Title: His Thoughts

Author: MmeGiry

Character: Hera (Hera/Zeus)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 241

Warnings: Sexual references, and most probably incest (me shudder) but nothing graphic.

Summary: He thinks I love him.

He thinks I love him. He thinks the nights that I spend in a cold, empty bed, crying cold, empty tears, are nights I spend pining for him, dreaming of his divine touch. He thinks the cries he heard when he first took me all those years ago were cries of joy, screams of the utmost pleasure. He thinks I am content as I am; his royal consort, his favoured sister; his play-thing. He thinks I could learn to adore my step-children, and indeed my own blood children. He thinks I could one day wake up to discover I love them. He thinks I will learn to tolerate his mistresses.

I spend my nights in a cold and empty bed, crying cold and empty tears. I cry because I know this will be my life always; cold and empty – devoid of any feeling. I loathe his touch. I flinch when he caresses my cheek, I cringe when he presses his flesh against mine. The cries he hears are those of pain; terror; distress. Disgust. I am not content, and I will never learn to love his little brats. As much as I desperately want to, I will never love my children; born out of an unholy, incestuous union between their Mother and Father; Aunt and Uncle. And I will never tolerate his mistresses. I pity each and every single one of them.

He thinks I love him.

He thinks too much.