Hello, life sucks and sorry for the lack of updates. With twelve chapters and spanning about 85 pages, according to a friend's last count, and barely halfway done I thought I deserved a little break from Teen Titans X. I wanted to write something a bit different and this idea had been annoying me for awhile so I took a little time off and did some brainstorming and I came up with this little (and grossly short) intro chapter.

This is a pet story so don't expect too many updates or long chapters, but do let me know what you think. This is my first Grim Adventures fic.

Hateful Love

Chapter 1: Mundane Morning

Written by: Juggalomalice

Mandy coolly walked down the halls of the Endsville Junior High School as the crowds of people seemed to melt and part ways at her approach. She was use to this sort of treatment. Though Mandy wasn't a popular girl she was well feared for more reasons than just having the Grim Reaper at her disposal and that fear granted her a certain number of perks and respect from the general public.

She calmly walked to her locker and opened it. A small pink vanity mirror with a yellow sunflower decorated the interior. Mandy was never a vain girl, but she was still a girl and as such she still had that an urge to make herself look decent and presentable every now and then. She casually glanced at the mirror. The 13-year old girl had honestly changed very little in the three years since she 'befriend' the incarnation of death himself. Her hair had remained in its trademark horn fashion and height wise she was still somewhat short and petite, but as the years progressed her developing figure became obvious. She had begun to fill out her school uniform much more recently. She had developed a nice set of hips and her legs were the envy of many young ladies. Her chest was still small, but had already shown signs of development. Overall Mandy had become unnaturally attractive for her young age. If it weren't for her permanent and very frightening scowl she would be much more popular with the boys. Yet Mandy never craved for any form of attention. She left such lowly cravings to her less intelligent competition. Competition such as…

"Well I thought I saw a walking board, but it's just you Mandy." A busty red head with a high pitched voice said.


"Hello Mindy. I thought I smelled a rat, but it was just a bitch." Mandy countered in her cold voice. "Now is there a reason you chose to befoul my otherwise mundane morning." Mandy was just about a match for Mindy when it came to physical appearances now, but unfortunately for Mindy she was still far from a match to Mandy when it came to intelligence and cunning.

Mindy seethed at the fact that her insult did not even faze the blond girl. "Well you should be grateful that I, Mindy, would choose to even speak to a loser like you."

"Of course, what was I thinking?" Mandy asked with every word in her reply dripping with sarcasm.

"Quiet!" Mindy demanded as she jammed a hand in front of Mandy's face. "Who is that?" She asked in new found interest as she pointed to a young boy a few lockers down from them.

The young man didn't look anything special. Perhaps the only thing that got him noticed at first was the fact that is uniform was only slightly different. Where most boys wore blue pants with white shirts he wore blue pants with a blue shirt. His hair was short and fell over one side of his face covering his left eye as he walked which he casually brushed behind his ear, apparently use to the event. He wore a pair of small rectangular frame glasses that were lightly tinted. His eyes were narrowed, as if he was stuck in an eternal scrutinizing glare towards the world. He carried a small stack of books in his left arm and a small white paper in his right hand which he occasionally checked as he walked down the hall. He finally stopped at one locker, double checked the small paper in his hand, and then proceeded to open the metal box in which he threw several of the books he was carrying inside.

"Judging by the look of things I say he's probably a new student?" Mandy answered, though it was clear she didn't really care.

"I say he's fresh meat." Mindy said as she pulled out a compact and did a quick touch-up on her makeup. "Now watch carefully Mandy. You just may learn how a real girl acts." Mindy said as she walked off with a snap of her fingers.

"Oh this should be mildly amusing." Mandy mused.

"Hi, I'm Mindy!" Mindy greeted in her high pitch voice causing the young man to slightly flinch from Mindy's voice and her seemingly appearing out of nowhere. He did his best to ignore her and walked off only to discover, to his horror, that Mindy followed him. Mindy was giving him her famous speech about what separated cool kids, like her, from losers. A rather long winded speech, especially since Mindy loved to hear herself talk. Mandy could have sworn that the boy rolled his eyes in annoyance when the two passed her as he lifted the palm sized book in his hand to his face in another attempt to ignore the boorish red-head.

"Hey don't ignore me!" Mindy screeched as she stepped in front of the male youth and blocked his passage forcing him to do a shortstop and causing him to drop the small book in his hand. The Fates were playing a strange and dangerous game that day for right as the book hit the ground it bounced several paces backwards and landed right at Mandy's feet. On any normal day Mandy would have ignored this unnatural calling and left the scene finding the whole thing nothing more then a pathetic attempt by Mindy to justify her worthless existence, but not today. Today she felt compelled to pick the book up and give it back to the unfortunate target of Mindy's attention whoring. She would inevitably pick the book up and chuck the whole affair as a once in a lifetime moment of sympathy. She cast a sideways glance at the young boy as he attempted to sidestep around Mindy only to have her mirror his action and demand his attention.

"How can you 'not' feel sorry for him?" Mandy asked herself as she picked the book up. "Hey buddy, you dropped this." Mandy called out as the youth turned around and discovered that she indeed held the small brown colored book he had apparently dropped and not noticed. "101 Ways to Hide the Body" Mandy read the book's title out loud, "Interesting, is it any good?" She asked as she handed the book to its rightful owner.

"It is. In fact my favorite is 'Method 63: How to Dispose of Annoying Teenage Red-Heads'" He said as he looked straight at Mindy.

Mindy gave a nervous giggle. "Well will you look at the time. I got to go. Bye" She said as she ran so fast leaving nothing but a dust cloud in her wake.

"Is there really a chapter like that?" Mandy asked enjoying every moment of Mindy's reaction in a sadistic way.

"No unfortunately, but as long as she thinks that she'll probably never bother me again." The boy answered with a slight sigh.

Mandy nodded in approval. "Interesting" She said as the bell for first period rung and the young boy began to walk off. "Hey, don't I get a thank you?" She asked slightly annoyed.

The boy stopped. "Do you want one?" He asked not even bothering to look back at her.

Mandy honestly didn't know why she asked that. She honestly didn't care. She shrugged, "Not really."

"Then why the hell are you asking for one?" He snapped back as he walked off.

For a moment Mandy was shocked. No one not man, animal, demon, or alien had ever dared speak to her like that. Her eyes narrowed in a very threatening manner.

"Interesting indeed." She whispered as she walked off to class.