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Hateful Love

Chapter 27: The False Hope and Dark Obsession

He was being watched. He knew he was being watched, but he couldn't tell from where.

"Is something wrong Master?" Lex asked as she fiddled with some of her accessories which turned dreary military garb into main stream fashion.

"We're being watched. I can feel it. It's faint and distant, but magical at least in some nature." He looked skywards. "Found you." He said with a smile and wave.

Lex, ever confused, looked up at the empty sky. Nik paid little mind to the girl as he focused a small burst of magic and shot it upwards.

"That takes care of that. If I had to guess it seemed like a satellite, but has technology advanced to the point of being able to mimic or even hold certain magic's? Did someone enchant a satellite? That would explain something's, but who in their right mind would do something so crazy?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Master?" Lex said with a bright smile snapping her Master from his thoughts.

"Lex, why aren't you out there having fun too?" He asked after a moment of thought.

The shorter demon looked up at him with a quizzical look. "Am I allowed to do that? You won't get mad at me for getting dirty?" Her expression, again lost to her Master, reflected worry and doubt as she asked him with wide and almost begging eyes.

"Now do understand that when you are doing your duties you must always hold yourself in proper image, but I see nothing wrong with indulging yourself every now and then. Besides," He began as he gently tilted her head up and slid his finger inside her mouth. He purposely cut his finger on her tooth as before and allowed several drops to flow into her mouth before pulling it out, a small dribble of the crimson liquid flowed out the corner of her mouth staining her porcelain skin. "In private, I honestly like dirty girls."

In his darken world he could immediately see the effects of his action. Lex's body began to glow as if on fire and she instinctively accessed her reserved mana in order to power her new found excitement. In the world of normal sight though Lex's image was much… different. Her eye's widened and her pupils dilated. An almost obscenely large smile graced her pretty face, distorting it perversely. Her eye's rolled partially back as she felt the rush hit her body like a long forgotten drug. She felt the heat building up everywhere as reason gave way to instinct and lust.

"Yes, I'll be a good girl. Lex with get dirty. Lex with be a dirty girl just for Master. Lex with become the dirtiest girl around if it'll make Master happy. Please love the dirty Lex lots when she comes back Master." She slurred, her speech patterns becoming that of a child's, as she greedily licked Nik's hand. Her tongue tasting every crevice of it as it was the most delicious snack she had ever tasted. She happily licked up every speck of dirt or dried blood which still stained them from his excursions today. "Lex will go now. Lex will get dirty just for Master. She'll be so dirty that Master will instantly love her." She slurred some more before she bounded off and took to the air, her wings ripping her uniform to shreds and her face contorted with both blood lust and sexual lust.

Nik smiled as he wiped his hand with a handkerchief. "Her depravity makes Ozoi seem like a refined lady instead of the blood whore she really is. Psychological destruction really is the best form of destruction."

He had nothing to do now, but wait. His vision was little more than a sea of darkness that was slowly being consumed with flames. Tiny sparks, which represented human lives, were snuffed out or engulfed by larger more fiercely burning ones. Already he felt the heat of the city rise several degrees as the low roar of flames rose into the night sky, mixing but never truly overshadowing the screams of horror and fear that echoed down the streets. He stood, he listened, he absorbed, basking in the thesis of his life, destruction for the sheer joy of destruction and just sometimes the greater good. The world around him was shattering to its fundamentals and from those pieces he intended to make something of greater worth.

He casually brushed the hair over his left eye behind his ear. "It would be nice if I could cut loose once in a while myself. Alas, I've made it a point not to take part in those actions that can be done by those below me."

A grin graced his handsome face. "I hate this world."

"Two days later and the numbers just get more terrible. The original UN reports of deceased, missing and wounded have almost tripled from their original estimates."


"As you can see behind me, the huge mass of people and camps are refuges from the demon attack two days ago, which some are now referring to as the "Hour Long Massacre". At no point in known human history have so many people not only lost their lives, but their very homes in so short a time."


"At least we can prepare for a natural disaster, but this, this just came out of nowhere. There's nothing natural about it. It's more like an act of god."


"It is believe that nearly half a million people are still missing, many believed to be dead. Just so you can understand the magnitude of that. That number is almost twice the number of the total death toll cause by the atomic bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. On top of that, due to the limited medical supplies that can be provided it is believed that hundreds, maybe, even thousands more will die before they even have the chance to be treated."


"To long have the nations of this world known about the treat of demons and done nothing. To long we have stood alone against our enemy, a few versus many. To long have the masses stood ideally by as the world was descended into a shadow war. To long have we said, "It won't happen here." Now look. Gaze upon what our arrogance and inactivity have done.

"In in effort to save this planet Sanctuary Technology & Security and our two largest and longest competitors, Cyber-Tec Innovations and Morgan: Science for Humanity, have stood by ourselves in an effort to protect this world from those who would do it harm while the nations stood behind us and gave us a pat on the back or an occasional thumbs-up. Even those that have agreed to provide us with funding, intelligence and military support have only provided a fraction of agreed upon numbers. The promise to form a world-wide collision to protect the nations, no the people, of this world seems to be a low priority to all UN charter countries."

"That is why I, President and CEO of Sanctuary Technology & Security Mandy R. Corthala, wishes to reintroduce to you the Sanctuary Protection Writ. A few charter nations have already signed it while others have just plain ignored it. I understand your concerns of giving a private corporation direct use of government resources, especially military, but be aware that the goal of this document is to ensure the united and continuous cooperation of the all towards the goal of protecting the human race. Even as I stand and speak to you today steps are in progress to discuss the possible merging of Sanctuary Technology, Cyber-Tec and Morgan Science to form an all new entity with the sole purpose of protecting this world from demons or any other evil that threatens it's people."

"We of the private district are willing to put our differences aside and join under one flag to protect this world. Are you, leaders of the free world, willing to do the same? To put aside your petty differences and concerns to ensure the greater good. I will be waiting to hear the good news from you"


The TV went black with that as Nigel Planter and Moldy-Butt hugged each other. Their faces flushed with excitement as their bodies wigged with energy, unable to contain the enthusiasm the speech filled them with.

"That's our President for you. Just so..."

"COOL & SPICY!" The two shouted in unison as they struck a pose together.

Mandy sighed in irritation at the large distraction going on in her office.

"Why the hell are you two in my office to begin with?" She asked her two science officers.

"Oh that be like that Mandy. I can't believe you didn't want to watch the broadcasting of your own speech to the UN." Planter stated.

"I was there when I gave. Why would I want to listen to it again?"

"But it hasn't even been a day since it was broadcast and stations in every country are airing it over and over again. It's been translated almost every major language. The YouTube video has almost 10 million views and is number 1 in News & Politics category. The Noble Peace Community wishes to nominate you for this year's award due to your continued efforts towards peace and protection of the human race. The Catholic Church even wants to make you a living saint. You're all the rage right now." Moldy-butt explained.

"I don't care! Shouldn't you two be working on figuring out why those demon portals acted they way they did?" She shouted back

The two wizards went quiet with that. "Madam President, you have to understand that ripping holes in the fabric of space and time isn't something that's easy to do and for that matter understand."

"Grim did it without batting an eyelash, if he had any that is."

"That may be, but Grim's powers come from The Scythe and that itself is a mysterious and ancient power that is all but impossible to replicate. From what info that's been shared with from Reaper R&D, they themselves can only replicate the power and even then it's not hundred percent. From what we gathered they didn't even make the first Scythe. It just always existed sort of. Outside of having a greater artifact of power, this sort of thing is rather difficult." Planter rebutted.

"On top of that portal physics is a frontier technology. We are lucky we know what we do and I would like to remind you that no one else in any other plane of existence knows as much as we do. We are at the head of the curve when it comes to this sort of thing and we know the book front to back." Moldy-butt added.

"Then why are their still things we don't understand?" She continued.

"Well the only person who could possible know more than us would be the person..." Moldy-butt continued casually before Planter slapped his hands over the mouth of his partner to shut him up.

"Who? You just said no one knew as much as we do so who could possibly know more?"

The two wizards sighed together as Planter removed his hands from Moldy-butt's mouth.

"The person who wrote the book we study, your late husband, Nikumu Corthala."

Upon the completion of the name Mandy's desk suddenly broke in half as she cast an angry glare at Moldy-butt.

"We also suspect that his full name is cursed, similar to my own. We lost some good equipment before we figured that out."

"Are you suggesting that he's alive?!" She near shouted. Regards of her intent Mandy surprised herself with the aggression in her voice as numerous crackles of blue magical lightning sparked from her body.

"No, nothing like that my lady!" Planter interrupted in an attempt to calm Mandy down. "It could just be a natural ability of the demon's dimension that we don't know about, especially now that the veil between our worlds is thinner. We are simply saying that the only person who could possible know for sure, at least this early without proper research, would have been him."

"I see, well carry on with your research and keep me posted of any changes." Mandy said calmly as her earring flashed blue to revel the common telecommunications mic. "Voice, have someone order me a new desk."

Demon Citadel Atruhiod, Demon Research Nexus Labs

Lex happily giggled as she swam in a large crate filled with small glass orbs.

"Never in all my years have I seen so many soul gems! Master, your plan went perfectly." She marveled as she looked at the numerous other boxes of various sizes filled with similar contents.

The door opened as two non-descriptive imps carried in one more box.

"Here you go, boss. This box makes the total at about 105, 384. We're still shifting through some of the garbage gems, but there should be another box or two coming in within the week." They said before hopping out.

Nik did not answer, his focus more concerned with the numerous magical equations that shifted before him.

"Master Nik, how did you plan this though. The prep work by itself must have been tremendous." Lex implored.

"Not really." Nik said with a dismissive gesture. "Soul Crafting and capturing is a specialty of my family. I just took what we did on a normal one on one basis all applied it on a grand scale, in this case to encompass a whole city. Granted the efficiency ratio is only about 23.8% that doesn't matter so long as the ratio of kills within the spell circle is sufficient."

"Oh so due to the spell anyone who died would have their souls captured huh?" Lex inquired.

"Not everyone. I'm still working on improving efficiency. Like it said, tests estimates its only at 23% more or less so if we pulled in 100,000 souls it means we probably had to kill over four times as many people." He explained, never once shifting his attention from his equations.

"Isn't that wasteful though?"

"They're only human. Being used for my research is about the most useful thing they could do with their lives anyway."

End chapter 28

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