A Son's Tale

Chapter 13: Christmas at Snape Manor

The weeks went by and classes became harder and harder to the point where everyone, even Hermione, were up until past midnight to finish all of the homework they'd been set. So it was a relief to all when the Christmas Holidays arrived. Jason and Draco sat at the breakfast table before the train was set to leave.

"So what are you and Snape doing for Christmas?" Draco asked through a mouthful of eggs.

"We're going back to the Manor, what about you Draco?"

"Mum, Dad, and I are going to our winter house in France." he said, airily. Unnoticed by Draco, Hermione and Ron stood behind them. Ron and Jason shared a look and then the three of them rolled their eyes. Draco had been nice to Jason but he still acted like he was better than everyone. Oh that was annoying. Ron and Jason looked away as Draco turned.

"Going back to the dunghill Weasley? And you Granger, are you going back to that mud puddle you came from? After all, you are a mudblood." Ron launch himself at Malfoy but Seamus and Dean grabbed him.

"Wise move Finnigan, Thomas."

"Weasley, Finnigan, Thomas. Fighting are we? 20 points from Gryffindor." They all turned to see Snape.

"Jason, you'd think he'd be a bit nicer wouldn't you?" Ron said in his mind.

"Eh yeah I suppose bad habbits are hard to break."

"Jason, ready to go?" Snape asked.

"Yeah," he said and followed his father out of the castle. The walked acrossed the ground and out of the gates.


"Hold on to me."


"I'm going to apperate, hold on." Jason held on. He felt as if he was being sucked through a tube. He didn't like the feeling. He felt his feet hit the ground and he let go of his father. Bad idea. His knees gave out beneith him and he was on his hands and knees, retching. His father knelt beside him.

"You alright?"

"I'm fine, that wasn't very pleasent."

"Its better when you do it yourself," he said as he helped Jason to his feet. "But it was your first time, don't worry. You should have seen me the first time someone took me along."

"What happend?" Snape flushed.

"Um, well, I threw up and then passed out." he admitted.

"Well I didn't do too bad then." Snape laughed.

"Come on."


Jason, Snape, and the House elves spent the next day and a half decorating. At one point, Jason heard his father say this was the most festive the house had looked since his own childhood. But, he realized, that's because no one had ever given him a reason to celebrate.


It was early morning on Christmas when all sleep was disturbed by a loud scream. Snape woke with a start and ran to his son's room. Jason was thrashing in his sleep, clutching his scar which was now on his shoulder. Snape shook him but he just continued to toss and turn. Snape could make out a few words.

"Potter...where...find...Crucio!" this time a whimper. "Find...boy...get...out...sight."

"Jason!" he woke with a start. He saw his father there and curled into a ball. Snape pulled the boy into his arms and desite himself, curled into the warmth.

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

"It...it was a vision. He..he has them looking for me. He's not happy because I've 'd..disappeared off the face of the e..earth'." he was shaking.

"Its alright, don't worry, they'll never find Harry Potter." He smiled slightly. Jason laughed.

"Well that's true."

"Come on, its Christmas. Let's go downstairs."



Jason and Snape sat down in front of the tree.

"Go on son." Jason grabbed the usually bulky package he always got from Mrs. Weasley. This year's sweater had the intials J.S. on it and an unfamiliar crest. It was green. Snape looked at it with raised eyebrows.

"The Snape Crest, sheesh Molly." The crest consisted of a snake wrapped around a potions vial with a large ornate S on it.

"Wow, Mrs. Weasley," he set it down and looked under the tree. He found one present adressesed to his father in some familiar writing. "Here dad, from Dumbledore." he threw it to him. Snape opened it. Lemon drops. Snape rolled his eyes.

"Thank you Albus." he said, sarcasticly.

"From Lucius Malfoy." Jason read out loud at one tag adressesed to him!

"Careful with that one Jason, Lucius can be...well Lucius." Jason read the note.

Well well well, Sev has a son, who'd have thought. Jason, as he's surely told you, we all promised our lord our first borns. These will come in useful when Sev brings you.


Lucius Malfoy

He handed it to Snape who read it and swore.

"Open it, though there's no doubt what it is." Sure enough as Jason pulled back the silver wrapping to reveal a set of full Deatheater garb, mask and all.

"Dad?" Snape picked up the robe and mask and set them aside. Jason paused. "Dad?" he said agian.


"I want to spy with you."


"I want to help. What will he say if you don't bring me? I can use occlumency."

"You can occlude?"

"Yes, I found it in a book during the Tri Wizard Tornament."


"Dad." Snape sighed.

"We'll see." Harry dropped it and returned to the gifts.


"Good haul this year." he said as he sat back. He'd gotten lots of great stuff. A Book of Seeker Moves from Zabini, Quidditch Teams of the World from Draco, Hungarian Horntail dragon hide boots from Charlie, an old box from Bill that wouldn't open for anyone but him, The Tutshill Tornados book from Ron, a collection of pranks from the Weasley twins, The Encyclopedias of Defensive Magic from Hermione (all 20 volumes), and an asortment of other things.

"That's not all Jason. You haven't gotten my present." his father said. He handed him a small box. He opened it. It was a necklace with several charms on it. A stag, a flower, a dog, a wolf, and a bat.

"Your family Jason. Myself, the bat. That's my animagus form. The Lily, your mother, the Stag, James, the dog, Black, the wolf is of course Lupin. Its a multiple emergency portkey. The bat will bring you here, the Lily will take you to your mother's childhood home, the stag will take you to Potter Manor, the dog will take you to Grimwald Place, and the wolf takes you to Hogwarts. It'll be useful after meetings."

"You're letting me go?"

"It is best."

"Thank you for these."

"Happy Christmas Jason."

"Happy Christmas Dad."