Love Is A Terrible Thing.

To Love Is A Sin.

To Be Loved Is A Curse.

Jealousy is Love.

The first of the school days had arrived and Hermione could not be more excited. It was their seventh and final year at Hogwarts so that meant she had to work extra hard and focus. Even if that meant she was to stop going about the school with Harry and Ron. She took one last look at her room which had looked the same since she was twelve with plush dolls, and animals about and pink walls. Her desk and closet had been cleared of the things she would need. Her bed had been made and she now stood in her doorway with her luggage, two hours ahead of time. She then went downstairs to wait for the Weasley's to come and pick her up to go to the Burrow.

Draco Malfoy stuffed the last of his shirts into his suitcase and threw the heavy bag at a house-elf who nearly fell down the stairs with the weight of it. He walked down the stairs and stared into his mother's room absently on the third double doors to the left and continued to walk down.

"I'm leaving." He said, immediately his mother came up the stone hallway and hugged her son in a non-motherly manner, as if you had just put nail polish on and the way you grab something without getting your fingers in the way. Her arms barely went around her son and her nose in the air she gave a small 'mhm' and his father shoved him into the fireplace so that he could floo to Diagon Alley and make his way to the station from there.

At the Burrow there was hurried hello's and goodbye's as usual before they were all stuffed into the new Ford Anglea and raced off to the station in less than fifteen minutes. As usual the train was about to leave and Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Ginny all boarded the train. They found a compartment and Ginny had gone to some of her friends, while Hermione parted. They asked her where she was going and she replied as if it were the simplest thing in the world, "to the Head's compartment." She had forgotten to tell them about her badge. Oh well, they know now. She thought. She made her way to the front of the train and got into the compartment where Professor McGonagall was waiting.

He had walked all the way from Diagon Alley to the Station and made it onto the train in record timing. He then did not bother to see anyone of his friends on the train and he didn't even bully a few younger kids as he made his way to the head's compartment. He entered a little late and walked in on McGonagall talking about duties and what not.

"Mr.Malfoy, so nice of you to decide to join us, please take a seat."

He took a seat opposite Granger, whose hair was as short as her shoulders, layered but still curly. She had a pretty good rack and cute hips but he paid them no attention. Granger no doubtly made Head and most likely furious that Draco did too, judging by the open mouth of shock he was right. She was still his enemy and him hers.

"You will patrol every other night, the prefects will take care of the days you are not out of your Head Dorm. You will be model representatives for your fellow students, in every year. Lastly as you both know and are very excited, that this is your last year at Hogwarts. Every year the graduation takes place the day after everyone in the other years is gone. It lasts all day and night, celebrating your coming of age and parting from this school. Dress robes will be required, no matter appropriateness for the ladies." She added the last part in a sort of way that she thought it a swear word. "Now, please change for school and pin your badges on. We're almost nearing Hogwarts."

As soon as the professor shut the compartment door Hermione turned to Draco and snapped. "Get out."

"Why should I leave? Afraid the big bad Slytherin Snake is going to see the Gryffindor Goody?" (Hehe Alliteration :P) He said in a mocking voice, leaning backwards into the seat. He looked into her chocolate brown eyes and saw that she was analyzing the situation and finding a solution.

"Alright then." She said in a snooty, low, seductive voice and cocked and eyebrow before turning around to her bag. He had never heard that voice come out of her and was surprised, it showed on his face when she said it his eyebrows shot up. She removed her vest, but still had a red button-up shirt underneath. She then took the school shirt and pulled it over her red one. She then pulled her arms into the sleeves and began to unbutton the red one. He got a nice view of her stomach when she squirmed and turned to face him by accident. She was really thin, but she had nice grooves in her hips and stomach and he knew (from being with so many girls) that she had an hourglass-shaped body (though a lot of girls didn't have that, it was rare). He smiled as she took her skirt and looked at him. She slipped the skirt over her jeans and then undid her jeans and slid them off by moving her hips from side to side. This was slowly seemed like a strip tease to Draco and he uncomfortably moved in his seat. She slid her stockings on and gasped once she was done. She was red in the face and pretty tired.

"Impressive Granger, But I've got a better theory."

He then got up and removed his shirt by grabbing the back and pulling it over his head, tousling his already messy hair. Now standing shirtless before her he reached over her head for his bag and showed off his muscles tremendously. She huffed and averted her eyes to the scenery outside. She could still see him through the reflection. As he rummaged in his messy bag, a book dropped. She reached down and picked it up. He grabbed it back but she had seen what it was: The Holy Bible. He then pulled his pants down to stand in only his boxers. Then he took some time to find his pants. She suddenly remembered that she forgot her badge in her bag above her head. Standing she stepped over his discarded clothes and picked up her own and taking her bag.

He looked at the back of her head as she reached up to grab her bag. The train suddenly stopped with and ear-splitting screech and they were both thrown forwards into the ground. He fell on top of her and it was in that one moment where she felt like she could die. She had forgotten to do up most of her shirt buttons, leaving her heaving chest visible. She groaned in pain for her head had hit the floor with a small force enough to make her dizzy. She looked into his silver eyes and she could see some of her reflection in them.

"Oi! Geroff her!" She heard Ron yell and felt Draco's bodyweight lessen quickly as Ron attempted to pull him off but only succeeded in pulling him off to the side. She had guessed Ron was going to the washrooms at the front of the train and saw them. "You'd better have a good explanation for what you're doing before I bloody knock your teeth out!" Ron shouted preparing a fist. Hermione buttoned up the last of her buttons and got up just as Draco did. She stood between him and Ron and pushed Ron gently away from Malfoy and began to explain what had happened.

"Calm down Weasl-bee it was only a little misunderstanding." He said casually as if it were an everyday problem.

"Yeah, you'll misunderstand my fist to your face!"

"Ron! Stop it, do you honestly think I would physically and mentally allow Malfoy to do something like that to me?"

"Yeah and do you think I would touch a filthy mudblood? Be realistic Weasley." Draco snorted ignoring Hermione who tightened her jaw and shut her eyes in frustration. He then pulled on his school shirt and pants along with his badge. He bent down and picked up Hermione's badge and tossed it at her before he went back to cleaning his clothes off the floor.

Ron had tried to convince Hermione to come to their compartment but she said she was fine and only needed to refresh herself in the washroom. She excused herself like a proper lady and Ron glared a bit more before leaving back to him and Harry's compartment.

Draco sat down and looked around the compartment. Granger's things and bags' contents were sprawled against the floor due to the immediate stop (which had been due to a Hippogriff sleeping on the tracks). He saw a great many deal of books and other items but one of them caught his eye: A gold chain hanging out of the middle of one of the books as a bookmark. The gold chain belonged to the gold locket that was in page three-hundred-twenty-three of the book titled 'Don't Jump'. He opened the locket and in it was a picture of a young man of about Draco's age and he was smiling and grinning in the picture. He snorted and shut the book with a snap (a gap in the middle, where the locket was). And he began to stuff her things back into her bags.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Hermione splashed cold water over her face which had been covered in tears a few minutes previous. She gasped for air, still half-crying now and moaned in pain and looked into the mirror once more. Her eyes were red and puffy and mouth swollen. She pulled on her school robe (that had longer sleeves than her usual size) and pulled one sleeve up her forearm a bit before bursting into sobbing tears.

Once she had gotten herself under control she made her way back to the compartment. It was now very dark and Draco was asleep, they were nearing Hogwarts and so she began to gather her things and realized that he had done so for her. She smiled a sad smile before taking her blanket out of the luggage holder and pillow from one of her bags and lying down onto the seat and shutting her eyes.

After an hour the train had come near stopping and Draco awoke to find Hermione back and sleeping. He got up gathering his things and looked at her for a moment. One of her arms was draped across her upper stomach just under her nicely-shaped breasts and the other was dangling down off the seat. He picked it up slowly and placed it over her other arm. He then saw something on her forearm. Three white scars going horizontally across, just under her wrists. They weren't fresh but Draco still said it. "Shit." He sat back down in his seat and put one hand over his mouth and chin, in the way guys do when they're thinking. The train had come to a stop and he got up. He made lots of noise purposely so that she would wake up, once she did he left.

She rubbed her eyes and gathered her things. Hogwarts loomed over the lake on the giant hill, its many windows lit. They sky showed signs of rain and thunder boomed in the distance. After holding the door open to many younger years she and Draco made their way up the castle alone (since all the other years took the carriages). She noticed he was very fidgety and wouldn't look at her. After they were halfway up the gates it poured down rain as if someone had dumped ten tons of water directly over their heads in less than five minutes. Their bags had been magically taken to another part of Hogwarts so that all the house-elves would set them up in their rooms. They met up with McGonagall, who was waiting for them at the steps, she conjured up two fluffy towels for them and they wrapped themselves in them. The rain was freezing and their teeth were chattering.

"Unfortunately you two must go to the sorting before going up to your dorms and drying off. Hurry now take your seats at the end of the tables and wait until the sorting is over, you can then stay and eat if you wish or retire to your rooms."

They entered the Hall with everyone looking at them quickly then looking back at the sorting. They took a seat at the end of their Houses' Tables and they both felt awkward being at the end of the table, even though they were seventh years it was almost as if they were meant to stay sitting at the first years' end. The Slytherin and Gryffindor tables were next to each other (Slytherin against the far right walls) and they both sat opposite on the tables, unintentionally they would be able to see each other that way.

The sorting took a surprisingly long time, since more and more magical families were breeding with other magical families as opposed to mixed. Hermione was now very cold, for sitting next to the Great Hall doors the breeze was a little stronger. Her teeth were chattering and she decided to leave without eating.

Draco dried his hair but still found himself cold to the bone. He looked around his table and found no one he knew. Where are they? He thought to himself, meaning his friends of previous years. He got up and walked out of the Hall and no one took notice for they were engrossed in the delicious feast that was set before them.

He found McGonagall and to no one's surprise Granger was there too. Ignoring Hermione's rolling of eyes and huffs of annoyance, the professor lead them to the very top floor of the school, just above Gryffindor's seventh floor, and just under the Astronomy Tower. She lead them to a giant oak door that opened to reveal a flight of stairs that winded circularly up the giant tower which was the hidden location of the Head's dorm.

They went up the stairs and there were only a few windows every now and then, mostly stained glass of the four Founders and the representing animals. They came to another set of giant oak doors and McGonagall told them that there were two passwords to get in. One was placing their badge in the shape of the badge in the middle of the doors and then a painting would materialize and they were to say a password.

"Now pick one you both agree on."

"Renovatio." Said Hermione fairly quickly before Draco could even open his mouth. He nodded for he was too cold, too tired and too lazy to argue at the moment.

The painting of the Hogwarts Crest accepted the new password of the year and the painting disappeared and the doors opened.

"I will leave you to your Dorm. I do hope you both will know which rooms are for whom." With that she left the two Heads.

They were in a giant room. On their left they had two squishy armchairs (one scarlet, one emerald green) and a giant, comfortable-looking love-seat couch that had silver on one end and gold on the other. In front of the couches there was a giant fireplace and medium-sized cushions around either side. Where the scarlet armchair was there were green and silver cushions and where the green armchair was there were scarlet and gold cushions. On the far, top-left corner there was a black-metal staircase that went through a way in the ceiling leading to one of the dorms. On the right-hand side there was a small study area: Table, chairs that had poofy small cushions in the corners of the seats. And in the far, top-right corner there was another staircase identical to the other down to every last intricate detail and design. The fixation about the room that fascinated them the most was straight ahead of them; the source of all the light(in the daytime): A colossal stain-glass window with window-seats that curved with the shape of the window and glass floor that was strong enough for more than a ton of weight. The cushions covered every inch of the window seat that was wide enough to sleep on. The window-room hung out of the front of the tower by a few meters and overlooked the Great Lake below and the mountains across the plains of Hogwarts.

They had both dropped their towels and walked into the window-room. It was magical in a way they couldn't explain and they felt tingling feelings inside their hearts. They both looked at each other and Draco cleared his amazed face and snorted.

"It's nothing special."

"Yeah, right." Hermione said not believing him.

"Listen mudblood, you never, ever talk like that to me. If you do you'll regret it."

Something in his eyes made her look down at her feet. Some fear had arisen in her and she turned around so that her back was to the view from the Window Room. She looked up to where the stairs had disappeared into the ceiling and saw two doors on either side. One had a pure (real) gold crest that had a scarlet lion on it that was facing the side and had three of its limbs showing in a profile. The other had a pure silver crest with an emerald snake that intertwined itself along the crest, behind and in front of.

She quickly ran up to her room and he did the same, but he strutted up, not bothering to touch the staircase, as if it were unworthy. Her room was as magnificent as seeing a King Lion, The lion above all others. Her bed was a queen-sized four-poster bed with a giant gold cover and scarlet under-sheets. All of her belonging were laid out on the bed and in her open trunk. The rest of her room was so amazing, it's hard to describe (so you do the best you can with your imagination) she saw a door on the right-hand side and walked over to it. Draco's room was the same, except the colours of the bed were done in silver and green. (His bed was of the same size too) He slowly walked around the room and saw another door on the left-hand side, he walked into it.

It was the bathroom. It was made of marble everywhere and there was a large swimming-pool type bathtub in the middle. In fact the whole room was huge once you walked into it (an advanced Engorgement charm) thought Hermione. The taps on the sides were the same as the ones in the Prefec's bathroom except these were Silver and Gold. She walked over to the taps on her side and began turning them. Pink and purple water spurred out of them and filled the tub rather quickly.

"What are you doing?" She asked, seeing as he was taking his clothes off and kicking his shoes back into his room.

"Taking a bath, what does it look like I'm doing?" She turned around but found that on every-other part of the walls there were mirrors and they reflected everything going on in the middle. She left the room and shut her door, waiting until he was finished.

He removed his boxers and slipped into the water. He soaked in it for a long time before draining the pool and walking out, trying to find a towel to wrap around his slim waist. After he shut his door he began to pull on some clothes for bed for it was well into the night now. She heard the door shut on the other side of the bathroom and she walked into it from her side. Pulling a few towels down from the mahogany closet and laying them down near one end of the pool. After filling it up again she got in slowly for the water was that temperature where it was just right. After she was done she emerged using the stairs at either end of the pool and wrapping herself in a towel and drying her hair off with another. After pulling the covers over herself she blew out the light and went to sleep.

They both knew it was going to be a long day tomorrow. Maybe even longer than they thought for they both awoke at five thirty AM and their troubles began.

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