?" shrieks the Admiral.

"...You can help by managing the medics instead," finishes Admiral Stephanie.

"Insubordination! I'll have you all flogged! Out the airlock! Put on trial! Abandoned on the next planet!" mid rant, the door to the Admiral's quarters slides open. Duran von Leigelweiner, along with the other Admirals, turn to the door.

Standing there is an alien creature with lightly coloured purple skin. The alien is humanoid in appearance, with glowing blue eyes and no visible mouth.

"What the heck is that?" demands von Leigelweiner, pointing at the newcomer.

"I doubt it," says Johnson, "It's the strangest cat I've ever seen if it is."

"Grand Admiral!" Admiral G bellows, "It's one of those creatures from the poster they brought back form the planet! It's a Protoss!"

-Yes indeed, I am of the Protoss. I am glad you have seen our poster already. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Zanzibar, High Templar of the Protoss Empire. And may I go so far as to compliment you on the button you use to open the door. It's quite well done,- the alien communicates telepathically to the Admirals.

"ARGH! Voices in my head!" shrieks Johnson, clutching at his head, "get out, get out, get out!"

"It can only be here for one reason," says Grievousbodilyharm. His hand slides toward his gun.

-Yes. I am glad we understand each other. First contact, we find, can often be an awkward experience,- sends Zanzibar.

"You're right. They're attacking! Those dead bodies we found. This has to be the murderer," says Admiral Stephanie, also reaching for her weapon.

-But, together, we'll be able to work together for a brighter future.-

"How dare you! Invade my ship! Murder my soldiers! And now you're here to get us, aren't you? Well, it's not happening! We won't be conquered by your empire! Admirals, destroy this Protoss creature," commands the Grand Admiral.

-Yes, I see a grand future ahead between our empire and... wait, what?-

"GUNG HO!" cries Admiral G.

Journal of Daniel K. Jones


I'm giving up on the cargo bay. I seriously can't find it! Does this ship even have one? Forget what I said before about the cargo bay being an awesome hiding place. The whole section of the ship that the cargo bay is in would be great. Jimmy would never find me!

I really hope I get to see him soon. I'm sure he'll want to play this time. It feels like it's been years since I was last with him. Silly me though, it's only been a day! Otherwise the journal date would be a years ahead!

I'm going to find the recreation lounge. Maybe someone there has seen Meewai. Wish me luck journal!

Sometimes I wish you could speak...