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Death, destruction, mayhem. Terror and hopelessness. And Hikari-Dark in the middle of it all, kneeling in the carnage, glassy-eyed and giggling, laughing. Hikari-Dark is covered in crimson stains, rivers of life running down his body. Crimson and gold on Hikari-Dark, it's beautiful. Breathing hard, giggles. Hikari-Dark is perfect for Yami-Hatred. Pain, anger sorrow and painpainpainpainpain! Delicous, gleeful!

Hikari-Dark isn't laughing anymore. His eyes aren't glassy now. Hikari-Dark is still crimson and gold, crying in the carnage.

Why is Hikari-Dark crying? Why is he sad? Why does Hikari-Dark push away Yami-Hatred? Hikari-Dark, why are you unhappy? Fearpainangersorrowmayhemdeathdestruction! All for you! Isn't it enough?

Why does Hikari-Dark not breathe? Whyare his wrists cut so? Hikari-Dark? Hikari-Dark?

Hikari-Dark is dead. Yami-Hatred does now care.

Hikari-Dark is still crimson and gold.

That's the end. And... Yeah. This is what happens when I'm not allowed to help fill Easter Baskets.