random idea... makes no sense...moving on...

Horatio sat in his Hummer, feeling quite smug.

"The team are going to love this!" he thought. "This Hummer looks amazing!"

He looked over the newly painted bonnet as he drove.

He arrived at the crime scene, parked the car, and went to talk to Speed.

"Dude, what did you do to your car?" asked Speed, shielding his eyes from the bright glare of the Hummer's new paint job.

"Do you like it?"

"Horatio, its YELLOW!"

"You don't like it?" Horatio's bottom lip started to quiver.

"No. Not really. If I look at it for too long, I think I'll go blind and it clashes with your hair."

Horatio dissolved into full tears, like a child who's dropped their ice cream.

Yelina came over and put her arm around Horatio.

"Calm down Horatio. What happened?"

"Speed…sob…said horrible things…sob…about…sob…my Hummer!"

Yelina looked behind her at the Hummer, nodded to Speed in agreement and went back to comforting Horatio.

"Horatio, he didn't mean those things he said!"

"I did," muttered Speed, earning himself another glare from Yelina.

"It's lovely!" continued Yelina.

"You…sob…really think so?"

While Yelina was comforting Horatio, neither of them noticed Eric and Calleigh sneaking up behind them…

Calleigh suddenly thumped Eric hard on the shoulder.

"Yellow car, no returns."

"Calleigh! What was that for?"

"I saw a yellow car, so I get to hit you."

"Yeah, but that hurt." Eric pouted and rubbed his shoulder where a bruise was undoubtedly forming.

"Hey, look!" exclaimed Eric, a second later. "Another yellow car! Does that mean I get to hit you?"

"No. You shouldn't hit girls."

"I guess not. But that's a Hummer. A yellow Hummer. Surely I get to bend the rules, just a little because-"

"A yellow Hummer, you say?"

"Yeah. Hummer, like what Horatio drives."

Calleigh straightened up.

"Like what Horatio drives?"

She watched Horatio get out of the yellow Hummer.

"Oh my god!"


Eric stood up, right beside her.

"Oh my god!"

"We have to go and "yellow car" Horatio," said Eric.

"We do," agreed Calleigh.

Eric looked at her, his eyebrows raised.

"Let's go," she said.

As the approached, they heard someone crying. They came a little closer and saw Horatio bawling like a baby in Yelina's arms.

"What the..?"

Speed saw Eric and Calleigh headed towards Horatio.

"What happened?" Calleigh whispered.

"I insulted the Hummer," Speed mouthed back.

Eric tried hard to hide a snigger and Calleigh barely managed to contain her giggles.

They crept closer, hoping to surprise Horatio.

When they were either side of him, Eric counted down on his fingers.


"Yellow car! No returns!" they both shouted, before they ran back to whatever they were doing beforehand.

Speed doubled over in laughter and so, to her own surprise as much as Horatio's, did Yelina.

"Why do you all…sob…hate the…sob…Hummer?" Horatio shouted. "What did it…sob…ever do to…sob…you?"