Here's my take on why Haren is so difficult to talk to during the Camp Mode of the game play, and why he appears to hate Chris so much. fufufufu

By the Bonfire

"I'm on to you, you know."

At those words Haren felt like smashing something but it wouldn't be the first time. He let a low growl rumble in his throat to show his displeasure but Chris only blinked at him and smiled. Calintz had taken Azel and Eonis with him on his survey of the area and Maya was sleeping. They were basically alone at the campsite.

"The captain's never going to say it out loud or admit it to anyone, but a genius like me can tell that even he's bothered by the front you put up. Seems like it's impossible to get through to you. Most of us are right-minded enough to give up."

Haren bolted to his feet, questing around for something of little value that he could toss at Chris' head. The damned archer only laughed, watching him with that smile still in place. He barely flinched at any of Haren's quick, irritated gestures.

"I don't think anyone but me has noticed how you only get rough when the captain's in the picture, or when he's the one speaking to you. Afraid he's going to find out the way I did? Don't worry about that. Calintz is a sharp one on the battlefield, but he's always falls a little bit short in the ways of the heart. He won't notice you. He'll just go on thinking you're a real sour puss with a nasty temper that is still hung up on his dead girlfriend. I guarantee you that."

"Shut the fuck up!"

"Oh? So you want him to notice you?"

Haren stormed off to the sound of Chris' hearty laughter. The next morning he proved to be nastier than ever and Calintz still hadn't a clue as to why.