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Danessa was sitting close to the fatter one. He was talking about some football match and she was doing her best to act interested-as long as it kept the booze flowing he could be talking about the economic troubles of Rwanda for all she cared.

Nikki's arms were folded beside her-she didn't care much for the company and her body language was practically screaming it.

Nessa took another large gulp.

"Slow down, love-You're not part fish, are you?" the guy beside her joked. Nessa grinned a bit-but took another drink.

The bell rang and she saw the last person she wanted to. It was John-followed by Turkish.

As John's eyes scanned the pub, Danessa toyed with the idea of hiding under the table-but she was far too drunk to do much of anything at the moment.

He found her easily and with a backward hand to Turkish they approached the table.

Nikki turned-having followed Danessa's death stare. She jumped out of her seat. "Turkish!" She said going over to him. "I'm so glad to see you. I think she's gone a bit wrong."

John glanced at Nikki sideways before turning his gaze to Danessa.

"Come on, Nessa-we're going." he said a bit forcefully.

"Is there a problem?" The guy she was sitting next to asked. He didn't want to fight a guy as large as John-but the alcohol had given him some bravery and he was certain this Nessa girl was a sure thing and didn't like some guy just showing up to cart her away.

"No, there aint no fucking problem-so long as you keep your ass sat down." John replied quickly.

"Oi?" His mate spoke up from where Nikki had been.

"You fuckin too." John dismissed him. He turned his attention back to the girl. "Come on, Nessa."

"I aint going back there." She didn't look up at him-just back into her drink. "I just cant right now."

"Well, you aint fucking staying here." John said, tired of her shit. He stepped forward and picked her up off the seat.

The two men she had been sitting with started to get up-but thought better of it when Turkish stepped in-letting them know he would step in if necessary.

John had her to the door in all of two strides. Turkish and Nikki followed them outside.

He got the keys from her and sat her in the passenger seat of Brick Tops car.

"You'll get her home, yeah?" John said to Turkish-motioning to Nikki.

Turkish did a double take, but nodded.

"Where you takin' her, then?" Nikki asked.

"Just tell Brick Top -she's with me and she's safe." John said as he walked around to the drivers side.

Nikki nodded and watched as John climbed in and drove away with Danessa.

"Am I missing something?" Turkish asked once they were out of sight. "I know her mum died and all but…"

"The coffin was empty." Nikki said quietly. "She thinks Brick Top-" she broke off-unable to actually finish the words.

"Jesus." Turkish sighed. He knew Brick Top was a bastard but this was cold even for him. "Lets get you home." He pulled Nikki to his jeep.


The car was silent.

Danessa didn't know where he was taking her-but to be honest she didn't care, so long as it wasn't home-the boxing ring-the pub, or the pig farm.

She watched him driving-his large hands-the hands that she was so sure had helped dispose of her mother. She looked away out the window-the booze had numbed the pain somewhat- but not fully.

She closed her eyes and thought of Tony.

The car stopped in front of a crappy building. John got out and opened her door for her. She didn't move.

"Am I gonna have to carry you upstairs as well?" he asked.

She shook her head and stood up reluctantly. The rush of blood to her head caused her to falter on her feet. John steadied her.

"Come on. Lets get you upstairs." he said softer into her ear as he led her up the concrete-into the building and up the stairs to a small flat.

He unlocked the door and stepped in.

She was met with a rush of air that smelled like him and knew instantly where she was. This was John's flat.

She looked around the one room flat. It was clearly a place he only came to shower and sleep. There was little in the way of furnishings besides his bed, a weight bench and a small tv and radio in the corner with a few records lined up beside it.

"Make yourself at home." he said as he flicked on the bathroom light. He shut the bathroom door behind him.

"Thanks." She said and tentatively sat on the unmade bed. She rubbed her hand on his pillow allowing herself a little rush as she thought that's where his head is when he sleeps.

"I don't entertain much." he said as he came back out.

"Its fine." She said, recoiling her hand-as though he had caught her.

He took one step to the record player and put on a record-it was turned down low-she figured because the walls in this place were probably thin as paper-not that anyone would complain to a man like John.

The alcohol had started to wear off a little when he turned and looked at her- He looked tired and thoughtful. Not like the strong man who had practically kidnapped her from the pub.

He sank down beside her on the bed-leaned forward on his knees-he rubbed a bit as his temples as though weighing his options carefully, before he spoke.

"I wanted to tell you." He said finally. "Your mum, I wanted you to know what happened…"

"I know." she cut him off. "I heard you with Errol. I know."

"I didn't like doing it, Ness." He said unemotionally-looking straight forward. "But, its my job."

"I know." she repeated softly. She had wanted him to confess before, but now she didn't.

"I want you." he said, finally turning and looking at her. "I want you, and Ill fight for ya-- Tony, Brick top--whoever. I'll fight for ya." he repeated.

Danessa leaned in closer. He made no move to pull away or get closer, but let her move into his neck where she kissed him again. His deepset eyes closed.

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