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The rainstorm felt like needles to her exposed face.

Shivering, the female creature in the howling wind— her long, limber body plastered with rainwater, seawater, and the wet residue of gravel— heaved along a dark, fabric lump as she made her way to Titans Tower. Together, they battled against the cold and ruthless flurries of nature. What seemed like forever actually turned out to be several minutes as the entrance to the Tower opened for them.

The outside was… nice. Warming. Pensively smelled of old waffles from yesterday's breakfast.

She continued to drag the lump until they reached the barely lit lobby. The lights above revealed that the female was definitely not human and the lump was an unconscious figure in a ripped, heavy cloak. Starfire undid the giant button holding the cloak to its wearer with clammy, tanned hands, and tossed the dirtied and beaten fabric-material aside to the floor.

Just as the Tamaranean finished her task, a ringing went off. She answered her lit communicator.


"Starfire-Zzzz—come in, are you there—zz?"

"I am, Robin. How are our friends faring?"

"Pretty good. Beast Boy might have a broken rib-zzzzz-Rancid ran for it and the police-zzzzzzzzzzzzz-we're holding up alright. How is Raven looking?"

"I am not certain. I will need to examine her. Should not Cyborg be here in my place to do this?"

"zzzzzz-when we're finished here, we'll get in as soon as weZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-"

As the transmission died out to unreadable static, Starfire flipped her communicator's lid shut. At the same moment, the unconscious figure laid out on the couch decided to give an involuntary jerk. Wasting no time, the Tamaranean hoisted her up and floated soundlessly into the medical sector.

Starfire arranged her as comfortably as she could on the nearest white cot to the doors and took out a grayish arm to stare worriedly at a wide divide of flesh on that forearm. It would fester if she did not clean it quickly, as would the other open wounds on her body.

All along Raven's body— misshapen and dreadful— they bled freely in slow drizzles onto the sheets.

She flew hurriedly to fetch a bowl of soapy water and a washcloth. Upon returning to Raven, Starfire noticed how the other girl's breathing quickened in her chest and where a light glaze of sweat formed. The dampened cloth fell over one of the largest and deepest gashes visible— the one on her left arm— and Raven suddenly came back to life, her sickly and pale face screwing up as a loud hiss of agony passed through her clenched teeth.

Starfire chastised her kindly, keeping a firm grip on Raven's other arm, "You must hold still, Friend. It must pain you so I request that you please do so for the time being." She looked back down Raven's torso, frowning at the shreds along her leotard. A nasty-looking gash went from her stomach up to her neck. By appearance alone, it needed to be cleansed immediately as well. Without a regard for decorum, the Tamaranean carefully tore the spandex of the black leotard away from Raven's slender body, splitting it from belly button to where it ended at the throat.

The other girl shook momentarily from exposure, eyes still closed, unaware as something in Starfire's mind almost greedily devoured the sight of her ample breasts, the circles of her nipples not quite purple in color in the plastic and yellow hospital lights. As delicately as she could, Starfire pressed into the red line coming down Raven's body vertically even as Raven cried out softly to the contact. "Shhh…" Starfire consoled her, wiping her pale— need she add, lovely— stomach of excess blood.

For a moment, as Starfire tried inattentively dabbing her right breast, the other girl let out a moan.

And it was not a painful one.

Vividly green eyes widened slightly. (Sheno, no bad thoughts…)

She hastily finished, bandaging the gauze around the worst areas, especially in the chest area, and purposefully covering all of her. Sweat beaded down her tanned arms and her heart thumping. Quickly, upon returning the medical items to their original places, Starfire bumped into a very solid chest and gave way to a short, shrill scream of panic.

"Whoa, Star! It's only me!" Metal hands cupped her shoulders.

Her face pulled into a weak smile. "Friend Cyborg… you frightened me…" she murmured.

He tightened his grip on her shoulders, asking, "You are not going to pass out, are you? If you are just give me a warning."

"No… no, I am conscious. I am fine."

Cyborg softened his grip on her and eyed their patient from over her head, commenting, "Looks like you did a good job patching up our Raven. Thanks for the help."

Her green eyes jerkily peered over her shoulder to the bandaged, unconscious figure and then back down to the sterile floor tiles. "Yes. I must go," she informed him meekly.

"Good night, Star." He walked around her to hook up Raven to various monitoring machines, at the glimpse of large, titanium fingers cautiously pressing one of the red squares to Raven's solar plexus, Starfire soundlessly vanished out into the hallway, fiddling nervously with one of her armbands.


On her home planet, there was no need to be secretive about one's feelings for another. An open view on life was essential to experiencing joy. So… why…?

Cyborg peered out of the hospital wing and stopped her on her way to her bedroom, his eyes trained to her face and not her modest state of dress (the thin, white tee shirt brushing her tanned knees). "…You mind changing Raven's bandages, Star? I gotta take a call out in the den."

Her tanned face carefully arranged itself into a mild and understanding look. "I do not mind it."

"You are the best," he grinned, taking off, "Oh—and if she happens to wake up, she might be feeling woozy on the medication I had to give her. Just tell her to relax and don't let her leave the bed…"

Quietly, she entered, passing a heavily dozing Beast Boy with a smile. Starfire passed through some curtains to another set of hospital cots to where Raven laid silently, her gray face composed and peaceful in sleep. Her straight purple hair fanned the pillow beneath her. Starfire landed from hovering on her tiptoes, her smiling deepening as her tanned fingers gently found the curve of Raven's cheek.

Halfway through rewrapping the new bandages, purple eyes half opened dazedly.

"Star?" she croaked.

Starfire nodded and held a free finger to her lips, whispering, "…yes, Friend Raven. I am here to change your bandages. You mustn't wake Beast Boy, okay?" Still a little blurry-eyed, Raven nodded back, allowing the Tamaranean to finish clipping the trimmings of the dressing.

"That shirt looks really good on you." Starfire hesitated as this was said slurred from the other girl.

"…thank you."

Raven laughed softly, admitting, rubbing her eyelids slowly, "I don't know… anything about fashion… but your body looks…nngn… you look nice I guess…" If Starfire had the shame to blush, she would have as that sentence hung. But she took the sentence to be heartfelt.

"…I thank you again," she repeated back to a sleepy Raven, her vividly green eyes crinkling pleasantly as she put away the remainder of the dressings.

Her companion spoke up, again drowsy, "Do you know… how pretty you are?"

"I have been told I am."

"Mmpm…" Raven mumbled, "You…don't know…what you do to me…" Starfire paused, gazing down on the strangely hazy eyes smiling up. "It would…make a dirty old man blush…"

Starfire pursed her mouth tightly. "You need rest, Friend Raven." She turned away. Raven's sleep-warmed fingers slipped around her wrist, tugging her back insistently.

"…No …Hospitals are…lonely…"

"I should not…"


At the desperate plea, Starfire's shoulders stiffened. Raven did not beg. Not ever. Not without -meaning it-. She motioned for the other girl to scoot on the hospital bed, shifting her night shirt on her thighs, and folding her knees together as Starfire lay sideways to face Raven who grasped the stretched and worn collar of that night shirt gently in both of her hands. A dozy, content look. Starfire's fingers combed back purple strands of hair as pale eyelids closed together.

No need to be secretive.