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Beast Boy of the Sharingan Eye

Part 15 – Seal of the Sharingan

"And you actually expect me to use that?" Raven was sitting in a hospital bed with her arms folded. Well, one of her arms was motionless, but you get the idea. A comical vein stuck out of her forehead as she glared at a nurse who'd just brought her a bedpan. After learning what it was for, Raven decided on no way in hell as her answer.

"Er… am I interrupting something?" Beast Boy stuck his head in the door. The nurse rushed past him without a word, flustered beyond words. He spotted the bed pan and fought down a giggle.

"If I need a toilet and can levitate myself there." Raven muttered, leaning back at last.

"With your chakra still absorbed in healing?" Beast Boy grinning. "Fat chance." Raven grunted in annoyance, knowing he was perfectly right. "I… er… brought you flowers!" he pulled some tulips, the same color as her hair, out from behind his back. "Thought you might want something pretty to look at while you recovered, since a mirror wouldn't help right now."

"Was that an ugly joke?" Raven growled. She had been in the hospital for the past three days, healing. Usually when one of the Titans was injured Raven could use her magic to heal them right away. But, when it was Raven herself, and to such a terrible extent… they had to visit the hospital. This was only the third time she'd been there, but it didn't make her any happier at the moment. Her head was wrapped in white gauze, an icy patch was over her eye to make the swelling go down, her limp arm was in a sling, and there were two stitches in her abdomen. Not to mention the hot pink bandaid in plain sight on her cheek. Starfire had insisted on it when it was Raven who got the color choice…

"Erm… nah!" He waved off her suspicions, sitting the vase nearby. "What do you think?" He turned it this way and that.

"Do I look like a girl who needs flowers?" She snapped, still very sour with the whole world.

He caught the drop of playfulness in her voice, though. "Yup." He said without hesitation. "I brought the supplies for the seal you wanted."

"The seal you wanted." Raven reminded him. He set the small luggage bag on the tiles next to the hospital bed and went to shut the door. Coming back and unzipping it, he set things two at a time on the bed-table so Raven could get to everything. It was a little table on wheels that went over the hospital bed, usually for when meals came. (Beast Boy had snuck her pizza twice already) But, for now it was Raven's work station. "You're sure you want to do this?" Raven asked him, trying to read his eyes.

"Yeah… too much power and too much responsibility. All that crap." The green teen smiled at her, setting the last phail within her reach. "What should I do?"

"Be still." Raven said first off. "When I need your help, I'll ask." She reached and pulled the mixing bowl forward. "Unstop this." She pointed and he did, handing her the phail. She poured what she wanted and had him restop it. Thankfully her left arm was the one that wasn't working, so she could still do things with her writing hand. Dexterous thanks to her slender fingers, she worked easily for a long time. Mix this, chop that, grind this in the bowl. She asked Beast Boy for help now and then. Hold this steady, do this or that. He followed her simple orders for what felt like forever, and then it was finally done. "We should be thankful this doesn't need heating." Raven murmured, reaching for a phail that had several acupuncture needles in it. "Unstop those and give me one." She couldn't grip the container and open it with one hand, so she made him do it. He looked a little unsure, but did as he was told.

Hand her the long, odd needle he swallowed aloud. "Wh-what's that for?"

"This is how I write the seal." Raven murmured, checking the edge with the tip of her finger. Yep, it was sharp enough. "Ready?"

"Er…" Beast Boy was still looking at the needle, but he steadied himself. "Yeah. What do I do?"

"Take off your shirt." Raven said. He stared at her like she'd just grown and extra head.

"Are you coming on to me?" He asked, turning pink in the cheeks.

"Does it look like it?" She poked his forehead with the needle and he yelped like a little girl. "Shirt off, sit by me on the bed."

"Fine, fine… didn't hafta poke me, jeez…" he unzipped his tights in the back and peeled himself out of the top half. Since it was all one piece he let it rest in his lap without taking it all off. How would it look if the nurse came in to find him sitting on Raven's bed in his underwear? Scary.

"Are… are you sure about this, Garfield?" Raven used his real name in all seriousness. "When its done its done… no turning back." She whispered. The needle she was holding hovered over the concoction they'd made. There was a long silence, and finally he nodded solemnly. "Okay… come a little closer…" Raven dipped the needle like a quill in ink into the mixture they'd made. The needle glittered with the supernatural power it now contained, and Raven brought it to his skin. "Don't worry," Raven said, though she wans't looking at his face anymore. "This won't hurt." She was looking at his green belly, mentally tracing the muscles of his abs and so on. The spell was intricate, and she couldn't afford to mess it up.

Beast Boy expected her to dig the needle into him, but she didn't. She gently scrapped the sharp end over his skin. The mixture she made worked like a light blue ink. When it dried, it was black. Raven slowly but surely drew a spiral around his naval. It was about six inches wide when she was done. He tried not to laugh. It kinda tickled to tell the truth. Raven stopped, dipped, and went back to her work. She drew complicated, intricate symbols all around the spiral, moving outward in a sunburst. Were they Azar? He didn't know, but they looked pretty serious to him. "Wow…" he mumbled, watching her work.

"Now…" Raven set it aside. "No turning back after this. Roll my sleeve up." She held out the arm that was obeying her despite her injuries.

"You sure this can't wait until you're all better?" Beast Boy murmured, doing as he was told.

"Yes. The spell is only active for a few minutes after I finish the glyphs. If I don't finish it now, then its no good." Raven nodded when she was satisfied, and made a few complicated gestures with her hand. Tiny points of magic lit on the tips of her fingers. "Earth…" brown was on one of her fingers. "Air…" light blue glistened on another finger. "Water…" dark blue wavered into existence. "Fire…" a bright orange made itself known on the tip of another finger. "Metal…" It was symbolized with a white light. Five little flames on the ends of Raven's fingers. "Ready…" she looked into his eyes and saw the raw determination. It was for the best, and they both knew it. "FIVE PRONG SPELL!" Raven thrust her hand forward and dug her fingers into his abdomen, right over the spiral. Beast Boy gasped, feeling like he'd been punched in the gut. The glyphs and symbols all over his belly glittered, and finally she released him. He fell off the bed, gasping. She hadn't broken the skin, but it still hurt!"Its done…" Raven said weakly. "I saved enough magic over the past few days to do that, nothing else." She fell back into her pillows, propped up in the sitting position. It was several minutes before Beast Boy moved. Beast Boy stood on shaking legs and looked at her. "Your chakra… its sealed now." she whispered, looking away. "It will never grow like that again. You don't need the ring, and the Sharingan Eye is… gone." She almost sounded sad when she said that.

"It woulda killed me next time I used the Sharingan Eye. You said so." Beast Boy smiled, sitting in the folding chair next to the bed. "Those black flame things almost took me over. Raw chakra is dangerous." He slouched in the chair, looking at the seal on his stomach. "You saved me again, Rae."

Raven looked at him with tired eyes. She was exhausted from using magic while recovering from her injuries. "Its… Rachel." She mumbled.

"…Oh." Beast Boy said, smiling gently at her. Standing on shaky but firming legs, he leaned over. Summoning his courage, he kissed her forehead gently enough that it wouldn't hurt her. She didn't object or make a face. That was a good sign, at least. "Get better soon." He blessed her with the three words. Taking the ring she'd given him off, he set it on the bed table as he gathered everything the seal's creation needed. Finally, he pulled his tights all the way back on and zipped it up. Leaving it there, he started making his way towards the door.

"Gar…?" Raven asked.

"Hmm?" he turned and looked at her, sitting helpless in the hospital bed. She put out her hand and, with a great deal of effort, levitated the ring to him.

"Why don't you keep that?" She mumbled, turning a little pink in the cheeks.

"N'kay." He smiled, flushed as well. He slid it onto his finger. It glittered, though no longer with magic."I'll tell the others you said hi." he mumbled, still a little pink.

"Bring back pizza. Hospital food sucks." She called after him. "Haaaah…" Raven sighed, leaning back in the bed and reaching for the book Starfire had brought her from her bookcase yesterday. Opening it to the desired page, she cast her eyes around the room one more time. "I could use a few days off after all that…" she heaved another sigh, then delved into her story.

"Hey Raven…?" Beast Boy peeked into her hospital room again.

"Yes?" she looked up at him.

"Did the seal have to be on my belly, or did you just wanna see me with my shirt off?" He cracked a grin at her as she blushed in outrage.

"Y-you can shut the hell up and go home, Beast Boy!" Raven snapped, fighting not to smile. She did, though. Beast Boy had won that round and he knew it, for he'd taken off laughing. It was easier than ever to get a rise out of her since she was his… well… y'know



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