Author's Note

Hey you guys, I'm sooo sorry I haven't been updating for a while, i was almost finished the latest chapter when Holiday work from school bombarded me, so then I thought of a new story (well three new ones actually :P I couldnt help myself) and so i postponed updating this one, sooo sorry to all my avid readers for waiting so long but bear with me just one more week: I've got exams coming up and i'm freaking out, so my first one (English) is this Tuesday June 10, and then French the next day and then History and then Science on Friday, then the weekend and my last one is on Tuesday and it's Math (AHH!! :S) lol so i'm going to be studying like crazy (already started since last mond.) so once i'm done and im FREE of school for the whole summer, expect a LOT of updates ;) once again, sorry for those waiting so patiently/impatiently lol i'll update soon, wish me luck for exams, i'll see you next chapter!!

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