Camping Muggle Style


When Dumbledore has a camping idea he pulls through with it. Draco is furious and Hermione is ecstatic. Can love find a cold hearted Slythrin?


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Hiding in a cave near Hogwarts isn't something Draco wanted to do. He wanted to get Hermione somewhere safe where he could make sure she was going to be okay. She was lying under some cloaks but she was still shivering. He moved over to her and curled under the clothing with her trying to warm her up. His father, and Blaise's father should be back soon. They were bringing food and trying to get warmer blankets.

"Drac…o" Hermione mumbled her teeth chattering

"I'm right here." He whispered into her ear.

"This is a good time to say something, right?" Hermione whispered. In all honesty she thought she was going to die

"What is it, love?" he said soothingly

"I have a lot of feelings for you and I really wanted to go out with you." She whispered opening her big brown eyes

"Hermione you are not going to die." Said Draco pulling her closer "And I do too."

"'bout time. And damn right she's not going to die." Said a voice from the entrance of the cave

Draco turned to look and saw Blaise and Harry.

"Your father came to the castle. They said they need help. Voldemort is dead." Said Harry walking over to Draco

"You've been in this cave for a week now." Said Blaise kneeling down beside Hermione

Draco couldn't get that memory out of his head. She was his Hermione now. That was almost two years ago. They finished school and ended up getting married. She was now expecting their first child.


"When aren't you." He said quietly

"I heard that." She yelled

"Sorry dear." He called to her

As much as he loved her sometimes he hated that old fart for that damn camping trip. It caused a lot of problems.

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