I got a little tired of writing horror lately, so I thought I'd start another comedy for all of my loyal fans and others to enjoy! Yay for Nevermore the Raven, Gladdcease, RavenFliesWithMe, TGD3RD, and all the others that are always there for me. Okay! Its time to get started! Are there any Naruto fans out there? THIS IS NOT A CROSSOVER! But, you know that cool thing that some of the ninjas have, the "Sharingan Eye?" Well, I thought for awhile about how cool it would be to have that… but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I would use it more for pranks than fighting! Then I thought… what if Beast Boy had it? Tee hee! So here we go! I don't own Teen Titans!

Sadly, there must be a tragedy before any jokes can be made, so bear with me on this first part, and be sure to review! Please enjoy my latest and greatest creation:

Beast Boy of the Sharringan Eye

BY: WilltheTitan

Part 1 – Reflection

"Beast Boy! Look out!" Robin cried as the rubble practically flew through the air at the two of them. Plasmus was attacking the city park, near the children's playground!

Turning into a green bunny rabbit the green teen dodged easily, rolled, and became a ram. Running headlong into Plasmus… his horns sank in with half of his head. Plasmus took notice and sucked him right in. Raven gasped and summoned her magic. Several park benches were wreathed in black and hurled straight into the monster's globular eyes. The slimy thing screeched and staggered blindly as Cyborg blasted at it with his arm cannon.

Beast Boy writhed within the confines of the gooey monster, and became a whale! This blasted the monster apart, and it reformed into five separate pieces as the green teen turned human again. "Dude! Eeew!" he declared, wringing his hands. "Slimed!"

"It's not over yet!" Robin jumped and battered one of the Plasmus pieces with freezer disks, and it froze on the spot. Starfire twirled with alien grace as she pinwheeled starbolts in just the right places. Herding the other four pieces in the right direction, it was Raven that picked up an industrial-sized dumpster and smashed them all!

"The dude must be in the last piece…" Cyborg said, checking his arm for read outs. The piece of Plasmus frozen in the ice shrank into goo, and the vague outline of a young man could be seen. "Yup. We should take him back to containment before he–" The metal man spotted Beast Boy tapping on the ice, as though to be sure how solid it was. "Wait!" he rushed forward, but it was too late.

The young man inside opened his eyes, and Plasmus was reborn!


A long battle, as well as many showers later…

"How stupid do you have to be to do something so obviously… stupid?" Raven was scolding Beast Boy in her neutral voice, though the salt and pepper shakers on the table were quivering at her powers. Beast Boy was getting a verbal beat down from everybody. They all sat around the kitchen table, yelling and swearing and telling him how dumb he'd been.

"We could've prevented a lot of property damage from happening, but you woke him back up!" Robin shouted, pounding the table. "What's wrong with you?"

"I am also quite disappointed with your actions, Beast Boy!" Starfire shook her finger at him.

"Even the T-car got slimed, man! How could you?" Cyborg wanted to know.

Beast Boy couldn't even look them in the eyes. He'd woken Plasmus back up, and the battle had been four times longer than it was supposed to be at first. He kept flinching now and then at their insults and shouting. "I'm sorry okay!" he suddenly shouted, rising so quickly from his chair that it toppled over. He ran quickly from the common room before he burst into to tears. A guy could only take so much hate all at the same time. He could've withstood all of them being mad separately, but the whole team all at once… it was crushing!

Beast Boy ran quickly down the hall and into the waiting elevator. Stepping in he leaned face first into the wall, pounding it with a fist. "Why… why am I so stupid…?" he whispered, his voice cracking. "I knew he'd wake back up, but nooo… I had to tap on the ice anyway." He pounded the wall one more time, and the doors opened for his floor. Stepping out and trying to force back the hot tears that threatened to fall, he walked quickly down to the hall.

Raven rose out of a portal on the floor to confront him. "That wasn't very mature, Beast Boy." She said, leaning against the wall.

"Just leave me alone!" The green teen ran full throttle for his room and slammed the door shut. He couldn't keep the tears back any longer.

Raven, thinking that he would stop and have a shouting match with her, was slightly taken aback. She decided to go apologize. Unlike her, yes, but he'd taken enough of a verbal beating downstairs. She shouldn't have followed him. "Beast Boy…?" she knocked lightly on his door. No response. She could phase through the wall, sure, but it was his room, not hers. "I'm… sorry. You got scolded enough downstairs…" she gently pressed her ear to the door, but heard nothing. No stomping around or crying or anything at all. Frowning, she undid the lock with her powers and peered inside. The room was the usual pig sty, but there was no green teen in sight. And, to top it all off, the window was open. "Great…" Raven sighed, watching the curtains flutter lightly.

The moon peered at her through the window, not quite full, and accompanied by whatever stars could pierce the city lights. Stepping into the room, carefully walking over the empty pizza boxes and other junk, she leaned out the window. She saw no birds in the air or dolphins in the water… nothing. The green teen had effectively snuck away at a moment's notice. Raven sighed aloud, but chose not to follow. It had been a hard day for Beast Boy, so he just needed some time alone to sort things out. He'd be back to his old self by tomorrow. Nodding silently, Raven left the room and carefully closed the door behind her. She hadn't seen him go, she decided. So, the others didn't need to know either.


Beast Boy landed hard in the forest, near a lake. He was a falcon, but falcons couldn't see very well in the dark so he crashed headlong into the mud. "One more screw-up…" he said bitterly after he'd turned human again. He was covered in mud as the falcon had been, and he staggered almost blindly to the water's edge to get some of it off. "I wish…" he whispered. "I wish that I could do something about my own stupidity." He mumbled, looking at his mud-covered face in the water. "I'm always slowing the Titans down… always in last place… can't fly as fast… worst fighter… weirdest powers…" he didn't seem to need anyone to tell him he sucked at the moment. He was doing a good enough job of that all by himself. Burying his face in his hands he fell to his knees. It hadn't just been today, it was a million other days. His clumsiness could cost him… or the others… dearly one day. What was he supposed to do? No one he'd ever heard of could un-clumsy or un-stupid themselves… he was stuck the way he was.

"Look at me…" he mumbled, looking into his own tear-streaked face. "I will never pass for a perfect guy, or a perfect hero…" he whispered in a tune that was from another song, though he added in his own words to fit himself. "Can it be… that I was never meant to be myself… or I would break the Titans' hearts…" Disney movie, but who the hell was around to care? He looked up at the moon, almost howling at it as his voice rang high and strong. "Who is that boy I see? Staring straight…. back at me…" he looked down at his reflection in the rippling water again. "When will my reflection show… who I am…" he wiped the mud off of half of his face, giving him a solemn yin-yang look. "Inside……?" He looked hard at himself, trying to see the hero he was supposed to be. "When will my reflection show… who I am… in… side…?" he finished his short ballad, leaning back against a boulder near the lake's edge. Looking up at the moon, he saw a shooting star go by. "Dude… I wish I was a better hero." He whispered softly, his eyes growing heavy. "The kind of hero I should be. A great hero that can do anything." He began to fall limp with fatigue, and was soon asleep. The entire hard day had taken its toll on him, and he knew no more. The star that had just gone across the sky twinkled.


Beast Boy awoke with the sun bathing his green skin. Covered with dried mud, he moaned when he came to, popping his back as he sat up. He was still out in the woods! "Dude…" he groaned, holding his head for a moment. "I must've fallen asleep." he stood and stretched, beating the crusted dirt off of himself as best he could. Popping his neck one way and then the other, he turned into a bird and flew to the city limits. Walking along the sidewalk, he was soon a part of the morning rush. Bike messengers went by faster than should've been allowed, constant hustle and bustle, this way and that. The green teen grew confused quickly and stopped to get his bearings. Someone was about to run into him from two o'clock. Without thinking he sidestepped and wasn't jabbed in the side by a man carrying a large trombone case. The green teen's brow furrowed. How had he known to move? Woman's shoes, nine o'clock. Quickly noting where his feet were, he took a small step back. A woman walked quickly past in high heels, running into separate people as she went without stopping. Quite rude, actually, for she almost knocked over several people. One of her high heels hit the place where his foot had been only moments ago. Beast Boy's looked wide-eyed, then walked slowly along. No one in the crowd touched him. How weird was it, to always know when to move and not run into someone in this compact crowd going down the sidewalk?

Beast Boy stopped at a crosswalk, waiting patiently for the light to turn so he could go on. Several people stopped beside him, including a man reading a newspaper and not really paying attention. A truck was moving amongst the traffic rather quickly, very oddly. The green teen locked eyes with the man behind the wheel and cried out! He knew what was about to happen! "Get back!" he shouted, spreading his arms and roughly ushering everyone back.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!" The man with the newspaper shouted. It was then that the truck veered onto the sidewalk where they just were and into a nearby streetlight! The truck spilled glass and the engine started smoking badly. The man behind the wheel was unconscious, but okay. What the heck was his problem? "Oh…" the man apologized to Beast Boy, thanking him for shoving him out of the way… before something bad had occurred. Not during, but before.

"N… no problem, dude. Call an ambulance, would ya?" Beast Boy started walking forward when the light blessedly changed, waving a few other thank you's off from the other people he'd ushered out of the way. "What was that…?" he stopped in front of a TV store, holding his chin for a moment. "As soon as I looked into his eyes, I knew what was going to happen…" he thought back as detailed as he could. He'd almost… felt what the man felt. Like he was behind the wheel, instead of the driver. He'd felt that the truck was out of control… the… the gas pedal was sticking. But, how could he know that a few seconds before the crash…? How had that happened? He looked at his reflection in the store window, and thought her saw something odd with his eyes. "Huh…?" they were emerald green again. "Huh. Weird…" he shrugged. "Maybe I just got a good night's sleep or something. I should head back." He turned into a hawk in an alleyway and took to the skies.

Arriving back at the tower he flew back into his own window. No one knew he'd left, so no one would see him arrive either. He didn't feel so upset anymore, and maybe the others were less grouchy after a good night's sleep. Picking a fresh set of tights from his closet, he made it to the bathroom without being spotted. Tossing his dirt-covered tights down the laundry chute, he showered and groomed as he usually did. Donning his outfit and zipping it up in the back, he took a deep breath before he emerged into the common room.

Raven was meditating by the window, but no one else was in sight. She was speaking in her three-word mantra, oblivious to the world around her. Beast Boy brightened considerably. He knew a good way to start his morning. He'd sit next to her and copy her pose until she noticed him and hit her butt on the floor! Somehow, the notion of Raven hitting her butt on any hard surface was hilarious! Already back to his old pranks, he got a good look at his victim from across the room, sneaking quietly up beside her. He stared at the way her body was positioned… her hands… her face… a soft, electric feeling was in Beast Boy's eyes all of a sudden. He felt like he could see everything about her all at once. Strange… the odd buzzing in his eyes continued, and he sat down next to her. He couldn't levitate like she could, but he could sit the same way just to make her do a double-take. The image of Raven doing that was great, and it took everything he had not to laugh aloud. He stared at her again to be sure he was getting it right, then closed his eyes. Now all he had to do was wait. He'd copied her exactly, just by looking. He didn't, however, notice the fact that a few seconds later he rose into the air next to her.

Robin came in at his usual time for breakfast, saw Raven at Beast Boy levitating by the window, and went to get breakfast. He was rooting through the fridge when it dawned on him. He hit his head on the top of the fridge and stared in shock at the pair by the window. "Raven! Beast Boy!"



Both of the them fell out of the air with a painful bump.

"What?" Raven said tersely.

"Dude!" Beast Boy complained. "You ruined my prank!"

"How did you do that?" Robin rushed over, looking at Beast Boy from every which way.

"What? I sit the way she does until she realizes I'm there." Beast Boy shrugged. "Classic double-take prank. She'd fall and hit her butt on the floor." Raven put her hands on her hips, glaring at him.

"How did you hover like that?" Robin wanted to know. "I've never seen you do that!" Beast Boy cocked an eyebrow, and Raven looked at the green teen oddly.

"That's the dumbest prank I've ever heard of." She said neutrally. "What did you do, hang yourself from some wires?" He reached out with her hand above his head, but found no such restraints attached to him.

"What are you guys talking about? I can't hover like Raven!" he laughed. "She's the one with all the goth voodoo and junk."

"Goth voodoo and junk?" Raven said, an edge in her voice.

"Er… I mean…"

"So? How did you do it?"

"I just said I wasn't!

"I just saw you do it!" Robin exclaimed. The boy wonder turned to the gothic empath. "Raven! I saw him levitating next to you while you meditated! Nothing was holding him up that I could see, and there was nothing under him either!"

Taking her leader seriously just for a moment, she looked at Beast Boy. Sweeping his body with a psychic scan, she found nothing. Beast Boy didn't have an astral signature, so he had no powers like hers. He couldn't have been levitating like without some form of support. "I don't sense anything different about him."

"But… I saw…" Robin scratched his head, then finally gave up. "If he starts bouncing off the walls or something, don't say I didn't warn you." he went to get his breakfast.

Beast Boy looked at Raven, who rolled her eyes and drifted back into the air. She faced the window, and started trying to find her center again. The green teen, his prank spoiled, wandered away. It would've been so funny, too…

Wow! What was that? A Mulan song, Beast Boy copying Raven's powers, and a slight psychic edge that even Raven can't sense? A lot happened in this first part! What sort of things will Beast Boy see and be able to copy next time? Leave a review if you have a suggestion as to what techniques he could do next! Buh-bye!