Okay, Im putting up a notice - Simply because you (all of who read it) should know I dont know about carrying this story on.
I'm having a hard time right now dealing with a lot of things, and I have no inspiration for this, or even a plotline. I render myself unable to handle a story on my own, and I dont even know if i could make this continue with someone helping me. I think the story is very weak, and the beginning chapter should have just stayed as a one shot type of thing because it's just getting worse. Maybe you don't agree, but thats how i feel about it. I feel it needs deleting, and I dont even know about having an account on here. The only reason for this account should be to review on things.

Remember, if you read this/when you read this, Im sorry for not checking up on your story etc. I've been too depressed to even be online, and just.. Gah. Im so sorry, because you deserve at least a review from me.

Im upset and depressed or whatever because of family things, stress, etc. It's not just a moment, and it's not a lack of reviews. It;s nobodies fault but my own.

Once more, Im sorry.