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Another Tale in Another World

Chronicle 7: Rebecca

Part 2: Fighting For Love



The blonde fell to his knees, his right arm coming up to cover his injured left arm.

Mai was the first by his side. "Jonouchi! Are you okay?"

"Sure," Jonouchi answered through clenched teeth. He tried to give a smile. "It's…just a scratch."

"Just a scratch?" Shizuka repeated, kneeling beside her brother. "Katsuya, you're whole arm is burnt!"

"I-I'll be fine," Jonouchi reassured his sister. "Really I-"

"Katsuya!" Shizuka cried in alarm as her brother wobbled to the side.

"Jonouchi!" Pharaoh Atemu cried, coming to his friend's side. He looked around at the gathered group. "Someone get Isis, NOW!"

"Is he going to be all right?" Anzu asked.

"He'll be fine," Atemu reassured, trying to keep himself calm at the same time.

"Who could have done this?" Mai cried, holding onto Jonouchi.

Atemu growled. "I know…" He looked up at the sky at the monster that had attacked. 'She' was still hovering above them in the sky. "Why did Rebecca send you? Why have you done this?"

"And where's Yuugi?" Anzu cried. Although she did not herself recognize whom the monster belonged to, Atemu had managed to give her a clue.

Joan the Guardian Angel looked down at the large gathered group in the courtyard. "This is a part of Prince Yuugi's punishment ordered by my mistress."

"What?" Anzu shrieked.

"What are you talking about?" Pharaoh Atemu demanded.

"As part of Yuugi's punishment for disobeying my mistress, one of Prince Yuugi's friends had to be punished as well."

"Where's the sense in that?" Mai cried. "Jonouchi hasn't done anything to upset Rebecca!"

"And why punish Yuugi?" Anzu demanded. "What has he done to deserve this?"

Joan the Guardian Angel looked down at the crowd silently.

"Answer me!" Anzu yelled.

Joan the Guardian Angel remained silent.

"Tell me now, damn it!" Anzu demanded.

"If you do not give a reasonable explanation for your actions," Atemu warned, "you will have to face the consequences from both me and Yuugi-"

"Prince Yuugi will never return here again," said the monster, delivering the message from her mistress. "He is due to wed my mistress and become King of our land."

"NO!" Anzu screamed. "That's not true! Yuugi would never agree to that!"

"She's right!" Honda joined in. "Yuugi's already engaged to Anzu!"

"That is no longer the case. To ensure peace between our two kingdoms, Prince Yuugi has agreed to wed my mistress and has promised never to return to the Kingdom of Light ever again." The monster gave a small bow and before flying again.

"Wait! Stop!" Atemu cried. "Come back!"

"It's no use…" said a shocked Honda. "She's gone."

"Do you think it's true?" Shizuka asked. "About Yuugi? Do you really think he's agreed to marry Rebecca?"

"No," Anzu answered bluntly. "Yuugi would never do that. And I'll prove it!"

Ignoring the cries from her friends, Anzu dashed back into the palace, just missing Isis as she past her on the way. She ran as fast as she could up the countless stairways in the palace, turning this way and that, until she finally reached her bedroom. Throwing the door open, she rushed to her small desk, pulling out a piece of parchment and some ink with which to write. Hurriedly, she wrote:


Jonouchi has just been attacked by a monster that belongs to Rebecca. She claims that Jonouchi's injuries were part of your punishment, and that you are to marry Rebecca. Please tell me that isn't true. Please!



As soon as the letter was finished, she summoned Maha Vailo. Giving her most trusted monster the note, she urgently told him to give the note to Yuugi as fast as possible. Maha Vailo bowed at his mistress before flying away into the sky.

Anzu rushed to the balcony and watched as the monster disappeared into the distance.

"I guess all I can do now, it wait…" she sighed.

But she did not have to wait long.

At noon the following day, as Anzu was talking to Pharaoh Atemu and their friends, Maha Vailo returned. He carried a note from Yuugi. Franticly, Anzu took the letter from his hands, thanking the monster before he disappeared back to the Dominion of the Beasts. With shaking hands, Anzu opened the letter and read it out loud. It said:

Dearest Anzu,

I afraid that Rebecca's monster was correct. Jonouchi was injured because of me. I apologize deeply for the pain I have caused and do not believe that I should be forgiven for the things I have done.

Rebecca and I are to wed. The date has been set for her next birthday in two months. As our first engagement was not properly broken off, it must still be carried out. I am sorry.

I will not be returning to Illuminarta, or the Kingdom of Light. As soon as Rebecca and I are wed I will remain here for the rest of my life.

I will miss you all greatly, especially my brother Atemu, and of course you, Anzu.

I love you.

I am sorry for all the pain I have caused.

Tasukete kudasai,


"Well," said Atemu sadly. "I…I guess that proves it." He turned around and slowly walked back to his throne. "Yuugi is never coming back…" He sat down in his throne, dazed.

"I can't believe it," said Honda, shaking his head in disbelief. "What would make Yuugi do this?"

"Who knows?" said Jonouchi, slumping onto one of the steps that led up to Atemu's throne. He brought his hand up to touch his now bandaged arm. "He's never coming back…never…"

"He's left us…" Atemu gasped.

"No. He hasn't."

Atemu slowly looked up at Anzu with blank eyes. "How can you say that? You saw what the letter said. Yuugi's marrying Rebecca and never wants to see us again!"

"That's not true," Anzu replied calmly. "Yuugi does want to see us. He wants us to help him."

"How do you know?"

"Because of this." Anzu rushed up to steps and held the letter in front of Atemu's face.

Atemu gazed at the letter. "Because of what?"

Anzu huffed in annoyance. "This." She pointed to a line.

Atemu read the line out loud. "Tasukete kudasai? What does it mean?"

"It's a Japanese phrase. It means 'help me please'. Ever since I returned from my brief trip to my old world, Yuugi's wanted to know how to speak Japanese, so I've been teaching him. Don't you see! Yuugi needs us! He wants us to help him!"

"What?" Jonouchi exclaimed, rising up from the steps.

"Do you think he was forced to marry Rebecca?" Honda asked.

"Yes," Anzu nodded. "And now he needs us to help him get out of it."

"But what can we do?" Atemu asked. "Anything we do could cause a war between our lands."

"I know," said Anzu. "But trust me. I have a plan…"


Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap…

Letting a small growl escape her lips, Rebecca looked out of the corner of her eye at the source of the tapping. "Yuugi!" She hissed. "Will you stop that? It's getting annoying."

Yuugi lazily lifted his head off of his hand and glanced at Rebecca, ignoring her glare. "I'm bored."

Rebecca shifted in her throne and leaned forward. "Yuugi, if you do not look more engaged then you'll have to be punished again, do you understand?"

Fear flashed in Yuugi's eyes. "Fine." Reluctantly, he dropped his hand and sat up straight in his throne.

A smile played across Rebecca's lips. "That's better," she nodded. She turned to face the line of people in front of her. "You may continue," she said to one of the guards.

The guard nodded his head, before ushering the next person in line towards the thrones. The peasant fell to his knees in front of Rebecca and Yuugi, bowing his head and casting his eyes down on the floor.

"What troubles you?" Rebecca asked kindly, though Yuugi knew it was fake.

"Your majesties," the peasant began. "I do not mean to burden you with my troubles, but I know that you can help me. My farm has been struggling for crops all year, and I…"

Yuugi sighed and slumped back in his throne. It had been two weeks since he had been forced to stay at Rebecca's palace. Two weeks since he was forced into an arranged marriage with her. And although they were not yet wed, that dreadful date was slowly drawing closer and closer.

Noticing that the peasant before them was finished, he pretended to have listened to his problems and agreed with Rebecca's proposal (whatever it was). Back home, he did not mind listening to the problems of the people of the Kingdom of Light. He had enjoyed helping them, especially when he did it with his brother. But here, he hated it. It was no surprised really, not when he felt that he didn't belong with these people.

And of course, he didn't.

Their customs were so different from his own, as was their way of life. The Seven Sacred Stones still remained a mystery to him, however, as the keepers did not wish to reveal the secrets behind these stones to him. They did not trust him. Well, it wasn't like Yuugi trusted them either.

The next peasant came forward and began to tell Rebecca of their problems. Yuugi pretended to listen. Something about their son wanting to marry some girl, but her father was refusing it. Just hearing the word "marriage" was enough to make Yuugi's heart ache. He was supposed to marry Anzu in a few weeks, but that would not be possible anymore. 'Ra, I miss her…'

Since he had been forced to stay, Anzu had sent many letters to him, as had Atemu, Jonouchi, Honda and his other friends. But he had been forbidden to communicate with them. Rebecca had said that once they were married, he would be able to return to the palace in Illuminarta briefly so he could collect his belongings. But he would not be allowed to stay. Yuugi looked forward to returning home, and dreaded it at the same time.

"Thank you, your highness!" the peasant thanked, bowing ever closer to the ground. "Thank you! Thank you!"

"You are welcome," Rebecca said, waving her hand to dismiss the man. "Next?"

The guard that stood at the front of the queue of people ushered the next person forward. Yuugi would have ignored them if something hadn't caught his eye…

…Their clothes.

As the person slowly approached the thrones, Yuugi felt himself straighten in his chair. The person before him was female, he could easily tell by her clothes, even if a shawl did cover her head, only barely revealing her eyes. The clothes she wore where not cream or grey, like so many of the other peasants before him. In fact, he wasn't even sure this woman was a peasant at all. The light pink robes that she wore were made out of a rich fabric, and the pink bands on her arms glistened as brightly as the gold ones.

But there was something else too. Something that seemed more familiar than the clothes. As the woman knelt before them and bowed, Yuugi felt her powerful aura washing over him like a cold shower. 'It couldn't be…'

"What troubles you?" Rebecca asked, oblivious to Yuugi's reaction.

"Your majesties," the woman began. Her voice was soft and mysterious. It sent Yuugi's heart flying. "Please help me. I am due to marry the man I love in only a few weeks, but he has been taken from me by another woman and held against his will. Please, if I do not see him, I will surely die. I love him dearly, and cannot live without him."

"Who has taken him?" Rebecca asked.

"A witch of a woman who thinks she can always get what does not belong to her."

"Well that's a bit harsh," Rebecca said. "I mean, I'm sure she has her reasons for taking your man. They might have already been engaged or something like that. Isn't that right, Yuugi?" She waited for an answer, but received none. "Yuugi?" Still no answer. "Yuugi, are you li-" She stopped. "Yuugi, what are you doing?"

Yuugi wasn't listening to her. He had risen out of his throne, his amethyst eyes wide open, and was slowly approaching the woman. He took hesitant steps, his body shaking with anticipation.

"Yuugi! Get back here!" Rebecca ordered.

But still Yuugi did not listen. He reached the woman, who's eyes were still cast down to the floor. Yuugi knelt in front of her. Hesitantly, he brought his hand forward and lifted to woman's head. He looked into her eyes. Her beautiful crystal blue eyes that sparkled in the light.

Hypnotised, Yuugi removed his hand from her chin and took the soft fabric of her shawl in his fingers. He gently pulled it, letting it fall away from her face and reveal her short chestnut brown hair. It landed on her shoulders.

Yuugi let out a surprised gasp. Something familiar sparkled around the woman's neck. A crystal of some sort. Worried that the vision before him was a dream, Yuugi gently stroked the woman's face. Her skin felt soft and warm. He cupped her cheek, and with his thumb he wiped away a tear that rolled down her cheek. The woman's hand came up and gently gripped his arm. It was then that he knew he wasn't dreaming.

"Anzu…" he whispered.

"WHAT!" Rebecca exclaimed, jumping out of her throne. She stared at the woman in front of Yuugi, only now recognising the brunette from their brief meeting in Illuminarta. "GUARDS! SEIZE HER!"

The sound of drawing swords echoed around the hall as the guards charged forward under the command of their queen.

Panicking, Yuugi lifted Anzu to her feet. "Go! Get out of here!"

"Not yet," Anzu said. "I have to tell you something."

"What?" Yuugi asked. He looked up at the guards.

"Yuugi, we all want you to know we're working on a plan to get you out of here."


The guards were closing in.

"Shizuka and I are here to carry out the plan. Tomorrow night, we'll come to your room and get you out of here."

"But Anzu-"

"Tomorrow night!" Anzu repeated.

Slowly, Yuugi nodded. "Tomorrow night. Now GO!"

As quick as a flash, Anzu summoned Black Magician Girl using her crystal. Black Magician Girl scooped her up in her arms and lifted off in to the air, barely missing the guards' swords. She flew up to the ceiling, before flying out of one of the windows and disappearing behind the clouds.

"FIND HER!" Rebecca ordered her guards. A large group of them exited the hall. "Yuugi! Come with me!"

Yuugi soon found that he didn't have a choice. A handful of guards that remained soon surrounded him and began to lead him towards Rebecca, whom was exiting the hall via one of the many corridors that led towards it. Once both she and Yuugi were clear from the crowds back in the hall, they stopped.

"Did you plan this?" Rebecca asked, turning around to face Yuugi.



Yuugi didn't even flinch as Rebecca slapped him.

"Don't lie to me," Rebecca snarled.

"I'm not," Yuugi answered calmly. "I had no idea that was going to happen. I'm as surprised as you are."

"Well it doesn't matter now," Rebecca snorted. "That bitch is up to something…" She thought for a moment. "Guards, escort Yuugi back to his room. And make sure he doesn't come out."

The guards saluted, before taking Yuugi away.

"Miho!" Rebecca yelled.

A young woman with blue hair, whom up until now had remained silently by the queen's side, came to Rebecca's side and bowed. "Yes, your highness?"

"Has our potions master returned from his trip?"

"Yes. He returned a few days ago."

"Take me to him. I need to ask him for a special potion that will take care of that bitch for good…"


"Is Master okay?" Black Magician Girl asked.

"Yeah, Yuugi's okay…for now," Anzu answered. She looked down at the ground below her, keeping an eye out for Shizuka's signal.

"Is the plan still going ahead?"

Anzu nodded. "Yes, the plan is still going ahead. We act tomorrow night."


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