Morning Hugs

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Was she supposed to ignore her? This…illicit feeling seeing how any feeling was forbidden to explore that would pursue her continuously day and night without outcome, without end. Was she supposed to flip the off switch? Where was the damn off switch?

For her own self-centered reasons, Raven would refuse to talk to her, act coldly, snub her good-nature just so she could spare them both tragedy. She didn't know if Starfire felt the way she did when they were alone in a room… how her senses were overwhelmed when her entire essence flared with a rainbow strobe of colors and a warmth more gentle than sunlight's dawn touched her as the alien girl did the ritual of hugging her every morning with great enthusiasm. In a simpler depiction… getting the chance every morning to see the Tamaranean at her cheeriest, her sweetest. Having that space of time where she limply accepted Starfire's compassionate embrace, flushing at the sensation and heat of her breasts through their clothes, her heart racing to keep in time with the other girl's.

It was pure insanity to want her, to have that notion of doing away with that metal collar concealing sensitive flesh in the grooves of her neck. Would Starfire purr or whimper if colorless lips would suck the sweat sheeting her amber skin, if her tongue would gently caress the curve of her earlobe… would her body respond to it, pushing back against the shape of her hips, molding to fit her…?

"Friend Raven!" A whirl of bright green joy and silky red hair enveloped her as strong arms wrapped around her back in an almighty squeeze. "Morning greetings to you, Friend!"

"Hi, Starfire," Raven whispered into her shoulder, unable to move and quite content on staying that way.

'Please… let it last a few more seconds today…..'

She beamed her rosy-glowing cheeks at her companion, tightening her hold slightly but not enough to mash her ribs.

"I have a feeling that today will be a glorious day! Can you not feel it?"

Raven replied monotonously, "You say that every morning, Starfire."

Bright green glowed brighter than before with hope. "But today is different," she insisted.

"You say that too."

Seeing her hope dashed by what she said brought shame to the other girl, every time it got a little harder to watch, and stung a little deeper in her heart.

Starfire pulled away from her but this time Raven hugged her back, her slender, sallow forearms enclosing around her waist. The side of her face pressed into her chest. The alien girl didn't stiffen when she was forcibly grabbed and said in awe, "You are hugging me."

With her gray cheeks burning, Raven tilted her face and quietly stroked her lips against hers. It wasn't a kiss, no more than mere contact. Starfire did not respond to it. Not waiting to see how she would, Raven slowly took her time letting go, one hand linger on her side modestly before walking out of main entrance, murmuring knowingly with a small smile, "Get use to it."