I told you I'd be back, didn't I?

That's right people! I've decided to write a collection of one shots based on "Another World". And all this is possible because of you. If you hadn't had encouraged me, I wouldn't be writing this!

So lets get started, shall we? Prepare to be transported back into Kemet!

Note: If you haven't read "Another World", then I suggest you read it. Otherwise, you'll have no idea what I'm on about!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or any of the characters. I wouldn't be writing this if I did.


Another Tale in Another World



Name: Mazaki Anzu.

Born: Domino City.

Age: 16 years.

I sound like an ordinary girl, right?

Well, you're half right.

Once, Mazaki Anzu-i.e. me-was a normal Japanese girl. I lived with my father, for my mother had passed away ten years ago in an accident. I went to Domino High School, where I always had high grades.

But it was not as simple as that.

My father was an alcoholic, and blamed me for my mother's death. He would hit me almost everyday to take out his frustration. And I hated him for it. I cried and prayed that my mother would come back, but she never will. The only memories I have of her are trapped inside my crystal necklace passed down to me, and my deck of Duel Monster cards. Both were given to me by my mother. That was right before the accident.

One night, I had had enough of my troubled life, so I had decided to run away. I had tried many times before, but always failed. This time, even though my father tried desperately to stop me, I succeeded.

But instead to running to the next town, I ended up somewhere completely different.

After hiding in an old shrine and laying my eyes upon an old tapestry, I was transported to another world…

…I was transported to Kemet.

It was there I met Yuugi, Prince of the Kingdom of Light. He saved my life, more than once. He took me to the capital of his kingdom-Illuminarta-and introduced me to his brother, Pharaoh Atemu. It was then that I was told of the Empire of Dark Souls, the destruction of the Kingdoms of Hope and Destiny, and the legend of the Angel of Light.

I was also informed-and trained to use-the magical powers deep inside of me.

During my time in the Kingdom of Light, I made new friends, as well as enemies. I faced countless battles like none I had ever imagined possible. Like something out of a fairy tale. I saw, and rode, real life monsters, as well as learning how to summon my own from the Dominion of the Beasts. I fought along side Yuugi and Atemu to help defend Kemet from the clutches of Bakura, the Leader of the Empire of Dark Souls. I experienced the pleasure and pain of being in love.

I also discovered that I was the legendary Angel of Light.

After facing many turmoil's, dangers, and even death, I had one final choice to make: to stay in Kemet, or to return to Domino.

I chose to stay in Kemet.

After all that I went through and experienced, I decided to stay in my new found home in Illuminarta, with my new friends, and with my love, Prince Yuugi.

But even though one of my greatest battles may be over, my adventure has only just begun…


And because I'm so nice, I've already written something to go with this. So let us continue, shall we?