Take My Life, Not My Heart

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The mutilated screams of a defeated creature known only as Abyss, echoed through the Ostrheinsburg Chapel, located in Germany. Behind him, stood a man with long blonde hair, holding Requiem, his own custom made sword. His startling green eyes, normally holding a soft and gentle look, now held absolute hatred for the being that suddenly exploded, and died.

It was done. He had destroyed both Nightmare and Abyss…now the only thing that was left…

Siegfried turned to look at the large sword in front of him. The large, fleshy, sword began to resonate dark energy. Its eye turned to the potential host in front of it, and the enticing voice entered the blonde haired man's head.

Come…don't be shy…pick me up…

The voice of the sword sang sweetly to Siegfried, hoping that the man would take hold of Soul Edge once more and make the same foolish and selfish mistake that he had before. The hope had been short lived, however, when Siegfried sheathed Requiem on in a hilt on his back, and drew out another sword, Soul Calibur. Immediately, Soul Edge's eye widened, as though in panic and more enticing thoughts were emitted from it.

I can give you money…power…prestige…anything that you wish can be yours! Anything at all! You had it all when you were Nightmare-

"No! I am no longer Nightmare! And I never will be!" Siegfried shouted, before hacking Soul Edge to pieces with Soul Calibur. He continued this until finally, there was nothing left. Nothing at all…

It was done. Soul Edge was completely gone. No longer would this wretched blade curse the world, like it had been doing. He was free…and so were those people who had been trying to get rid of Soul Edge, just like him.

Every one of them…except for one…

"Countess Valentine…Countess…Oh Miss Ivy, please do pay attention! Your thoughts are wandering again!"

The voice of Isabella "Ivy" Valentine's butler, and trusted fatherly-figure, Gawen, broke into the thoughts of the young Countessa. Slowly, she turned, a sleepy look apparent in her turquoise eyes.

"Hmm?" she questioned.

"Oh Countess, you're hopeless, you know that?" Gawen teased, bending down and looking the platinum-haired woman directly in the eyes. He smiled, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, crinkling. The graying-haired man brushed back several loose strands of Ivy's white hair, tucking them behind her ear, in a fatherly gesture.

"I'm sorry Gawen. I suppose I was sort of daydreaming, wasn't I? I apologize. What is it that you were trying to tell me?" Ivy asked, a ghost of a smile crossing her hardened features.

"There's a man at the door for you. He said that he wished to speak with you urgently." Gawen replied teasingly.

"If this is another suitor, I'm going to drop something heavy on him from the attic." Ivy muttered, as she stood up from sitting in the large velvet chair in the parlor. The skirts of her dark blue, silk dress fell over her blue clothed feet, as Ivy walked into the hall and to the double, French doors. She heaved a sigh, and her hands brushed over the metallic handles of the doors, hesitating for a moment, before she opened the door, to the man in front of her.

She was not prepared for what she saw, though. In front of her, was none other than Siegfried Schtauffen. His long, blonde locks were tied back with a single red ribbon, and he wore a deep cut white shirt, and black pants. On his back was the large sword, Requiem, and in his hands, a present for the alchemist, Soul Calibur.

"Ivy…it's been a long time…"

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