Chapter 12

Sam nervously paced between the two beds, one containing his sleeping brother. He ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a low sigh.

"So alls we can do is wait?" Michael said with innocence.

Yeah wait and pray he wakes up.

"Yeah, that's all." Sam replied sadly.

Michael walked into the bathroom and grabbed one of the small white washcloths. He ran it under the warm water, ringing it out after it was fully soaked. He walked back out and sat on the edge of Dean's bed, blotting the streams of blood than ran down the elder hunter's chest. He glanced over at Sam, who was still pacing throughout the room.

"He's gonna make it Sam."


Another pained moan rang throughout the factory, each one louder than the first. Blood dripped from his mouth onto the floor, his face growing more pale by the second. He was losing his strength, weakened by the hold that Freddy have over him. He saw a faint light in the corner of the room, a light he could vaguely remember with all the brushes with death he had gone through before this. Freddy had disappeared. He now saw a figure of a woman wearing a long flowing lacey, white gown. Her blond hair flowed down towards her mid-section with a soft, golden glow. Her eyes were soft rings of brown, like the color of chestnuts at Christmas. Dean couldn't help but stand in awe at her beauty, the beauty he once remembered, the beauty that was taken away from him so young. She smiled at him, her face peaceful with grace.


Her voice was so angelic, like birds singing on a bright sunny day in mid April. He remembered her voice. That voice that told him bed time stories, or that sang Sam a lullaby when he would cry at night. He could hear her calling him. To come in and wash his hands for dinner, or to pick up his toys that his dad would blatantly trip over when he wasn't paying attention. A four-year can remember a lot, more than people might think.

Come here Dean, I want you to come with me.

She held out her porcelain white hand, her smile bright with happiness. Dean slowly walked toward her, reaching out his hand to grasp hers. Their hands clasp together, letting out a small glow between them. He smiled, a tear slowly ran down his bruised, blood-stained cheek.



This is taking too long.

Sam stood up, ruffling with his clothes before walking over to the wooden desk. Michael watch him as he placed the gun cartridge on the table next to the decrepit spell book. Sam walked back over to the vacant bed and laid down.

"What are you doing?" Michael questioned.

Sam let out a low sigh. " I'm going to go get him."

"What? Are you nuts?"

Sam straighten his back against the head board. " I'm going to go get Dean, if I don't he's going to die."

Yep he's nuts.

"What if Freddy gets you too, then your both done for."

"Just promise me you won't fall asleep. We'll be fine. I'll have him out before you know it."

Michael shook his head before continuing . "Okay." Michael walked over to the chair and sat down next to the table with spell book. "I'll stay awake."

Sam laid his head on the pillow, closing his eyes. He felt a chill run over him as he was enveloped in the darkness.


He hadn't said that word in a long time, partly because he would envision her face every time he would say it. It was almost bitter-sweet seeing her again. At least she wasn't on fire this time like he would see her in his dreams-- nightmares.


She put her finger to her lips. Shh Dean. It's okay, your safe now. He can't hurt you anymore.

She led him towards the light. He couldn't believe it, walking side by side, hand in hand with his beloved mother again. They reached the end of the hall, a faint light glowed behind a door. She reached out to open it. Dean blinked a few times then slowly let go of her hand. She looked at him with question.

Dean what's wrong?

I-I can't go with you mom. Sam…..Sam needs me here. I have to protect him. I can't go…not yet."


Sam ran through the factory, repeatedly calling out Dean's name. All that cam in return was an echo. He saw a large steel door that was slightly cracked. Picking up a piece of a metal-pipe on the floor, he pushed the door open more. Pipes sent steam throughout the room, making Sam immediately sweat as he entered. He saw Dean laying on the floor, in a pool of his own blood, barely breathing. Sam ran over and fell to the floor next to his older brother, frantically trying to get him up.

"Dean! Dean wake up, look at me Dean please!"

Dean's head hung limply in Sam's arms. He held him as tight as he could, praying that he wasn't dead, that he would wake up, that he was just….sleeping. Tears slowly ran down his cheeks, dripping down onto Dean's face.

Suddenly Sam heard footsteps coming from out of the darkness. A man's figure caste a shadow onto Sam's face. He looked up to see the man that had taken his brother away.

"Well isn't that sweet. Tell me, what's little brother gonna do now without big brother to protect him?"

Anger washed over Sam's face as he slowly lowered Dean back onto the floor. He picked up the metal pipe, grasping it tightly.

"You want to fight me?" Freddy said with a laugh. " You want a piece of this?"

"No you son of a bitch I want the whole thing."

"Suit yourself."

Sam leaped forward, throwing the pipe to make a connection with Freddy's head. Freddy quickly blocked the pipe with his blades, sending sparks onto the floor. Sam tried again but missed, falling to the floor. Freddy jumped on top of him, wrapping his hands around his neck. Sam violently thrashed around, trying to escape the choking grip that Freddy' had on him.

"To bad Sammy boy."

Sam gasped for air, managing to get out his last words "Don't…..call me Sammy."

Sam used his strength to throw Freddy off of him, sending him crashing against the wall where Dean laid. When Freddy regained his balance, Sam pressed the pipe against his throat, pinning him against the wall.

Dean blinked open his eyes. He turned his head to look up at his brother, who had pinned their adversary to the wall. He could see the hate and anger in Sammy's eyes.

"What do you want from me?" Freddy said with animosity.

"I want my brother back." Sam said, his voice hinted with sadness.

Dean saw the steam from the pipe next to him blow out. He mustered up the last of the strength he had and reached out with one hand to grab Sam's ankle, and used the other hand to grab the boiling hot pipe. He let out a loud groan as the pipe burned his flesh.


Michael tapped his foot on the floor as he read the incantations of the ancient book to himself. Suddenly a strong wind wiped through the room, sending papers and books everywhere. Sam and Dean were thrown from their beds onto the floor. The boys struggled to get themselves up until a force pinned them back to the ground.

Freddy stood over them, his claws spread and ready to attack.

"Let's end this now."

He raised his glove to make his last strikes until he heard a boy's voice in the corner of the room.

"Dictum sapienti sat est…."

"And what do you think your doing?"

"Sending your ass back to hell." He said with hatred.

This is for you Jake.

A evil smile formed on the demon's face as he slowly walked toward the young boy.

"You have to finish it, finish the spell Michael!" Sam yelled.

"Consilio et animis!."

A fire suddenly formed around Freddy as cries of young children filled the room. He slowly sunk down into the floor, the burned hands of people pulling him down.

"Death is only the beginning." He shouted before he and the fire disappeared.

Michael opened his eyes. Sam helped Dean up onto the bed, laying him down on the cheap comforter.

"You guys okay?" Michael said.

"Yeah, C'mon lets get you home. Help me up Sam."

Sam threw Dean's arm around his shoulder, helping him out into the Impala.

They pulled up in front of Michael's house. Michael got out and closed the door.

"What are you gonna do with the book?"

"We're gonna burn it , don't you worry." Sam replied.

"Good. Thank you guys, you save my life."

"Hey it was nothing….take care of yourself." Dean said.

"Yeah, and Michael, you never told us you knew Latin." Sam said.

"How come you never asked….and call me Mike." Michael replied.

Michael smiled and turned and started towards the house.

Sam pulled them Impala off the curb and drove down the road.

"Hospital's down the way, you think you can make it til' then." Sam asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Hey Dean."


"What made you come too? I mean I saw you and you were pretty out of it."

"I don't know….I had something to live for I guess."

"Aww…no chick flick moments Dean remember, your rules."

"I was talking about the car genius."

They both laughed as the sun slowly rose over the horizon.

"I'm serious."