---Inevitable Love---

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This will be a short, multi-chaptered story, so don't expect it to range around 20 chapters. (Sadly) The pairing is Neji/Kagome, of which I have never seen on so far.

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Neji's team is 19, and the 'rookies' are 18 years old.

Chapter 1: The Meeting

He knows the crimson of rage, and the azure of despair…but his eyes will never change; the purity of white.

Neji, Tenten, Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke had no idea what compelled them to wait at the gates of Konoha with Lee.

"Who are you waiting for again?" Sakura yawned. It was 7am in the morning after all.

"My cousin!" Lee exclaimed excitedly, nearly bouncing off the walls.

"From the Wind Country or maybe the Earth Country?" Tenten questioned.

"Not at all! She's from a non-ninja village!"


"Oh! OH! A non-ninja village? What do they do there? Why is she coming here? Does she look like you? Is she a ninja?" Naruto piped up, suddenly bouncing around just like Lee, "Tell me, thick-brows!"

Neji thought for a while, frowning slightly, finally speaking up, "Why would she be a ninja if she came from a non-ninja village?"

Naruto went silent.

Sasuke snorted, "Loser"


"So…" Tenten began again, "How long is she staying?"

Lee grinned, "She's staying her forever. Aunty thought it would be best. I don't know why though"

"Maybe it's the area?" The weapons user suggested, thinking about the reasons why she loved Konoha. The trees, forests…but of course, she didn't know what type of atmosphere his cousin came from, so Tenten couldn't compare.

Then, something dawned on Sakura, "Hey, if this girl is related to Lee, wouldn't she look the same? Pretty much, maybe?"

The rest of the group stared at Sakura, bug-eyed, but in realization. The air around them lit up with an icy chill and had an aura of horror surrounding them.

"Anyways…?" Sasuke blinked twice, and then regained his composure.

"I suppose that she's coming here very early" Neji commented bluntly, crossing his arms and restraining a bored yawn.

"Yeah" Lee agreed, "That just shows how youthful she is to wake up so early!" Lee cried out in glee, while everybody else gave him peculiar looks.

"I…guess soo…?" Tenten and Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"Alright!" Naruto grinned, "I hope she's really nice and will buy me ramen"

"Maybe the first time, but never after that" Sakura rolled her eyes, "Not after she finds out how disgusting, fast, and how much you eat!"

"Hey!" The Kyuubi whined.

"She's very nice" Lee reassured them; "I hope you'll be nice to her" His other friends were not used to Lee being so serious, trying to ignore the fact this morning.

"Yeah, over there. How troublesome…" Shikamaru muttered, stuffing his hands into his pockets and walking away to his favourite spot.

"Thanks!" A girl called back, happily smiling and carrying a large suitcase that seemed too big for her to be capable to carry.

"Who's that? I've never seen her around in the village before…" Tenten muttered.

"She's so pretty!" Sakura squealed and once snapping back to reality, hit Naruto upside the head, trying to avoid the pools of drool coming from him.

But there was one thing that shocked them the most.

"Kagome!" Lee lit up with joy, "Kagome! You're here!"

That was Lee's cousin?

Nothing special of course, except for that odd red and white outfit, coming along with a sword strapped to her waist, a bow slung over her shoulder, and a quiver of arrows resting on her back.

"…I thought you said a non-ninja village?" Tenten eyed the sword, bow and arrows excitedly. They looked deathly antique, but still in perfect conditions with scratches and dents only from weathered use. You could hardly find those around anymore! 'As soon as I can, she's got to let me see them!'

"Yeah!" Lee boasted, "But she's special!"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Yeah Lee, I'm here, get an eyebrow waxing, will ya?"

Everybody else silently agreed.

The boy didn't seem to hear what she just said and excitedly passed on to a load of questions, "How was the non-ninja village? How was your trip? How did you get here? How is everybody else? Are you okay? Are you tired? Why did you want to come so early? Is it because you're still so youthful? What about--"

Neji noticed her apprehension to all the overwhelming questions and laid a hand on Lee's shoulder, "Lee, I think she can only answer one question at a time" He has never been this patient before, but decided to give his teammate some leeway since he was seeing his cousin again.

He gave Neji a blank look, "Oh…yeah"

Kagome smiled, "That's alright…It was okay, my trip was fine, I'm not that tired – it's still early morning, I wanted to come early…I don't actually know… I guess I'm youthful…well, I sure hope I am!" She slowly answered each question, thinking over what he had asked first to make sure she hadn't missed one.

Naruto snapped out of his shock and grinned, stepping up to Kagome, "Hi! I'm Naruto!"

"Hey Naruto! My name's Kagome!" Kagome laughed, shaking his hand, "I can assume that you're all Lee's friends, right?"

Lee bounced around in happiness, "That's Tenten, Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, and –oh! That's Neji! The others didn't want to wake up so early"

"I can't blame them for wanting to sleep in. Nice to meet you all" Kagome bowed and sighed, "Well, Lee! You said you had a place for me to stay?"

"Yeah! You can stay at my place!"

The others cringed, 'you can't be serious…please tell me you're not serious…'

Kagome, sensing everybody's discomfort, (Apart from Lee) raised an eyebrow and stared at her cousin.

"I thought you were living with Gai-sensei?" Tenten countered, in an effort to save her new friend from a heap load of embarrassing things.

"Gai-sensei? Is that your teacher?" Kagome lightened up, "I'd like to meet him one time… -"

'No, you wouldn't' Sakura idly thought, 'You'd die because he'd be too…unique…'

"-And supposedly, I'll just rent an apartment" Kagome offered a weak smile to Lee, "Thank you for the offer though. I wouldn't want to cram your place, and besides – I need my own place to stay now that I'm going to be living here for probably…the rest of my life…"

Sasuke and Neji inwardly nodded in approval at her independence, 'So, she's not one of those sick-minded girls around here'

They thought back to those horrid, rabid fan girls who would do anything for the two prodigies to just look at them.

"Erm…do need help with that…?" Neji stared at the girl and the suitcase she was, "Are you having any trouble?"

"Nah, I'm fine" Kagome grinned once again, "Lee, you can just go on where you need to go, I'll look for an apartment and meet up with you later"

"Awesome!" He smiled enthusiastically, jumping off again after he flashed his cousin a smile.

After making sure he was out of hearing distance, Kagome turned back to his friends and responded, "I think my cousin's been fed too much sugar…I'll need to make him cut down on it a bit so he's not this…out there"

Tenten cocked her head; "Now that you mention it…Gai-sensei has been taking him out to the local dango store various times and has been feeding him chocolate often…"

"Ah…that would explain why"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "He's been like this because of sugar?"

"Yeah, supposedly"


"He used to have sugar when he was little until his aunt, my mom, just couldn't handle any more china plates, glass, and sofa springs being broken" Kagome explained, "If she had stopped any later, we would've gone broke trying to replace everything"

Neji snorted.

It was silent for a moment before Sakura realized something, "I promised Tsunade I'd help her with something today!"

"I'm so sorry guys!" Sakura waved her arms around, apologizing until she disappeared into the air again.

Sasuke looked up at the sky, watching the sun, "I'm going home" His words were barely cut off before he 'teleported' out too.

"What are you looking for, Naruto?" Tenten asked, trying to peer down the same street that the kitsune was.

"YES!" Naruto suddenly cried out, startling the majority of the people here, "THE RAMEN SHOP IS OPEN NOW! WHERE'S IRUKA?"

The remainder of the group only had time to blink the dust out of their eyes as a flash of orange bolted down the street.

"Well" Tenten sighed, "It's getting late now, I'm going to start training, do you want to come, Neji, Kagome?"

Kagome shook her head, "Thanks, but I've got to find an apartment to rent"

Tenten frowned, "Will you need any help with that?"

"I…I don't know, actually…I don't know my way around here"

Grinning, Tenten stared at Neji, "Neji can help you, I'll be off now" She gently pushed the Hyuuga forward, running off before they could stop her from reaching the training grounds.

And Neji would have followed after, but… well; he couldn't just leave the poor girl hanging.

He sighed, turning back to Lee's cousin, Kagome.

"Ah…" Kagome rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, dropping her suitcase and sitting on it with a thump, "So…"

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