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Chapter 1

It was just another ordinary day for Rita Repulsa. An ordinary BORING day. After she'd moved in with her father, she soon grew to hate it. Zedd's constant complaining and bickering didn't help much, nor did the stupidity of her minions. How she wished they were more competent. Her father was another pain in the neck. He drove her crazy with his incessant chatter from her failure to conquer the galaxy to her failure of a husband. Rita had a headache from it all. Unfortunately, there was no other option at the moment; the old moon palace was still kept by the Machine Empire. Ugh. I have a headache she thought as her brother ran past, chasing some of Finster's newest tengas. "You nitwits! Can't you ever be quiet!" she screamed at them.

The tengas stopped suddenly and Rito turned around. "Uh… sorry sis. Last time I checked, this was a free hallway," he responded.

"No, it's my hallway. Scram!"

"Sheesh," mumbled Rito before taking off.

"Ugh, I have such a headache…" whined Rita. She turned toward the open balcony. The telescope Zedd had given her was set up, but hadn't been used yet. Rita hadn't felt the need to use it; those Rangers were too busy dealing with the Machine Empire, and nothing great had come to mind to compete with them. She bent over, and the telescope began flipping through scenes of Earth.

Rita only cared about what the Rangers were up to. She saw the Zeo Rangers engaged in battle with yet another one of King Mondo's creations. Scoffing, she began trying to focus the telescope on past Rangers instead. At least they no longer had powers to fight back with, though Rita realized that any involvement with past Rangers would bring the present Rangers crashing into her hideaway. The telescope began focusing, and Rita's eyes widened.

Back on Earth, Kimberly Hart was training endlessly for the Pan Globals. It involved more training than she could have ever imagined. However, this was her goal, her dream, her destiny. Ever since she was little and had watched her first Olympic gymnastic event on television, she longed to bring home her own gold medal, to take her skills to the highest attainable level. The only way she could do that was to make it through the Pan Globals and train even harder. The Olympics involved so much more than Pan Globals. She had to find a coach to train her, and then there was the Invitationals followed by Divisions before she even got to go to the trials for the Olympics. It was a long, hard road ahead, but it would all be worth it.

It was 10 PM Florida time, and Kimberly was beat. Her body was covered in sweat, and her leotard clung to her sticky skin. She craved a long hot shower and then a peaceful night's rest. Before she could do any of that, she had to call and talk to Tommy. She hoped he was in, and not out saving the world from King Mondo. Kimberly sighed as she still wished she too could be out fighting evil, but she had to give it up to train. Her friends were very supportive of her decision, and she was glad they backed her up. Kimberly knew that her Power Coin would have had to be passed on eventually. If nothing else, Kat would make a good replacement Ranger. But not as good a Pink Ranger as me mused Kimberly. Then she laughed at herself for thinking such a thing. Kat was every bit as good as her, otherwise she wouldn't have passed on the Power Coin to her.

She slung her duffle bag over her shoulder and left the gymnastic compound. Thankfully her apartment was only a block away; this had saved Kimberly from having to purchase a car after moving to Florida. Instead, she and a few teammates had chipped in to rent an apartment near the gymnastic compound. It made life a bit easier for Kimberly, even if it did mean she had to share her "home" with two other girls. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't the best either. Some nights Kimberly had a feeling that one of them was listening in on her conversations with Tommy. Not that she said anything bad, it was just that she didn't like her privacy invaded. She even had a feeling that her roommates thought her a tad crazy for keeping up a long distance relationship, but that didn't matter to Kimberly. She loved Tommy more than anything else.

As Kimberly walked into the apartment, she discovered a note laying on the counter. Lacie and Sarah had apparently gone out for the evening with some friends at the local dance club, Silky's, and wouldn't be back until late. The note did encourage her to join them whenever she returned. Kimberly crumpled up the note and tossed it in the trash, grabbing the cordless phone off the receiver and heading toward her bedroom. She dialed the number for the phone card, glancing at it every so often; it wasn't all that necessary since she'd memorized the number and pin long ago. After following a computer's automated instructions, finally dialing that familiar ten digit number. It rang twice before being picked up.

"Hello?" came a masculine voice from the other end.

"Tommy! I'm so glad you're home."

"Heh, hey Kim. You sound cheerful."

"Who wouldn't when they can end their day talking to their white knight?"

"Technically, I'm your red knight now you know," teased Tommy.

"Details, details," murmured Kimberly.

"How'd training go? Have you mastered your new routine on beam yet?" asked Tommy, curious to hear about her day.

Kimberly's groan was quite audible. "No, not yet. There are a few spots during the routine that I just can't seem to get down and my dismount is terrible still. At the rate I'm going, I'll still be doing it come Pan Globals."

"You know that's not true. You have a lot of talent; you'll master it soon. What else is going on?"

"Nothing really. My roommates are out at Silky's and invited me to join them, but I don't think I'm going."

"Oh? Why not?"

Kimberly shrugged to herself as she answered Tommy. "Honestly I don't see how they even have the energy after today's workout. I'm exhausted myself. I'm heading to bed soon. I really need some sleep."

"Are you not sleeping well?"

"Some nights, no. I have these nightmares. There's some shadow that's always chasing me, always following me. It stalks me until it ruins my gymnastic career or kills me. It wakes me up every time and then I can't fall back asleep for at least an hour."

"What do you think it means?" asked Tommy, concerned.

"I'm not sure, Tommy. Things like that are just scarier at night. It's nothing to worry about. What have you been up to?"

"Saving the world as usual. We're getting through. The Machine Empire can't keep us away for long."

"Any tough battles lately?"

"Not particularly. We've always been able to handle what's been thrown at us."

"How's the rest of the gang?"

"Not doing too badly. We've been able to come together pretty well. They all miss you. Tanya wants to go on a shopping spree the next time you visit. She wants you to help her find all the latest fashions of America."

"Hmm… that means you're coming to carry the bags, right?" asked Kimberly, giggling.

"Nuh uh, no way Kim. I am not going to be bag boy this time. The last time I carried your bags I became fifty pounds heavier and two feet taller. I learned my lesson."

"But Tommy it'll be fun!"

"You and Tanya go and have your girl shopping spree without me. I'll carry the bags next time, okay?"

"Right Tommy. With you there won't be a next time," laughed Kimberly.

"So what's your point? It's just a small detail." Tommy smiled to himself as Kimberly laughed harder. She had such a sweet laugh.

The couple talked for another hour before Kimberly realized what time it was. "Oh my gosh. Tommy it's almost 11:30 here. I so need to shower and get to bed."

"Time flies when you're in love," mentioned Tommy.

"That it does. I'll talk to you tomorrow night after I get home. I love you Tommy."

"I love you too Kim. Bye."


Kimberly turned the phone off and took it back to the kitchen. She knew she shouldn't have been on the phone so long, but she couldn't help it when she talked to Tommy. Time seemed shorter than it really was. Kimberly knew she was going to pay for it in the morning though. She had to be at the gymnastic compound by 6. Kimberly frowned as she headed for the bathroom, but shook it off. There was no way that she'd give up talking to Tommy just for an extra hour of sleep.

Rita grinned evilly as she removed her eye from the Repulsa Scope. "So the former pink Ranger is madly in love still with the Red Zeo Ranger. Tommy-boy still has her after all. Pinky still loves that gym stuff too…" Rita trailed off.

Zedd walked down the hallway. "What are you up to my evil one?"

"Ahh Zeddy. You won't believe how bored I am. So bored that I had to watch a sickening conversation between a Ranger couple."

"You're bored? I'm the one who has to constantly deal with your father. I swear I'd blow him to bits if he weren't related to you."

"My father just likes being superior."

"Superior? I swear one of these days I'm gonna kill him… he too will fear the rise of Lord Zedd."

"Zedd, I want to do something. I can't live like this!" interrupted Rita, changing the subject.

"I'm not interested in your games. You're on your own for this one."

"But Zedd… think of it. We can toy with the Rangers like we used to. You used to get such an evil joy from it."

"Bah, those silly Rangers are in the past now. Let King Mondo deal with them. I will not deal with them until I have the most diabolical plan to destroy them once and for all!"

"What's that without a bit of fun along the way? What are you, getting old? Is that it? Can't handle a bit of fun?" asked Rita, not interested in Zedd's way of doing things as usual.

"Fun? FUN? Fun is not an option! Death and destruction is! I will make the Rangers suffer a terrible death, not have "fun" with them and have them think I'm just kidding. They will come to tremble at the mention of "Lord Zedd", right before I kill them!'


"Yes dear?"

"Scram you moron! I don't want to hear your evil plot for the fifty-thousandth time!" yelled Rita. She couldn't take anymore of his egomaniacal attitude.

Zedd turned hastily and began walking back down the hallway. "Women…" he murmured. "Why did I ever marry one?"

Rita turned back to her Repulsa Scope as Zedd retreated down the hallway. She again resumed watching Kimberly, who was now getting ready for bed. Rita had to admit that out of all the Rangers, she wasn't the most interesting. Who wanted to deal with a preppy valley girl? One who wore…pink of all colors. Then again… she did have connections to Tommy…. Rita still wasn't over his whole evil-turned-good ordeal. Hmm... Pinky could be useful to me… and then I could get revenge on Tommy. Hmm... all I need is the perfect plot… perhaps this won't be so boring after all. Rita laughed evilly as she began to plot out her perfect diabolical plan. However, she'd need some of her best minions to help her make plans.

"Finster! Goldar! In here pronto!" Her two minions could be heard clear down the hallway. Each came from opposite directions.

"Yes, my queen? What is it?" called Finster's soft voice.

"What do you command?" came Goldar's raspy voice, entering from Rita's left.

"I've got an idea and I need both of you morons to help me put it into action."

"What did you have in mind?" asked Finster.

"I've been viewing the old Rangers… one of them is going to go down.

"Which one my queen? The old red Ranger?" asked Goldar. Out of all the Rangers, Goldar liked him the least and wouldn't mind taking part in his demise.

"No, not him. One with more… personal connections to another Ranger."

"Ah, you mean that Pink one?" questioned Finster.

"Exactly! She and Tommy are dating still. I can use her to get back at him. It'll be perfect!"

"But what are we to do?" asked Goldar.

"That is why you two are here. You're going to help me come up with a way to take her out of commission, and get back at Tommy!" cackled Rita.

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