I do not own Supernatural, nor do I own the fictional...yea fictional character of Freddy Kruegar. Whistler, West Virginia isnt a real place. Any other characters you don't recognize aremine. Enjoyyyy

9, 10 Never Sleep Again


Chapter 1

Whistler, West Virginia

2 weeks earlier

19 yr old Dylan was up late studying for his final exams. He has been so stressed out lately with school, sports, and his relationship with his girlfriend of 6 months. All he wanted to do was sleep, but he knew he couldn't. Those weird nightmares have been coming more and more frequently now, this made him afraid to even blink for more than 2 seconds. Falling asleep in class already made him unpopular with his teachers, waking up screaming did help either.

He glanced at his sister's picture on his desk. He winced as he remembered that night, the accident on route 90. How could have he been so careless. He couldn't believe that he had killed his 9 yr old sister. In his nightmares he would see her yelling at him, blaming him for the accident, how it was his fault that she was dead, every nightmare getting a little worse as it progressed. They were back on that old back road, the mangled metal intertwined with the huge oak tree, the fire, hearing the scared screams of his little sister.

He pushed the images out of his and tried to focus on his finals. Styrofoam coffee cups and Twinkie wrappers littered his desk. He knew sooner or later he would have to sleep. He rested his head on his hand, jerking up every time he felt his head lolling to the side.

"Okay Dylan focus. At STP, potassium is classified as a….a." He threw his pencil down.

Jesus I cant do this.

Hearing the door of his apartment slam shut made him whirl around. He figured it was his roommate Jake. He turned back around in his seat and continued studying. Suddenly he heard a child's laughter coming from outside his window. He pushed back the curtains, revealing a little girl in a white dress jump roping in the front yard. He got up and opened the front door, the air was like ice when it hit his face. The little girl had her back to him, so he couldn't see her face.

"Hey, little girl I don't think you should be out here this late, its freezing."

She ignored him and continued to jump rope. He walked into the yard, a chill running up his spine when his bare feet hit the cement. She stopped jumping when he came behind her, still with her back turned to him.

"Little girl, didn't you hear me? Now I think you should go inside. Where do you live?"

She ignored him once more and kept on jumping. He tapped her on the shoulder. Making her whirl around to face him. He jumped back in fear, it was his 9 yr old sister, her face scared from being burned. A slight smile wiped across her face as he slowly backed up.


"Metallic solid." she said.

"W-what did you say?"

"At STP, potassium is classified as a metallic solid, idiot." she smiled sweetly, she then continued to jump rope , this time singing a childhood rhyme.

"1..2..freddy's coming for you, 3..4..better lock your door, 5..6..grab a crucifix, 7..8..stay up late, 9..10..never sleep again."

Dylan shook his head in disbelief, still watching her as he backed up into his apartment. He slammed the door behind him and ran into his room. He pushed back the curtains, the little girl was gone, her jump rope still laying in the yard. He blew out a breath as he turned around to reveal that his little sister was standing behind him. He let a scream escape his lips. She moved closer to him.

"Leave me a-alone." he stuttered with fear.

"You can't run from me anymore." she said with an evil laugh.

He watched her contort her figure into a tall man, his face also scarred like he had been badly burned. He wore a brown hat, with a red and brown striped sweater. Dylan glanced down at the glove he wore that had knives protruding from it.


The man smirked. "That's right…..Here's Freddy!"

He brought the knives up and trusted them into Dylan's chest. Blood splattered all over the room as Freddy repeatedly flung the knives at him.

Dylan jerked his head up, rubbing his eyes.

It was just a dream

He felt a sudden pain, putting his hand on his chest. He lifted his hand that had become covered in blood. Fear rushed over his face as he tried to get up, but and invisible force held him down. He screamed when he saw slashes suddenly appear on his body.


Jake opened the apartment door, setting down the six pack of beer that he had "borrowed" from a friend.

"Yo, Dylan, I'm back."

He went back into Dylan's room, thinking that he may just be sleeping. He knew how hard things had been on him lately. He opened the door, Dylan was laying face down on his desk.

"Hey, Dylan wake up man." he said shaking his friend. He turned the chair around, letting out a loud shriek when he saw friend's mutilated body.