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Taking Stock - A short vignette into the mundane.


Robin listened intently and was rewarded with the sound of the lock coming open with a click. He quickly moved forward, motioning for the rest of the Titans to follow. As the doors slid open he offered these last words.

"Okay, you all know what's needed, just keep focused and we'll make it out in time. Ready?" A brief nod from each teen signaled that it was time. "Titans, GO!"

Robin quickly flipped over the railing that was in his way and hit the ground sprinting forward. He only slowed briefly to read something that had caught his eye. "Not today," he quietly commented to himself as he sped on.

Beast boy had quickly shifted into an octopus and was grabbing everything that he thought they might need, his extra limbs allowing him to complete his assignment for the mission at a rapid pace.

If Beast Boy had been going rapidly, Raven was like lightning. Her powers snaked out black energy in all directions bringing everything she had been asked to collect.

Cyborg wasn't having as much luck with his task and had called Starfire for backup. Together they had avoided the onslaught of people who tried to stop them from reaching their destination.

In less than two minutes the team had regrouped and now stood, ready and waiting with everything they had come for.

"That'll be two hundred and thirty-eight dollars and seventeen cents. Do you need help out to your car?" A high pitched, cracking voice squeaked at them.

Robin just looked dumbfounded at the cashier.

"Sorry, I have to ask. Here's your change."

As they left the store Robin checked his communicator to see the time. "Two minutes and twenty-three seconds. Sweet, new record."

"It would have been faster if I hadn't had to call Star to help me get away from those fanboys."

"I still don't see why we need to shop like this."

"Dude, Raven, isn't it obvious?" Seeing her nonplused expression, Beast Boy continued. "We'd never get out of there if our fans and the media knew when the foods getting low."


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