Brick Top's bar sat empty. Of course, it usually was empty, it served as little more than a front for Brick tops other businesses, unlicensed boxing and dog fighting-both very much illegal.

Phil was behind the bar reading his newspaper as usual. Danessa Palford sat at the bar and tried her best to stay awake. She had worked as a waitress in her dads bar for about a month now. Her father, Brick Top, had said it was a good opportunity for her to meet new people and earn some money, but Danessa knew he probably just wanted her nearby so he could keep a closer eye on her. It had been like that her whole life, ever since her mother had run off with her to try and get her out of the lifestyle her father led. They hadn't gotten far till Brick Tops men had found them and brought them back. Since then her mother spent her days in a cloud of alcohol and pills, and Danessa spent her time within ear shot of her father, whether with him at the gym, the pig farm, or under the supervision of one of his goons. Even at school all she had to do was look out a window to see a black car or someone in a black suit standing under a tree , smoking a cigarette and wondering how he got so lucky to be put on baby sitting duty.

Danessa heard a ding behind her and turned around to see John and Errol coming in. Errol looked Danessa over and grinned, which on his face looked alien. She knew Errol had a crush on her, but wouldn't dare make a move. He knew what had happened to the last guy who tried to make a move on Danessa, in fact Errol had been the one that done it. His name was Gary, he had worked for Brick Top a long time, but about a week ago Liam had caught Gary peeping and masturbating to Danessa outside her window. Liam went to Brick top with the news. Gary got a stun gun in the side and a plastic bag over his head, Liam got the same…for being a grasser.

"Working hard as usual." Errol said as he looked around. Phil just smirked and turned the page of his paper.

"You look busy yourself, Errol." Danessa said as she went back to trying to make designs out of toothpicks.

"As a matter of fact I am busy. The guv'nor said for me to tell you he wants to see you."

"Does he now….and just leave Phil here alone…in the middle of this rush?" Danessa sighed. Phil seemed not to notice.

"C'mon love." Errol said, "Lets not keep your daddy waiting."

"Fine." Danessa rose from the barstool and followed Errol out the door. A black car waited by the curb. John opened the door of the passenger side for her and then shut it behind her. John always opened doors for her. She didn't know if it was because he liked her or if it was because he had been told to. Errol popped into the drivers seat and started the car as John slid into the back.

They headed west toward the gym. Boxing was her fathers passion…well that and money. He had a new fighter, and everyone agreed he was the best they'd seen. "Bomber" was what people called him, Danessa didn't know his real name. Bomber Harris was in the corner practicing on a sandbag hung from the ceiling. Each punch was a deafening thud in the room. Her father was in his office on the phone with someone…and by the sound of it he wasn't happy.

"You tell that mother fucking cunt that if he so much as breathes heavy this next week he'll have me to deal with." Brick top slammed the phone down on its hanger, then looked up to see his daughter. After a deep breath, he motioned her to come in, Errol followed behind her.

"You wanted to see me, Dad?" she said.

"Yeah, sit." he motioned to the chair and then whispered something to Errol. Errol nodded, then turned to leave. She could see Errol telling John something then they both left the place…making sure to check their guns before they went.

"Problems?" she asked her father as he sat down at his desk.

"Nothing you need to worry about, Nessa." he ruffled some papers on his desk and then squared his shoulders, and looked at Danessa with his wide eyes. Danessa knew this meant he was about to give her a speech. "I've been proud of you these last few weeks at the pub."

"I've hardly done anyth…" she started but Brick Top raised his hand and she fell silent.

"You've shown initiative. Now I've got a fight coming up in a couple of days. The Bomber against Turkish's boy…Gorgeous George." Danessa smirked, Turkish was a bit of a laughing stock in the boxing world, but with Gorgeous George he had begun to earn some respect. "What I want you to do is act as a liaison between Turkish and me. You'll be the Bombers manager. If you think you're up for it?" Brick top's face was a contorted sneer, as though he were trying to hold back a smile.

"Yeah, of course I am…" Danessa was stunned.

"Of course you are." Brick tops sneer turned into a smirk…which was as close to a smile as he ever got. "Now Turkish is coming by later, he'll want to set the venue but you tell him where to stick it. Also you need to speak with Bomber, let him know you're his manager…I'm putting you in charge of this circus, and I don't want to have it fucked up."

"You can trust me dad. I'll do you proud."

Brick Top stood up and opened the door out for her. "I'll have Errol and John with you as well, when they get finished with present business. It wont hurt to have Turkish see you're well protected."

"All right." Danessa didn't want to argue, even though she didn't exactly want her dads goons following her around. She shrugged and went to speak to Bomber.

Her name is Danessa Palford, but everyone knows her as "Bricktop's daughter", a.k.a. "Don't Touch for Fear of Your Fucking Life". Tommy knew a guy who knew a guy who heard that a guy had been caught getting to familiar with Miss Palford and got his ass handed to him-literally. The guy had to know he had it coming…you just don't mess with the kingpins daughter. That was alright with me, though. In my line of business, You don't have much time for relationships. They're more of a liability than anything…in case you get on the wrong side of somebody-somebody like Bricktop. Anyway, back to Danessa Palford, why Bricktop is putting her in-between him and myself in this deal is beyond me, but I'm not going to take any punches just cause she's a girl. I've got my pride.