A Son's Tale

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CHAPTER 1: To Tell the Truth

Remus Lupin sighed and rubbed his temples. This wasn't going to be easy. In two days time he would have to reveal a secret that had been kept from the world for so long. He really wished he didn't have to but he'd made the Unbreakable Vow with Lily.


Lily and Remus stood in a room, their hands clasped, Dumbledore's wand on their hands.

"Will you, Remus, tell my son the truth on his 16th birthday if I am no longer around to do so?" Lily said. Remus sighed.

"I will." A thin tongue of brilliant flame issued from the wand and wound its way around their hands like a red-hot wire.

"And will you explain to the professor if I am unable?"

"I will." Remus said. A second tongue of flame shot from the wand and interlinked with the first, making a fine, glowing chain.

"And if Padfoot is unable to accept it, will you deal with him?" Remus laughed.

"I will." Their faces glowed red in the blaze of a third tongue of flame, which shot out of the wand, twisted with the others, and bound itself thickly around their clasped hands, like a rope, like a firery snake.

End Flashback

He got out of his chair and looked out the window, watching the rain pour from the sky in sheets. Two days, Harry's 16th birthday, two days to tell the truth to both of them. To reveal a huge secret. Two long, long days. How he wished their was a full moon on July 31. No such luck.