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Summery; Harry is abused and is rescued by two very unlikely people this story will contain Powerful Harry, Dark but not evil Harry, possible creature Harry, and Dumbledore and Ron and Hermione bashing

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Chapter one

Slavery and Rescue

A young man was working in the dying garden of number 4 privet drive in Surrey England, the young man had messy black hair and dazzling green eyes. Sweat was pouring off of him making his over-sized t- shirt stick to him wetly. If this were any other teen aged boy he would be sitting in the cool house with his family, but this was not just any boy. This was Harry Potter Boy-Who-Lived, Ministry scapegoat and all around savior of the wizarding world. For Harry Potter was indeed a wizard, though you would never be able to tell that by looking at him now, he had finally had a growth spurt and stood just shy of six feet his body was rock solid testament to the treatment he received from his family, he was frighteningly skinny and couldn't remove the sticky shirt because it was covering up the bruises that adorned his body.

You might be wondering what the savior of the wizarding world was doing in such a condition, it all had to do with his so called family the Dursleys. Petunia Dursley and Lily Potter were sitters and when Harry's parents were murdered he was placed with the Dursleys, and the Dursleys hated Harry with every fiber of their beings. They worked him like a slave all summer, made him sleep in a cupboard under the stairs for the first eleven years of his life, they had begun to beat him the summer after his third year at Hogwarts monitoring all his letters and making sure he was to frightened of them to say anything, now their latest punishment had been to forget to feed him. It was the third week of summer after his disastrous fourth year at school where he watched Voldemort return to power and was witness to the death of his fellow tri-wizard opponent Cedric Diggory. Harry had been waiting for news of Voldemort's actions since the beginning of summer but had received absolutely nothing from either his friends or Dumbledore. He was getting really angry with all of them and had begun to doubt some of the things he always believed in.

Harry straightened up and stretched the kinks out of his back, he had been given the usual long list of chores that morning by his aunt and he knew if he didn't get every single one of them done before his uncle got home he wouldn't get to eat and would probably get another beating. He didn't know why his aunt made him bother with the flower beds Surrey was currently experiencing a drought and all of the neighbor's plants were dead as well, he figured it was just to get him out of the house and make him suffer. The back of his neck and arms were burnt to a crisp and starting to peel, the pain from that didn't even register on his body after everything else that had been going on but it was just annoying enough for him to be unable to concentrate. He was just getting ready to do his next chore when a wave of dizziness overcame him in the garden shed.

He woke up a few hours later feeling very weak and disoriented, he hadn't had anything to eat for the past week or so, plus the fact that with everything that had occurred the year before at school he hadn't been sleeping more then two hours a night it did not surprise him that he had passed out. He got up on shaky legs and walked out of the garden shed, the sun was just beginning to set and his uncle would be home soon, he knew one thing for sure tonight would not be pleasant. Like a cloud of doom his uncles van pulled into the driveway and one very irate Vernon Dursley steeped out looked at all the unfinished work he marched over grabbed Harry by the scruff of his neck and hauled him into the house and up to the boy's room. Vernon proceeded to beat the boy to within an inch of his life then left the room huffing from the exertion. And one utterly exhausted boy who lived slipped gratefully into the clutches of unconsciousness for the second time that day.


Harry remained unconscious through the night and into the afternoon of the next day, a blade piercing his flesh woke him up to his uncles beat red face. "Your aunt and cousin and I are going on a trip to the beach we will be gone for a week you are not to leave this house or destroy any of our possessions, just to make sure you understand I will have to give you a lesson." He then proceeded to use the knife he had brought with him to carve words into Harry's flesh, Vernon then left the room for a moment then came back with a metal container and a lighter. He shoved a pair of socks into Harry's mouth then poured the stinging fluid from the container onto the letters carved into his nephew, he then dropped a match onto the fluid with burst into flames. Vernon sat back to watch what he thought would be his nephew screaming and begging for someone to save him, he was sorely disappointed when he looked down and saw nothing in Harry's eyes other then a grim determination.

Harry himself was in horrendous pain but he would not be so weak as to scream in front of his muggle uncle. This wasn't even close to the Cruciatus curse which he experienced full blown every night in his nightmares.

Vernon got tired of watching his unresponsive nephew and left the room in disgust leaving Harry to deal with the flames. What Vernon didn't know was that wandless magic could not be traced by the ministry, and Harry had been practicing. He put out the flames but the damage was already done the words were now carved and burned into his skin. Freak was written diagonally across his chest worthless went down his right arm and down his left was the word Harry couldn't stand the most, murderer. Apparently Vernon had heard what Harry screamed out in his nightmares about Cedric and used that knowledge to hurt Harry even more.

Meanwhile while Harry is recovering from his uncles latest lesson and discovering that he had been left no food what so ever, the leader of the light Albus Dumbledore was meeting with his long time spy Severus Snape.

"Albus we cannot let Potter stay there anymore, Voldemort is targeting that area he will find him very soon." Snape said making his report after a meeting. He was one of the only men alive who suspected that Dumbledore was not who he appeared to be.

"No I cannot allow him to be removed I am sorry Severus but he has to stay there longer. I know you think he is pampered I know otherwise he is not treated well at all. If he s moved from that house to soon he might forget to be grateful for us rescuing him. If the boy cannot be controlled then he is dangerous." Albus said.

"But surely you need him alive Voldemort would kill him, and you speak like he is some kind of weapon he is just a child." Snape said.

"He is a weapon and whoever has him wins and I will not lose him, so your answer is no Harry stays were he is."

Snape couldn't believe what he was hearing this was the Headmaster of Hogwarts treating a child like some pawn or weapon. Snape knew Voldemort wanted Harry dead and would stop at nothing to have him. Snape had noticed the changes in Harry throughout the tournament the year before and could see some interesting things. Harry had grown in power and knowledge to the point were he rivaled Granger at times he also acted decidedly Slytherin at times. Most people just assumed Snape hated Harry because of his father and they would all be wrong. Snape never hated the boy he was forced to by both sides, if Voldemort though he was on Potters side then his life was forfeit and Dumbledore explaining that he didn't want the child to be arrogant. Now that he was listening to Dumbledore he knew it was time to mark his true allegiance he only had to contact two other people, then he would go collect Potter and explain everything he knew.

…. Back to Harry…..

It had been three day since the Dursleys had left him and Harry was now too weak to lift his head he was dehydrated and suffering from lack of food and he couldn't sleep. In other words he was a mess. He couldn't even send for help as soon as he came home Vernon had burnt his things and shot his beautiful snowy owl Hedwig. He was roused from his stupor by a small popping sound coming from downstairs, Harry knew it was the sound of someone apparating. He summoned his last bit of strength and got to his feet. A whispered Alohomora later and he was out on the landing, he crept to the edge of the stairs and looked down. Their was two black cloaked wizards at the bottom of the stairs, one of the figures pushed its hood back and Harry's brain just managed to register that it was his potions professor from school Severus Snape before the last bit of energy in Harry's body gave out and he collapsed in a heap.

Snape and his companion wore equal expressions of rage when they first caught sight of the boy. They saw the bruises and stab wounds and burns across his naked torso. When the boy fainted Snape moved quickly up the stairs to carefully pick the boy up. The boy was greatly emaciated and in very bad shape, while Severus was busy cursing Dumbledore in every language he knew while trying to assess Harry's injuries. His companion was busy searching the rest of the house.

"Severus there is no one else here, they have abandoned him there is no food or money at all. It's a wonder the boy is still alive." The voice was male and aristocratic.

"He isn't likely to live much longer if we don't get him somewhere safe. I will take him to my Manor neither the Dark Lord nor the manipulative fool know where it is, go fetch your son and meet me there." Severus ordered the other.

"Fine give me about an hour to get him and avoid my wife." And with that the other was gone and Snape was left to apparate to his old home with The-Boy-Who-May-Not-Live-Much-Longer.


Harry awoke confused and sore, and then it all came back the Dursleys leaving and Snape coming. As if his thoughts had summoned him his black robed potions professor came into the room and handed Harry his repaired glasses. The room came into focus and Harry found himself in a soft bed in a room done up in blues and creams, he then looked at his would be rescuer.

"Good to see your awake you have been unconscious for several days I imagine you have questions but for now you just need to rest. You are in a safe place no one knows were this place is now rest and I will be back when your recovered enough to hear what I have to say." Snape spoke carefully keeping his voice neutral. He then left the room leaving Harry to his thoughts.

Harry couldn't believe what had just happened had Snape really rescued him then spoke civilly. He could be dreaming his dreams were normally full of pain though not this dull ache that clung to his wounds. He finally surrendered his awareness into the healing hands of sleep, he would just have to get his answered later.