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Age of the characters:

Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, Hyuuga Hinata-16 years old.

Tenten, Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee- 17 years old

Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Nara Shikamaru, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino- 16 years old

Some other character's ages would be told in the story


'Inner Sakura's thoughts'

'Normal thoughts'


Actions, sounds etc…


Uchiha Sasuke slammed his hand on his alarm clock as it became quiet. He groaned as he sleepily opened his eyes and sat up, running a hand through his disheveled hair. His bedroom isn't that big, with a queen sized bed covered in black sheets, and everything he needs is inside, he doesn't have anything to complain about it.

Black sheets, yes, quite creepy. No. TOTALLY CREEPY. But he likes black so why not? It looks elegant—to him. (A.N.: I think black sheets are elegant too! But it is quite creepy though)

And on with the story!

His apartment has mostly blue, black and grey accents and it looked so… dark. He opened the curtains as the sunlight went in, and he proceeded to do his usual morning routine.

Sakura happily ate her breakfast, which composed of an egg, and two pieces of toast. She was used to eating light break fast. She didn't want to ruin her figure though.

"Sakura, hurry up or you'll be late." Her mother snapped as Sakura nodded her head absentmindedly while clipping the toast into her mouth as she headed to the door. She took off the toast from her mouth, kissed her mom on the cheek and she did the same to her dad.

"Be careful and don't come home late!" Her mother called out as Sakura waved a hand at her as she peacefully walked towards her school while still eating her break fast.

Sasuke was inside his car (A.N.: Yes, he is rich here. And so is Neji.) driving towards the school. His car was a red Ferrarri and he tapped his fingers in the steering wheel with the music that was playing on his radio.

He saw a pink haired girl who just suddenly crossed the street making him to step at the brakes violently as the pink haired girl eyed him.

'Damn him. He almost killed me!' Sakura thought as Sasuke climbed out of his car.

"Yo! What do you think you're doing!" he yelled. Sakura felt her anger rise. She ignored the fact that this guy had looks.


Sasuke felt it was senseless to argue with this girl.

"You were the one who made the mistake. You crossed so suddenly!" he responded and closed the door. Sakura glared at him. Soon, he honked the horn so loud that Sakura's hands automatically went to her ears.

'Talk about rude!'


Sakura walked away with her nose in the air and proceeded to her school. Sasuke stared at the girl with weird pink hair.

"GOOD MORNING!" Sakura's loud greeting rang across the room as her classmates eyed her.

"Hey Ino-pig!" Sakura greeted, placing her bag down at her chair. Ino nodded at her formally.

"Big forehead."

Major glaring contest…

"Oh don't tell me you two are going to start it again!" Tenten whined as she placed her bag on her own respective chair and went to the group.

"Good morning Hinata." Sakura and Tenten chorused as Hinata nodded. Hinata glanced at Naruto, who was with the 'cool' guys that were seated behind the classroom: Hyuuga Neji, Uzumaki Naruto and Nara Shikamaru.

Deep inside, she held affections for the blonde kid. But Naruto always considers her as weird, but he keeps it inside of him, and shows respect for her as well. When Ino and Sakura ended their glaring contest, Sakura sighed.

"You guys won't believe what happened to me this morning." Sakura said. Ino and the other two seem to look interested as Sakura told them what happened.

o.O (A.N.: They all had faces like these)

"Wow Sakura! You just hit a hot guy!" Tenten nudged her as Sakura growled.

"He maybe hot but he certainly does not have room on his big brain for manners." Sakura said.

"He almost hit me!" Sakura added, crossing her arms across her chest. Ino rolled her eyes as their teacher, Iruka entered and the class settled.

"Mr. Hyuuga, will you please put down your feet from the table?" Iruka said as Neji glared at him and ignored him. Iruka sighed in defeat.

"Anyway, we have a new student today class! He will be joining us for the whole year round! Meet Uchiha Sasuke!" He said, beckoning the guy outside to come in.

Whisper, girls shrieking, giggling, Sakura wide eyed, Ino with her jaw dropped, Tenten raising an eyebrow and Hinata busy looking at Naruto.

Sakura felt herself boil in anger as the guy who almost hit her glanced at her and smirked.

"WHAT ARE YOU SMIRKING AT!" Sakura yelled out of the blue as the girls glared at her. Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Now, now Sakura, you should have respect for our new student." Iruka reminded her politely. Neji stared at Sakura intently. He looked at Sasuke, who seemed to know her. Sasuke was Naruto, Shikamaru and his best friend. They had persuaded him to go home (he came from another country) and be with them.

"Respect? He doesn't even know what respect means!" Sakura blurted out as Tenten poked her.

"What are you so angry about?" she hissed. Sakura turned to her.

"He's the one who almost killed me!" Sakura whispered back angrily as he gave a high five at Shikamaru, Neji and Naruto. She raised an eyebrow. Tenten gasped a little, then proceeded to giggle.

"Are they friends with Hyuuga or something?" Ino whispered to her, looking interested to Uchiha Sasuke as well. Sakura scowled.



"He's a cocky jerk, hmm… that could make him their buddies." Sakura cursed. Ino was now staring at Sasuke with her eyes forming like hearts, and so did the other girls.

While at Sasuke…

"Do you know Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked. Sasuke stared at him.

"Sakura-CHAN? Is she your girl friend or something? And is that the name of the pink haired girl?" Sasuke asked Neji, who nodded.

"Stop talking there people! Ms. Haruno! Ms. Tenten and Ms. Yamanaka! And also to you Mr. Uchiha and Mr. Uzumaki!" Iruka barked.


Sakura and her friends were under their favorite spot inside the campus. They were under the cherry blossom tree while eating their lunch.

"I was shocked to see you blurt out to him all of a sudden." Tenten said as she looked at Ino, who was probably day dreaming of Sasuke.

"Hinata, are they friends with your cousin?" Ino asked. Hinata nodded.

"Yes, I have heard of him. Some few years ago, he left to another country but then he came back after Neji-san and his friends persuaded him to go back here."


"This is going to be a great year!...NOT…" Sakura said grudgingly as she finished her lunch. When the girls finished their lunch, Sakura jumped to a sturdy branch above them and rested there, one leg swinging freely.

At the boys… At the roof top.

Shikamaru was lying down, cloud gazing again while Naruto was slurping his tenth bowl of Ramen and Neji and Sasuke were leaning on the metal railings, talking.

"So you almost killed Haruno?" Neji asked. Sasuke nodded.

"But it was her carelessness." Sasuke muttered, looking down at the cherry blossom tree where the girls were hanging out.

Neji glanced at Naruto.

"He calls Sakura, Sakura-chan because he likes her." Shikamaru said lazily, as he yawned. Sasuke looked at Naruto in disgust.

"Naruto, I didn't know you had such a bad taste on women." Sasuke commented as Naruto looked up at him, offended.

"Hey! Don't say that! Sakura-chan is pretty you know! She may be weird sometimes and—"

"Sometimes?" Neji and Shikamaru looked at Naruto.

"Okay, she is weird but if you'll be nice to her, she'll be nice to you! Unfortunately, she made Neji as her number one enemy." Naruto said. Neji smirked.

"She said she just hates him, for being a cocky jerk." Naruto added. Sasuke rolled his eyes as he saw the girls leaving.

"Should we cut class?" Shikamaru asked, wanting for a nap. Well, he always wanted a nap.

"GO ON AND CUT CLASS! WE WOULD BE ENTIRELY HAPPY!" Sakura yelled to them as the Sasuke looked down. Neji smirked and closed his eyes.

"I told you she is weird." Neji mumbled, loud enough for Sasuke to hear.

"In case you are wondering, she does not have super natural hearing. It's just her habit every noon." Naruto said, answering his question.

"She knows that we have plans on cutting classes. Neji always pulls some pranks to her, which make her extremely scary and angry." Naruto said, cringing at the mental image of Sakura getting mad.

At classes…

Sakura can't help noticing that both Sasuke and Neji were staring at her. And also Naruto but she got used to him. She looked at both of them as they stared back, as Sasuke smirked and Neji looking… stoic.

"What the fuck?" she whispered to herself. She decided to ignore the two. She became stiff for the whole period because it was really uncomfortable to have two people stare at you, as though they are burning holes into your body.

After classes…

"I can't take it anymore!" Sakura hissed to herself. Hinata chuckled.

"Sakura-san, it's only the first month of classes." She reminded her as Sakura groaned.

"Please Hinata-chan, don't remind me of my cruel FATE AND DESTINY!" Sakura yelled, facing the sky, her arms wide open when she said the last three words. Tenten and Ino sweat dropped at their best friend's actions.

When they reached the gates, they saw Sasuke's red Ferrarri pass by with the boys in it. She wondered where Neji's car went to. One of the windows rolled down as she saw Sasuke's sly face.

"It's just the beginning, cherry blossom." He said, as she stared back at him.

"Yes, Uchiha, it's just the beginning." She hissed back. Sasuke rolled the panels up as they left, making the girls cough in smoke and dust. Sakura found a stone and threw it at the Ferrarri, which, unfortunately, crashed and made a whole at the back glass. Sakura stuck her tongue out as Tenten and Ino dragged her while they ran for their lives, with Hinata on their heels.

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