June twenty-first was a day that, like December seventh and September eleventh, would live forever in infamy.

The use of FAE weaponry on Hogwarts was only the first attack of the day. Reports from all over the wizarding world of various attacks attributed to muggles as well as retribution brought by various wizard groups, Bejing was set ablaze and the entire Chinese government was killed by use of unforgivable curses. Durmstrang school of magic ceased to exist when a group of vengeful wizards accidentally set off a stockpile of Russian nukes.

It was referred to by both the muggle and magical people as a day of destruction, where the flames of judgement struck without mercy for anyone.

Draco smiled as he changed the channel on the TV. His troops had pulled off his plan easily with the aid of a handfull of wizards he had subverted to his cause as well as malcontent muggles that came from terrorist groups he'd taken over.

It had been suprisingly easy, his anger and rage at his "master" and the wizards who hated what he desired was his driving force at his own goals for world domination.

He twirled the data disk he'd slipped from Tyrans vault on Azkaban and smiled as he glanced over at the army being constructed by his minions.

The Sith War Droids were remarkably simple and yet effective if used correctly.

The ominous robots stayed motionless, their glistening, blood red eyes illuminated the room in an eerie crimson glow. The pitch black armor plating and grey coatings worked well and their blasters were works of art and had come from stormtroopers his men had killed.

It had been especially odd to find that all of the beings under the mask were identical...

Jason smiled slightly as he relaxed.

It had taken some effort to get him press credentials from his mothers contacts. A brief moment of thought reminded him of how his Uncle Harry had described his situation, "A spy for a father and a reporter for a mother, kid, you'll be a problem for anyone wanting to keep secrets."

He'd shrunk the blaster and hidden it in a pocket while a pistol rested against his ancle opposite a knife.

His father had often told him to never go anywhere unarmed. Paranoia had been drilled into him by most of his family. Uncle Moody had been especially insistant that he learn that one.

This situation was something he felt required his own personal talents.

Captain Nathaniel Black frowned as he glanced at the wizards he'd been working with for years.

He was just barely twenty-five and had been in the US Marines since he was seventeen, his father was a squib off the Black family in England which had led to his post as miliatary liason with the United Stated Department of Magic.

Things were going downhill fast as reports came in from all over the world of crazy attacks on the magical government of the world. The US had broken most of its ties with the rest of the Magical World shortly before World War 2 when they had been part of the allied forces while the natives refused to intervene other than the German and Italian Ministries.

"How did we get blamed for this?" Luke Cloud whispered to himself as he stared at the map before them.

The young law student and wizard had been placed incharge of the Department by the President against the advice of a particularly vocal member of congress named Kinsey.

"Secrecy," Black responded as he sat down after discarding a foam cup that had held coffee, "Their damn attitude on secrecy brought this entire FUBAR into reality, and someone is capitalizing on it."


"If I didn't know better, I'd think that bastard the Brits have been trying to kill is behind it," the dark haired man said somberly, "Vold...well something, can't remember the assholes name, just that the idiots in England fear the guys name."

"What happens next?"

"We plan for the worst, I'll get the word to some of my friends that we may need to retreat farther than this planet will let us, especially with the UK under magical rule."

Both paused as the memory of the surrender of Englands Prime Minister only a few hours earlier.

Nathaniel blinked for a moment as he thought of his cousins backup plans and made a mental note to check the safehouse when he had time to head south.

Voldemort smiled at the forces he'd managed to assemble. His few remaining allies had sent a few and he'd managed to hire several mercenaries to aid in this fight as well.

He would leave Lord Tyran ruling only ruins.

If Lord Slytherin couldn't rule, neither could the Lord of Azkaban

Harry Potter smiled at the displays before him as techs milled about. The Vengance was only a week from launch and he almost felt like celebrating about it.

The force and his own link with Voldemort had given him the mans plans for a comming strike against the remaining government, and his spies among Draco's men as well as the modified data disk containing sensors as well as some cheap designs that could be bypasses. It would be the perfect time for some of his remaining plans to be put in place.

The doors opened behind his throne aboard the craft and he spun to see Lady Tann and a squad of his new Dark Troopers drag in a struggling man who was bound and gagged. They tossed him to the floor and his eyes flashed for an instance.

A dark smile crossed Tyrans lips as he gestured for his sorldiers to remove the gag.

"Ah Seth," he said with a dark chuckle as the gag was removed from the prisoner, "The US military thinks you're dead, and I believe you can be...beneficial...to my plans."

The old presence paused for a moment as a mind seemed capable and began to plan some more.

AN: This chapter starts introducing Stargate elements into this world. I've made three distinct references to Stargate for people to look for. The first of which concerns Jason.

Seth survived the SG-1 episode because he wasn't in the host that was killed by Carter, he hopped a few hosts on his way out. Sev'rance Tann caught up with him and brought him to Tyran. Harry has some information from the SGC or NID, not quite sure where he got it or how much he got yet.

The entity introduced in Imperium Rising shows up again for a mention.

This universe is getting darker as it goes, so enjoy.

Turnlach: I fixed the mistake with spelling. The characters name was unintentional, when I wrote the Epilogue of Imperium Rising, a friend was talking about the Bourne movies and novels and I had been trying to work on my rewright of Xanders Final Fantasy. The name just stuck for it and I wanted to make the character be someone who actually shows up rather than a throwaway name.

Dracowar: It's going to get worse, I didn't name everything, but Draco has been a busy little devil in causing havoc.

Evergreen Sceptre: Draco is planning on killing Tyran which Tyran plans to use to trap Draco. Harry still uses magic, he just doesn't use as much of the flashy magic as the more intimidating force abilities. I mean the Cruciatus isn't as frightening as the force choke.

Daft Strangus: they will, but it'll be a while, they have several roles to play in this before its over.

covered in blood'n gore: I may consider a few others to be involved in this, I am starting to work Stargate into this a bit more. Harry has some of the Top Secret information, not all of it, or even most. He isn't really going about this as a straight conquest, his plans are to make his actions seem completely justified to the people until he can cement his power. He is being a sneaky bastard in how he's operating by manipulating everything in a way that would make Dumbledore proud.