Chapter eleven

The final battle

Sheldon remained true to his word and gave the troops a day to rest up before the real battle began. Sheldon was secretly amazed at how well his army had come together. He had so many natural enemies fighting side by side he was lucky his entire army was not depleted the first night they camped together. Apparently all the races had agreed on a common threat, the growing evil that was slowly destroying their realm.

The day they were to head into battle was cold and dreary a sharp contrast to the weather they had enjoyed the day Sheldon had dueled Merlin. The three Shadow Daemons had spent the night in a trance like meditative state getting their minds and bodies ready for the coming battle. They knew they would be seeing more death and blood shed in the next few days then most people saw in whole generations

Their plan was dangerously simply they were to go in and take out as many of the opposing armies as possible. Leaving Voldemort and Dumbledore for Sheldon to deal with. The heads of the races had done some calculations and with the sizes of the armies taken into account they would be lucky if they made it through with half of their troops alive. The leaders made a choice and nothing was hidden from the troops, they all knew that there was a fifty-fifty chance they could die. They also knew if they didn't fight then their army could lose outright. To deal with any casualties the vampires were given the freedom to turn anyone who fought alongside them as long as the person agreed to the turning, vampires have psychic powers so even if the victim was unconscious they could get an answer.

The night Sheldon figured out that he would be leading half his troops to their deaths Alten had to hold onto a sobbing Shadow Daemon half the night. Sheldon knew he would most likely not survive but he never wanted to make another suffer like that.

No more would he have to worry and wonder today was the day he would be taking his troops into battle. They knew it would be a long couple of days. Even magical battles didn't finish in a day. The actual mechanics of getting to the battle would be the first obstacle. It could not be done with one shadow Daemon alone even one of Sheldon's power, so the three of them had to work together to bring down the time shield as well as physically move thousands of troops. They would concentrate on the time and place that Voldemort and Dumbledore's armies would clash. They would give those two times to ground down some of their numbers before their own army charged in and attacked both of them.

To that end the three Daemons met at the center of the troops. They linked together hands and minds. Sheldon directed them having been the original caster of the time shield and the strongest Daemon. He first concentrated on bringing down the time shield bringing everyone back into the normal continuum then he concentrated on the most strategic time they could appear on the battlefield letting his magic choose the exact moment.

His time drifting ability coupled with Fellon's and Alten's dropped them in the middle of a scorched battlefield just as the two sides were regrouping. Sheldon looked out at the massive amounts of dead and dieing bodies in the battlefield. It was quite clear that both sides had suffered serious losses.

His troops quickly grouped up and got into formation the other two armies having long ago spied their entrance. The three armies faced each other down for a long moment before the Light army moved first they were spilling towards Voldemort probably figuring the new army was there to help them. While as soon as the Light moved Voldemort unleashed his horde thinking the new army was theirs. Sheldon just hated to destroy illusions but for this he could live with it.

He slowly drew his emerald encrusted silver sword and held it above his head to catch the light and that was the signal to start. One quarter of his army was led by Fellon and swung out to cover his right flank one quarter led by Alten covered his left and one quarter guarded his back led by the vampire queen Ayessa remained behind as reinforcements that also held the vampire's that were supposed to turn any mortally wounded people on their side who wished them to. The last quarter followed him.

With the losses the other armies had previously taken his army outnumbered both of theirs two to one. Even though it seemed a done deal Sheldon knew with magic battles numbers meant little it came down to pure power and skill.

Sheldon led his vastly superior force to encircle the smaller armies on one side. Then they slowly began to demolish the armies. The crying of curses and hexes and shields were drowned out by the fierce crashing of swords by the less magically inclined of the armies. Sheldon was using his double prong attack sword in his right sending curses with his left.

He knew they were playing for keeps now so he didn't hold back at all. He aimed to kill and maim not enjoying it but knowing it was necessary. Salazar's training had been fiercely ingrained into him and it showed. Twice as many opponents fell beneath his spells then fell below his sword. He was no light weight with his blades either his sword sung as he swung it through the air slicing and stabbing. The beautiful yet deadly curved blade did its job and its owner proud. His opponents got caught off balance by this fighter that matched the best swordsmen they could muster even while fighting a purely magic fight with his other hand.

Whenever he wasn't pressed in close quarters he called on the elements. Lightning crashed from the skies frying whole sections of troops. Those that avoided the lightning were toppled by earthquakes or swept up in tornadoes. Just when they thought they were safe they got engulfed in fire.

Sheldon was by far not the only one flinging the elements he was blocking just as many attackers as he was receiving. He began to get close enough pressed that he abandoned all pretenses of using a wand. It was safely holstered then he began to send jets of pure energy into the opposing armies taking out multiple people at once.

His army had taken a few losses but not as many as there could have been. There were several new born vampires fighting now. Sheldon just hoped they didn't regret their decisions lately. The turning process was even more complicated then normal because the fledgling would need to take the potion that allowed the other vampires to walk in the sun but the potion was fatal to humans they had to be turned before taking the potion. There was only a few seconds of time that they had to gulp the potion down before the hazy sun burned them.

The battle continued for most of the day. Finally the other two armies had taken to many losses and had to retreat to tend to the injuries the living had sustained and count the dead.

The two other armies posted guards but that didn't help much. The beasts Sheldon controlled and certain select vampires took out the guards and took down as many of the opposing armies as they could. Wolves and big cats attacked with teeth and claws others with hooves horns beaks and talons. Don't forget Sheldon's specialty he was careful to only send the snakes to Dumbledore as Voldemort was a speaker as well. The snakes were loyal to Sheldon but they could be caught and tortured to give up plans.

Sheldon was able to use his time drifting abilities so there were always guards and every one got a full nights rest. The other two armies couldn't boast that they sent out new guards every two hours that were swiftly taken down by the beasts that waited in the shadows.

The fighting began again at dawn this time Sheldon's army was truly the superior force it could now completely encircle the other two armies and it did just that. Then the circle slowly began to tighten shoving Dumbledore's and Voldemort's armies together in one frightening mass. And in a tribute to stupidity instead of the two smaller armies banding together to stop the larger force. The two small armies decided to make Sheldon's job much easier and fought each other with a single-mindedness that would have made Sheldon laugh if people weren't dieing in droves from pure stupidity.

It was child's play for Sheldon's army to start rounding them up and slaughtering them. Curses and hexes were flying along with arrows and magically enchanted daggers. Sheldon was once again back in full glory sword in one hand a curse shinning on the other with the occasional lightening bolt or fire ball thrown in for good measure.

His army slowly ground theirs to pieces. Sheldon was very happy that the original estimate of losing half his troops was drastically wrong. It might have turned out that way if the other two armies had bound together but they stubbornly refused to do so. In turn signing their own death warrants.

By mid afternoon there were about a hundred death eaters left to about a hundred and fifty Light supporters. Sheldon had only lost about a hundred total not counting those that had been successfully turned. It was in this time that Sheldon finally got a glimpse of those had had been hunting.

Dumbledore held a sword in one hand and a wand in the other like Sheldon had done earlier. It was obvious that Dumbledore was dependent on the wand so Sheldon immediately started plotting ways of getting his wand away from him it would be down to a physical battle.

Voldemort however was only fighting with magic his distaste of muggles going so far as to include a weapon that could save him. Unlike Dumbledore though he was not dependent on his wand for magic. Sheldon could sense his wandless spells lacked most of the power of the spells he cast with a wand he was still dangerous. Sheldon knew if he got Voldemort's wand he would at least take away Voldemort's power to cast Unforgivables which would help.

Neither of his supreme opponents used the elements so Sheldon knew that power was his alone. He slowly moved towards them going to Voldemort first.

Words were not spoken the only thing that passed between them was a mocking bow and curses began to trade back and forth. Sheldon was just testing him mocking him even. Sheldon knew he was the stronger force, but his Slytherin side warned him that power was not every thing Voldemort was cunning ruthless and pure evil. He knew better then to underestimate him.

So they battled back and forth a small win a slight victory there. Nothing was clear until Voldemort made a slight error. Sheldon had sent a fire ball at him and the shield he had thrown up carried a flaw. It only protected his person not anything else. His wand ignited the volatile phoenix feather core exploding and melting within seconds before he could even think about a spell to save it.

This enraged the volatile Slytherin who then began to throw as much energy as he could into eradicating the Shadow daemon in front of him.

This rage was what Sheldon had been waiting for when a person goes into red rage they cannot think or judge their actions as well as they normally could.

Sheldon saw an opening and took it. Starting with a volley of spells followed quickly with a dagger. Voldemort rage feed his shield throw the volley of spells but the shield did not protect against muggle weapons. The dagger went right through it barring itself deep in Voldemort's side.

Now hurt and enraged Voldemort dived for Sheldon who easily side stepped it from all his years of dodging his cousin and his uncle. Before the enraged Dark Lord could get his bearings Sheldon brought down a lightning bolt.

It was like every thing stopped for a moment as Voldemort's smoking corpse hit the ground. Like a gust of wind through the prairie the sounds of battle returned and Sheldon remembered he was only half finished. He had a score to settle.

Not wanting to fool around on the ground anymore, Sheldon took to the air searching for the long silver hair of Dumbledore. The person that had condemned him to hell.

He spotted him and landed next to the old man. Just wanting to have this over with. He didn't even bother to bow he just started throwing curses. He kept up the magic until he got close enough to draw his sword.

Dumbledore was hard pressed beneath the pent up rage in his old student. He met Sheldon's sword with his own. He was so busy concentrating on his sword that he holstered his wand thinking it would be safe. Apparently he hadn't studied shadow daemons well enough.

Wand holsters might be charmed against magical summoning, but telekinesis was something different.

Sheldon had been waiting for Dumbledore to put his wand away as soon as he did Sheldon used his Telekinetic power to get the Headmasters wand. Before Dumbledore could do anything to prevent it Sheldon snapped the pine shaft in half then into quarters.

The anguished howl from Dumbledore caught his attention. Dumbledore throw his sword down after that. Losing a piece of ones soul has a tendency to take the spirit out of a man.

"Harry think what your parents would say?" Dumbledore said obviously trying to get Sheldon to pity him. To bad he chose the way wrong words.

"I wouldn't know Dumbledore. You let my mother die you destroyed my father, kidnapped me and placed me with another family that you feed to the wolves as soon as you got wind of the prophecy. My name is Sheldon Malfoy-Snape and I can proudly say my fathers and my godfather are extremely proud of me. You lose Dumbledore and most people would kill you now but I am not most people now am I." Sheldon would have laughed at the look of hope in Dumbledore's eyes when he learned Sheldon wasn't going to kill him. He had to work very hard not to because it was such a deadly serious topic.

"Oh don't look so hopeful, just because you won't die doesn't mean you will not suffer." Then Sheldon placed his hand on the headmaster's forehead and said a few words in the lyrical language of the shadow Daemon. He was making up a spell on the spot but his gut told him it would work.

He got some conformation when Dumbledore passed out after the last word was spoken. Sheldon was finally able to lift his head and cheek the progress of his army. He was able to see that there was only a few pockets of resistant no more then two dozen opponents were left. Alten saw Sheldon collapse after he looked around a slow smile creeping on his face. They had won it was over.


Sheldon woke to bright sunlight shining through the canvas cover of a tent. As soon as he opened his eyes he was immediately assaulted by a gaggle of people. Then a stern female voice said, "Give him some space he has just exhausted himself. You coming in and upsetting him wont help."

Sheldon couldn't help but smile that was the same Madame Pomfrey he remembered. "Same old Poppy and I bet if I told you I felt fine you wouldn't believe me for a second?"

"That's right mister I see you too much as it is. Now that all this is over can we try and keep our visits purely social. I don't want to see you for treatment for at least a year young man." She said but Sheldon could hear the hint of a smile in her voice.

"Can I at least ask how everything turned out?" Sheldon practically begged.

"You deserve to know that much fine but I want every one out in an hour he needs his rest." Poppy answered

"Thanks Poppy." Sheldon said. Then he turned to his friends, "So what happened?"

"We won we took a few prisoners but the death toll was very high on their side. For us things went better then could be imagined. We lost fifty soldiers altogether that were either too far gone or didn't want to be turned. A further three hundred were turned. Roughly a thousand was treated for moderate to sever injuries but they are all well on their way to recovery. You passed out from magical exhaustion you have pushed yourself to hard and for to long." His brother told him. Sheldon could sense the change in him.

"How many do I know that were turned? I can sense you are but your closer then the others and its blotting out my sense." Sheldon asked.

"Let's just say you are going to have a lot of company in immortality." Draco said dodging the question.

"Nice try but how many and who?" Sheldon pressed.

"Alright Me, Blaise, Theo, Ginny, Neville, Fred because of injuries and George because of Fred, Pansy, Father and Dad." Draco counted off.

"It would have been easier to say who wasn't," Sheldon observed clinically. "What about Sirius he wasn't on your list."

"He was turned but not into a vampire, Lupin turned him into a werewolf he will live longer then your average wizard but he is not immortal. Remus switched to our side as soon as we started fighting. Apparently he wanted to go with us in the first place but Dumbledore literally had him chained into the dungeons for his own protection." Draco explained. "Oh and another thing Ayessa was the one who turned all of us. She said it was a favor to you. You are bound to her through the blood you gave and she bound us to her. She is the common link every one of us is now your family Ayessa included."

"I have to ask something," Blaise said from next to Draco "What did you do to Dumbledore? No one could tell."

"I made up a curse I bound his magic permanently and burnt the memory of power in his mind then I twisted his speech so that no one will ever listen to him again. He will never be able to manipulate someone like he did Neville and me." Sheldon explained.

"Perfect Sheldon." He heard his father say as Severus entered the tent. "I couldn't think of a better punishment for someone like Dumbledore."

It was around this time that Poppy came back shooing all but one out. Mercury and midnight blue wings rustled as Alten settled on the bed next to Sheldon. "Are you ready my love to face eternity with me?"

"Forever and eternity." Sheldon replied then pulled the elder shadow Daemon down for a lingering kiss, the doorway to eternity.

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