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First Time

The first time…

I met Ijuuin Enzan was at a Net Saviour conference. (1)

They were discussing the newest threat to the net: dark chips.

As I was taught in my training, I sized up all those who attended. At that point, the net saviour from Japan held no special interest to me.

The first time…

I became impressed with Ijuuin Enzan was at that same conference.

Some darkloids stupidly thought to attack the data gathered on the dark chips in order to prevent us from spoiling their plans.

As I said before, it was stupid of them because some of the world's best net ops were there.

Despite his youth, I was able to see Enzan battle just as good, if not better, than some of the officers. His sharp and calm mind as well as his quick reflexes proved to make him a formidable opponent. One worthy of the Sharro army.

The first time…

I held Ijuuin Enzan was after the incident in which Blues finally returned to the Net Saviours.

It was nothing intimate, or so I'd like to think, at the time. It's just that everyone was caring for Netto when Enzan looked just as injured, if not more. So I did not hesitate to go and pick his unconscious form up, making sure to grab his PET and carrying him to the waiting ambulance.

The first time…

I realized I had an attachment to Ijuuin Enzan was when Princess Pride came to Sharro.

When we were walking and talking I got a close look at her face. I had to hold in a gasp.

Her eyes. They looked almost exactly like his. Just as sharp and just as clear though perhaps not quite as deep.

It might also have been her name. If one word could be used to describe Enzan, as well as myself I suppose, it would be "proud." Not that he is arrogant or anything. He has every right to be proud. Even I think him to be quite an accomplished person, and that's saying something.

The mere fact that I was linking such small details to the IPC Vice President logically dictates that I obviously think about him too much. The question is why?

I couldn't put my finger on it at that time.

The first time…

I found out that I definitely…felt…something for Ijuuin Enzan is when Hikari hakase was kidnapped by that insane Regal.

I don't deny that when Enzan first called me, I was elated, though of course I didn't show it. And I won't deny that I was disappointed that it was a call only for a mission. But somehow it balanced out when I realized that it meant I would get to spend time with him.

It was that realization that hit me like a brick. Me? Just wanting to spend time with him? It couldn't be…

But it was…

It was the first time I realized I had a crush on Ijuuin Enzan.

The first time…

I felt a surge of jealously because of Ijuuin Enzan was again, when Hikari hakase was kidnapped.

Here we were fighting together against an army of mechas.

Here I was worrying about how many there were and that I would lose Enzan.

Here Enzan was worrying about Netto instead of me.

Although, I must say, that surge of jealousy was nothing compared to the envy I felt, but didn't show, after we defeated Duo.

I cannot believe the indecency those two girls had to play tug of war with Enzan like that the moment we returned to the lab.

Such a powerful hate I felt as I saw those girls hugging the dual-haired boy that I was able to discern that this was no simple crush.

It was the first time I realized I was in love with Ijuuin Enzan.

The first time…

I kissed Ijuuin Enzan was purely on accident.

It was after Enzan, Netto, and I had dealt with Zoanoroid Plantman and Zoanoroid Sparkman.

After Rockman had been called away by Roll, Netto had left the conference room, saying something about curry. Hikari hakase, Meijin san, Manabe san soon followed after him.

I hadn't realized that Enzan was still present until I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice asking me if I was alright.

I answered that I was fine but in truth I was still a little disoriented from the hit I received in the battle.

I felt Enzan step away and I moved to get up, only to trip and be caught by my fellow Net Saviour's smaller frame.

I guess I was a little more disoriented than I thought, and I came to believe this even more so when I realized that my lips happened to be connected to another pair of lips, namely Enzan's.

After a few seconds of shock, I quickly moved back and thanked whatever luck I had that Searchman and Blues had already gone into their sleep cycle so they didn't see what just occurred.

I composed myself and apologized with a low bow. When I looked up, Enzan was standing there, just touching his lips and I do believe I saw a slight blush.

He looked at me and told me it was okay, but clearly it was not since we were just standing there in an awkward silence.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and soon,

It was the first time I kissed Ijuuin Enzan intentionally.

And because there was a positive response,

It was the first time I was able to leave Japan without any regrets.

That is what I thought as I paused briefly after releasing Netto's hand and then reached out to meet Enzan's hand for a farewell handshake.

It was certainly the first time I left Japan with Ijuuin Enzan being more to me than just an ally and vice versa, but it definitely wouldn't be the last.

I would visit Japan again and again and again if only to see him in person.

1) QUESTION: Can somebody PLEASE tell me when Enzan and Laika actually meet? The only time I see the two together in Axess is in ep 49 where Laika is randomly there and randomly saying that he'll help Blues too or something. I just find that wouldn't be their first meeting because if it was and I was Enzan, I'd be like "Ummm…who are you?"

Anyways, if you know the answer please tell me! And thanks for reading if you read the whole thing through, I know it's bad but…LaikaXEnzan is just so fun!