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Two armies were to fight. One side were to protect the land they stood on, the other to snatch it away. The sides were stood to face each other, thousands of men on each side. It was cloudy, and raining, yet so silent as to hear the wind blow. Amongst the protectors, stood the Count, an extremely violent and deadly man when it came to fighting. His determination was in his eyes, that bright blue shining through his armour helmet. His armour was black metal, with the insignia on the chest of that like all the others - A Dragon. He rode a beautiful black horse, it's black mane bellowing in the wind like that of it's masters. The Count's grip was like Iron around his stunning silver sword. "They are getting ready to march, sir!" shouted one of his officers, panic in his voice. This upcoming war would be tough, and he was afraid."Then, let them come! Do not doubt this battle, Andrew, have some faith in yourself!" the Count spat, clearly annoyed that this boy dare doubt his armies force. Andrew bowed his head slightly, before galloping off to his position on his brown horse.

On the opposing side, the leader was no mere man - But a woman. Full of a fiery attitude, and trained for war all her life. Armoured in silver, she sat amongst a pure white horse, it's white mane blowing wildly in the wind. The woman had her brown, curly hair tucked up under her helmet. Anyone would mistake her for a man with her armour. Her piercing green eyes followed out to look at her enemy, the enemy she would slaughter to victory.
She had her treasured sword strapped to her waist, the one she has carried all her life, the sword she had won so many battles with.
She nodded her head to a young man, giving him the signal to sound the horn that would set both sides into a battle most would die in.

The battle cry was sounded, and the attacking army ran forward - Clashing with the defenders. Screams were heard from both sides, each getting ravaged by swords of the other side. It was utter carnage, blood already starting to cover the floor. The rain making it flow like a river. Hours went by, and the defenders seemed to have the upper hand, and bodies of men from both sides now littered the battlefeild, bathed in blood. The woman was off her horse, it had been killed - And was now on foot slashing through the men who flew at her. She was very skilled with the sword, but now had doubts on coming out of this alive. She was suddenly stabbed from behind, a spear coming through her shoulder. She screamed in agony, whirling around and ripping the spear from her body. She decapitated the man, blood smeered on her face. Luckily, it was her left shoulder and she was still able to swing a sword.

The Count was bloodied up, a nasty gash across his arm but that was all. He was also, very talented with the sword, and his side was winning. He grinnned. Ahead, he saw one man who was slaughtering his men like they were nothing, the bodies starting to heap up around him. He grinned before galloping over, kicking the man down to the floor. The man got up then, swinging his sword to the Count, but missing by a mere inch. He growled.
"You've made quite a mess of my men, have you not?" The Count smirked.
"And I'll make a mess of you!" The man cried out his voice sounding awfully feminine. The Count laughed, jumping down from his horse. He removed his helmet, throwing it to the blood covered ground. He saw this man's wound, and the blood was dripping from it profusely. The man swung his sword, making a light gash across the Count's chest, damning him for jumping back in time. The Count swung his own sword to clash against the others, he stood about a head taller than his enemy. 'I'll make him an extra head shorter, too!' he thought to himself, smirking. The two fought mercilessly for a while, the man becoming much weaker due to bloodloss. That spear was thick bladed, forced through her armour, and had been twisted to avoid it being healed too soon. The Count kicked the man down, and pinned him there with his foot. "Let me see the face of the man who has killed so many men of mine," He smirked. "and the one who I shall take pleasure in killing"
The man lifted an arm, and threw the helmet to the side. This was no man, this was a woman! The Count's eyes widened in shock, what was she doing here? He took in her bloody appearence, her glaring green eyes, her brown hair now becoming darker from the blood on the floor. Her perfect skin, and her full, luscious lips which were snarling at him in anger.
"A woman? A woman killed so many of my men?" He stepped off her, lowering his sword, after kicking hers away to the side.
"Yes, a woman. Now go ahead, and end my life!" She yelled, she did not want the shame of returning home with no victory. She would be deemed a coward, most to think she had ran away. The Count couldn't bring himself to do it. "No. You shall be a servant, to clean my floors, cook my food. Maybe you could be of help in upcoming battles." He replied, seeing the shock on her face. He should of killed her, now to fight against the ones she had protected with her life!
"Never, you bastard! I will not work for my enemy!" The Count grinned at her reply, and ordered for her to be tied up, and taken back home with them. She was the only one left, and he had the remainders of about 30 men. She was not strong enough. She had failed.

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